Monday, February 21, 2011

Good Luck, 2007

Patar, summer, 2007

Lyndon is 52, Nicole is 50 (Anthony Wren is 26; Faith Humphrey is 23; Susie MacAstral is 21; Walter (Walt/Walli) Jones is 24)

"Thanks for meeting me," Susie said as she greeted her foster mother.

"I'm glad you wanted me to help. Did you eat yet? The baby need nutrients."

"Yes, I ate a bit. Ooo, what do you think of these flowers?" she said changing the subject.

"I think they look lovely, perhaps if you keep them with you while trying on dresses."

"Maybe, let's narrow down the dresses first."

Nicole sat patiently as she watched her foster daughter model each dress in turn.

She tried not to tear up seeing her little one dressed in the white flowing gowns,

she remembered when the twins arrived from Simmerville

so many simyears ago,

so young and now

now she was watching Susie try on dress after dress,

preparing to become a wife and very soon afterwards a mother as well.

"It's your turn," Susie said slipping off the last dress. "Do you think you could model some bridesmaid dresses as well for Faith."

Nicole would have done anything for her at this point.

She was so excited, a wedding and another baby.

She was going to be a grandmother of three

by the end of the simyear.

"I'm starving," Susie groaned as they were finally seated for lunch. "I can't believe that we're not done yet."

"Well, you did only give us a few simweeks notice. We have to find everything so quickly. The dresses, flowers, a place for the ceremony and reception, catering and not to mention sending out invitations."

"I know, I'm glad I have you as a wedding planner," Susie teased.

Nicole laughed, "Come on finish your lunch, we have a string of appointments that we can't miss."

The rest of the afternoon was spent visiting several locations around the hood and discussing the merits of each.

"You could have Lady Starr in the background as you say your vows and then we could rent out the resturaunt for the reception. Very classy."

"I like that, but I think Anthony's mother is afraid of heights and what about Olivia trying to crawl around everywhere?"

"This hall includes a small eating area for the reception as well, it's right above here."

"I like the style of the room, but there's no view...hey, didn't Bill get married here? I don't want to get married in the same place Bill Carr got married in, ewww."

"I need a coffee break before seeing the next few places,"

"And I need to sit down. I don't know how I'm going to handle waddling around later this year with a belly sticking out."

"You'll manage. How was your first appointment?"

"It was amazing," Susie breathed. "Anthony was so tense until they found the little heartbeat. I can't believe that there is an actual living creature inside of me."

Nicole smiled, she had always wanted to experience the joy of pregnancy, but God had other plans for her and instead she and Lyndon adopted and fostered. It still hurt a bit knowing that she wouldn't be able to give pregnancy and labor advice to her girls, but at least she could share in the joy as they told her thier news.

"You almost ready, we have three more places to see."

"Ugh, I guess so. I'm so tired."

"This one has a view of the lighthouse as you say your vows, then the reception area is to the side. Everything is included with this location, the tables and chairs, and a buffet that you can chose a few options for. We'd have to provide flowers and the cake of course."

"I could see us getting married here. I love the view and Anthony loves the water. One day we hope to have a view of the pier or the lighthouse. I just hope that it doesn't start to rain on my wedding day like it is now."

"It's not raining too hard and besides, rain is good luck on your wedding day."

"This one is the Simonian Musuem, you could get married in front of the large statue and then we could do the reception off to the side or rent out the resturaunt."

"This is where Anthony proposed. He likes to say that the Simonian brought me to him."

"Last stop, your father wanted you to consider this option."

"Our church?"

"Yes, you could get married here. I remember when you and Faith would sing for the congregation during the Christmas service, so nice."

"It would be nice to get married here, maybe even have dad marry us."

"That would be nice."


"How did it go?" Lyndon asked as Nicole arrived home late that evening.

"So tiring, but thankfully we have everything done, contracts are to be signed tomorrow and in less than three simweeks Susie will be getting married. Have you heard from Faith?"

"Nothing yet, a few contractions, but nothing like labor."

"This is going to be a very busy few weeks."

"I know."


  1. I loved all the dresses Susie tried on, I can't wait to see which one she picks. I would love to see Lyndon marry them as well, I think it would be really cute. Nicole is right though, it is going to be a very busy few weeks!

  2. Oo, I loved the lext to the last dres Susie wore. She looked so "right" in it. I hope Harvis will be able to make it home for the wedding!

  3. -Mizzgin03, thanks for reading and commenting. This family has a lot going on, an upcoming birth and wedding and another birth. I will reveal that Susie did pick one of the dresses you saw her try on :)

    -Riverdale, Harvis will definately make it home for the wedding. If you're talking about the lace dress with the yellow sash, that's my Alvaro dress, one of my favorite creations. I recently converted it to a maxis mesh, but the original dress is still for download on the A.Pentragnani site (

  4. Exciting times! Everything is going to be happening so quickly with Faith and the wedding. I really liked the peak at all the wedding venues, I liked that u used that big head statue! I never touch it but it looked perfect the way you placed it!

    I'm looking forward to Lyndon doing the wedding. That will be very sweet.

  5. -Maisie, thanks for reading. You'll have to wait and see if Lyndon officiates the wedding. My sims love that Simion historical park, especially now that I have the hack to allow hood decor within lots.


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