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Tight, Part 1, 2007

Lovar, spring, 2007
Ray and Lydia Wilsonoff are 38, Alia Shae Wilsonoff is 3. Bill Carr is 23, Emma Carr is 22, Jacob Carr is 1. Sara Booth is 38, Krissy Thorn is 23, Ming Wuu is a junior, Lainey Lorde, S'Ahmisa Warwick and Verde Herendez are sophmores.

"Ray? Look at you," Sazo beamed as he greeted the young, well-not so young man anymore.

"Hi, how are you?"

"I'm doing well, how about you? How was the move?"

Ray smiled. The move from Simmington Hills to Apple Valley was smooth in theory. He had to sell his beloved bakery, but thankfully due to his mysterious support, his debt was no longer overwhelming. After selling the bakery he was able to pay the last of his loan, pay for moving expenses and move into small, modest apartment in the Metro that hopefully would be temporary until they could find a nice starter home.

"The move was well. How is S'Ahmisa doing? I know she started university, I hope she's not studying to be a doctor."

The men laughed as they remember S'Ahmisa's reaction during Lydia's labor.

"No, thank goodness. She's studying economics and political science with a minor in international relations."

"Wow, that's a lot for one sim."

"Well, you know S'Ahmisa, always ambitious. She's actually leaving this fall to study in Kimikura for a semester."

"That's great, you must be proud."

"I am. Listen, I know this is supposed to be an interview, but my last baker quit suddenly to manage another resturaunt and I need an experienced baker. If you want it, the job is yours. Not because you're family, but because you're good."


"Yes, you want the job?"


"Do you think you could bake a few items today? I have a chef's coat in the supply closet and I'll even pay you in advance for your work."

"Yes, sure, thanks."


Lydia smiled tentatively as she passed by the raven hair woman. She recognized her as one of her neighbors in the apartment complex, but apparently she didn't recognize Lydia.

Figures, she thought as she opened the door to the large office. Her interview wasn't for another twelve minutes, but she was early.

"Are you Ms. Wilsonoff?" a voice asked above her.

"Yes, I-"



"Aghh! I can't believe it! What are you doing in Apple Valley? I thought you moved to Simmington Hills to be with your sister after graduation."

"I did, my husband and I just moved to Apple Valley to be close to his family."

"Ah, you're married. That's why I didn't recognize the name. Wow, it's been a few simyears, I-"

"Sara!!! Is she here?" a voice called from the back.

"Yes," Sara yelled across the working area of the magazine office. "Follow me, Lydia."

Lydia tried to pay attention during the interview, but she found it hard.

The company was looking for a new fashion columnist and even though fashion wasn't her thing, Lydia did need a job.

"To be honest, I don't think you're a good fit," the editor explained after Lydia had spent half an hour defending her weak resume.

" you for your time," she said swallowing her pride.

"Hey, meet me after work for drinks," Sara whispered as Lydia slipped out the office dejected.

"Sure," she answered, walking out the door.


Emma tried to breath through the dry heaves. Work was awful, she could barely concentrate on keeping her food down, much less her tasks.

Thankfully, it was over and she was straving. Even better was that there were leftovers of chili sitting in the fridge waiting for her.

She tried to wait for Bill to return home, but her growling belly wouldn't let her, which explained the scene when Bill arrived home to find his wife's head almost buried in the chili.

"Is it that good?"

"I'm starving." she mumbled bewteen bites of her third helping.

"You act as if you have a parasite in your belly."

"You could call it that."


"We're pregnant."

"Wow, that was quick. We were only trying for a few simweeks."

"I guess we're quite the fertile sims."

"That's wonderful news!"


Verde grinned as he took Lainey's hands in his own. "I'm glad we have a few weeks break bewteen school and training."

"Me too," she agreed, before leading the way into their new apartment.

Modest was an understatement, tiny didn't even do the apartment justice. No, it was downright tight in thier new place, they barely had room to manever around each other. They loved it though. It was all they could afford on their military stipends and the couple added touches to try and make it feel like home...instead of a cave.

Lainey was even attempting to learn how to cook. Her first meal was pasta, which the recipe made out to be simple.

But several cuts later, Lainey couldn't agree with that statement.

She was hoping that she wouldn't burn herself in the process.

"Are you sure you're ok?" Verde asked as he wiped the blood from the counter. It wasn't a lot of blood, but enough to be concerned.

"I'm fine, and lunch is ready." she said beaming with pride.

Verde grimaced, he sincerly hoped that there was more tomato paste than blood in the pasta sauce.

After lunch, the couple enjoyed a few minutes just staring at each other.

"Only a few more simyears until we graduate."

"I know," Lainey sighed.

"Are you ok?"


"What is it?"


"Uh...what about us?"

"I thought we'd be engaged by this time."

"We're still young, we haven't graduated yet."

"I know, but you were so willing to marry S'Ahmisa right out of high school and now all of a sudden you're too young for marriage. I find that hard to believe."

"Well, believe it. It's true. I think we're too young for marriage right now."

"Is it that you think we're too young for marriage right now, or that you just don't want to marry me right now, since apparently it was ok to marry her right out of high school."

"That's not what I mean, Lainey and you know it."

"No, I don't know it. In fact, I wonder if you're still hung up on her. I see the way you look at her and the way you touch her, I'm not blind."

"She's my friend!"

"Well, I bet you would have a serious issue if I hugged my male friends that way."

"You don't have any male friends."

"That's what you think."

"What does that mean?"

"Nothing...I'm going for a run." She hissed, rapidly exiting the room.


  1. Ray looks good. I like his make over and his wife too! Glad to see that they are trying to get things back on track and they didn't split up.

    Emma pregnant again! That was fast. When is the new baby due?

    Poor Verde, but I would be ticked off too if he hadn't aske dme to marry him, yet was willing to drop everything and marry his ex right out of high school. I think they need to talk about this some more.

  2. I love bald men, lol. Ray looks really nice. Too bad Lydia didn't get the job though.

    Congrats to Emma on her pregnancy.

    OO that's something Lainey and Verde are going to have a serious talk about. I can understand Lainey's irritation/hurt though.

  3. -Riverdale, yea, Ray and Lydia are still together at the moment. Lydia still has some reservations as you'll see in Part 2

    -HCove, LOL! Bald men have a certain allure, don't they? :P

  4. Yeah, Ray looks good bald!

    I don't know how productive Verde and Lainey's conversation after dinner was but I do think it was good for Lainey to get her concerns out in the open. Maybe Verde can re-examine how he feels about S'Ahmisa and Lainey now and figure out what he really wants.

  5. Ah, Verde and Lainey don't seem to be doing any better. It's too bad that Lainey is letting this hang her up, I wonder if she's just making a mountain out of a wormhole really. They are pretty young, and he doesn't want to get married yet, she's likely reading too much into this.

    Surprised Emma is pregnant again, seems so fast! At least they were excited by the news. That's good!

    Poor Lydia not getting the job. Hope she finds something that is a better fit.

  6. Thanks for reading!

    -Carla, Ray is the one with hair, the bald man is Sazo (S'Ahmisa's father). Verde really doesn't know what he wants. He enjoy's S'Ahmisa's company, but sometimes his desires for S'Ahmisa are not so innocent.

    -Maisie, I have no clue about Lainey and Verde. Considering his family secondary, I expected him to quickly propose since he has been wanting to get married since high school. Makes me wonder why he's taking so long :P Emma and Bill wasted no time in getting pregnant all on their own. Yikes, they're turning into a little surburia couple.

  7. It's nice that Ray found a job this easy, it would have been even better if Lydia had gotten the job as well, but since she wasn't too sure about it herself, it maybe for the best!

    I'm excited to see this new baby :)

    Aah Verde ad Lainey. I hope they can find some way to comrpomise. I undestand Lainey's point of view, but maybe she's making to much out of it, and maybe Verde isn't looking enoigh into it.

  8. -Tanja, it worked out perfectly. Jolie was tired of baking for such a low salary especially as her books and designs were selling more and more, so Sazo needed a baker quickly. I can't wait until the new baby arrives either, Bill and Emma make some cute kiddos.


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