Monday, February 7, 2011

Slabs of Vegan, 2007

Lovar, spring, 2007

Johan is 46, Jadhira is 45, Myra and Naraj are 12, Udar is 3

Now that the twins were older, the Shazad house had calmed down quite a bit. Jadhira was enjoying her work as a researcher in the medical centre's lab and often spent time after work trying her hand at crossword puzzles while Myra looked on.

"I don't think superstar has two s's." Myra offered.

"Hmm, you're right."

"Mom, can you convince dad that I don't need to sing in the coming of age celebration."

Jadhira shook her head, she wasn't going to interfer with her husband's job.

"You're only singing backup, Mrs. Humphrey said that you just need to hum some of the lyrics."

"Whatever, I don't like it. I still don't understand how you're not sweating bullets since you have to sing the solo part."

"I am sweating bullets, but I figure if I close my eyes, then I won't see the audience."

Jadhira left the twins to prepare for dinner, as she cleaned Udar's chair, she felt herself get weak.

"I must not be feeling well," she mumbled before making a traditional health soup for dinner.

"Naraj, go do your homework!" she heard Johan yell from the entry. The couple had discovered a pile of incomplete assignments on their son's desk and every simday they now had to remind him to do his homework.

Myra didn't have that issue. She usually did her homework as soon as she arrived home from school.

Mostly so that she could chat with her best friends, cousin Grace Elise and Annie.

The trio would whisper about how cute Rojo was and how they couldn't wait until university and the influx of eligible young men who were not related to them.

Jadhira set the table and quickly ate all four bowls of the soup after suddenly feeling famished. "Ugh, I need to lay down," she grumbled pushing past her husband as she felt that her stomach would empty itself right there.

Johan quickly stepped out of her way and entered the kitchen. He sighed and took out slabs of vegan fish and quickly reheated some leftover vegetables.

"What's wrong with mom?" Naraj asked as they sat down to dinner without her.

"I think she's sick, she's cooped in the bedroom with a book and has declared the bathroom her second home."

"Is she pregnant again?"

Johan dropped his fork.

"Naraj, she's old. Of course she's not pregnant."

"Hey, she did just have Udar a few years ago, it could happen."


  1. Now, of course, I'm wondering too if Jadhira is pregnant!
    It would be great for Udar to have a sibling close in age, but on the other hand Jadhira isn't the youngest anymore, so a pregnancy would hold some risks...

  2. I hope she's pregnant. I don't want her to be really sick, like with something that could kill her. :( But if not with child I hope she gets better soon!

  3. Ooh, I hope she is pregnant. It didn't occur to me that she might be sick with something - I guess I'm too optimistic!

    Also, Naraj is cute! I have a soft spot for the slightly nerdy looking Sims.

  4. -Tanja, hmmm, I think that Jadhira and Johan are done with children...but then again, I said that before and then Udar arrived unexpectedly.

    -Riverdale, Jadhira's not with child, just sick. That reminds me of the quote "I'm not pregnant, just fat" :P

    -Carla, Naraj is a cutie and at the moment he has a few admirers...but maybe that's because he's not related to them :)


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