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Skinny Dipping, 2007

Lovar, spring, 2007
Antonio is 56, Carmela is 47, Verde is 20, Rojo is 15, Serendipity is 11

"Umm, I think something is wrong," Rojo offered as they stood in front of the cabin in their matching luau wear.

"It's alright," Carmela assured the family. "I guess the agent made a mistake, but we'll make the best of it, won't we?"
"So that means no swimming or sandcastles?" Serendipity asked.
"No swimming means no girls in bikinis, I didn't sign up for this."
"I'm going to ignore you, Rojo, and no swimming or sandcastles, but there will be plenty of hiking." Antonio said walking to the lodge to check the family into their rooms, hopefully.

Thankfully there were rooms available and after changing into more appropriate attire purchased from the gift shop the family settled into enjoying thier quick spring break.

"Whoa, I love your hair." Serendipity gushed climbing into the tour van. "It's so dreamy."

Rojo raised his brow and tried to ignore the twisting in his stomach. He knew that his baby sister, his hermanita was going to be a teenager soon, but he didn't want to hear about her silly crushes.
Thankfully over lunch, she avoided talking about the boys she had crushes on (Bryant) instead focusing on the meal itself.
"You know, meat isn't the healthiest for sims. I read that vegetarians supposedly live longer, need less sleep, and have lower risks of many major illnesses like cancer and heart disease."
"Um, ok, but you do realize that you ordered steak, right?"
"Yea, I'm thinking about giving up meat."
"When would you do that?"
"I don't know...maybe once mami and papi allow me to cook. Until then I'm kind of at the mercy of mami's cooking."
"And you know they both love cerdo,"
"But they love rice and beans too, so I could eat that instead."

"I'm looking forward to Serendipity's birthday next simyear. Finally, our youngest will be a teen and on her way out of the house."
"I'm not, I'm going to miss my baby."
"I doubt she'll go anywhere, she loves home too much to venture far. Now, we need to figure out a way to convince Verde to marry Lainey before she dumps him."
"I think we should stay out of it. It's his decision and he should be able to chose a wife, every sim doesn't get that choice."
Antonio thought back to his own marriage, Carmela being chosen and thrust upon him in exchange for his inheritance. He loved his wife now, but then...not so much. She was a duty, a contract to fulfill in order to get what he wanted.
"I see your point. He should be able to chose love on his own...even though I know Lainey is the best thing that's ever happened to him."
"Leave it, Antonio."

"I'll leave it...for now. Let's toast, I need some sparkling nectar to dull the senses and make me believe that I'm on that beach in the brochure."
Carmela laughed, "I doubt you'll be able to imagine a beach without a lot of sparkling nectar."
"I was looking forward to the beach...skinny dipping when the kids were sleep."
Carmela grinned, "We could still skinny dip...without the beach."
"There's no water here."

"But our sheets are blue, we could pretend that they're the ocean."

And they did.

Before leaving the family was able to enjoy ice skating in the local rink,

learning the regional dance and song

and purchasing a few items for Verde and Lainey before returning home.


  1. I loved their little break, too bad it wasn't the beach. I would never use that travel agent ever again! lol

  2. Just a tiny mix-up with destinations there but I'm glad they had a good break anyway.

    "Now, we need to figure out a way to convince Verde to marry Lainey before she dumps him."

    LOL. Antonio should definitely listen to his wife and stay out of it. If only because if things go wrong, it'll be on their heads then.

  3. -Riverdale, the travel agent opps was all me. I reserved their vacation and forgot to where. I thought it would be cute to use the FFS luau clothing...but then they ended up in the mountains-oppsie :)

    -Carla, I suppose Antonio should listen to Carmela...but he's right. If Verde doesn't act soon then Lainey might dump him. She's about ready to throw in the towel :(

  4. As with so many blogs I wanted to read everything about Apple Valley first, but I just don't have time to it, so instead I'm going to just start here and read back if needed!

    Too bad the break wasn't what they had planned, but they seemed to have made the best out of it, and had a great time!

    It would be sad it Lainey would break up with Verde because he didn't act up when she was expecting it, but it should be his mistake to make, but it's understandable for parents to but into their children(s lifes, that's why they are parents I guess.

  5. -Tanja, Apple Valley is HUGE! I wouldn't want to take on the task of reading everything from the beginning. I'm glad you decided to jump in, if you want additional guidance about how to start have a look in the sidebar for the Welcome Center. You're right, it's Verde's mistake to make as much as his parents might hate having to stay out of it. Thanks for reading and commenting.


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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