Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Calculators for All

Decided to put my calculators in a stand alone excel file for a few reasons:
  • This allows simmers who don't have massive spreadsheets to enter in the necessary data for the desired information.
  • This allows for easy intergration into simmers' databases.
  • To share calculators that I no longer use, but others might find useful.
What is included in the calculator worksheet?

  • Aspiration Calculator: Input personality data and thie calculator gives you an aspiration that is well suited for your sim (according to my own aspiration assigning method).
  • Pension Calculator for Owned Businesses: Now sims who retire from owned businesses can collect a pension as well. Input business rank and salary information to get the pension amount for your sim.
  • Child Support Calculator: Figure out child support for those seperated sims. Input salary information and children information to get a child support amount.
  • Spousal Support Calculator: Figure out spousal support for those seperated sims. Input salary information and relationship information to get a spousal support amount.
  • Business Tax: To determine how much business tax your businesses owe based on business value, number of employees and rank.
  • Government Assistance: Input the salary and family information to get an amount for government assistance.
  • Rental Fee (pre AL): For those without AL, input the size of the apartment and amenities to get a rental amount. Also good for those who have sims living in the basement or renting a room in a house.
See the spreadsheet here


  1. Government assistance? Hmmm, I'd never thought of doing anything like that, though there are some Sims who could use it! I'll have to take a look - thanks for sharing!

  2. -Carla, really? Which of your sims could use it?

  3. Thanks for this, Starr. I've thought about some of these (especially the government assistance) but wasn't sure how I wanted to calculate it. Another extremely useful post :).

  4. -Danielle, thanks, can't wait to see how you use it

  5. Oh, a ton of my Sims are in financial dire straits! Finn and Victoria are hurting, Anna and Emil are in debt and I think Gordon and Lia might be as well. There are probably more!

  6. That calculator was really interesting, thanks for sharing. Specially the business tax part. I'll probably use the idea and fit it to suit the TS3 owned businesses somehow.

  7. -Carla, ahh, that makes sense. I guess I started trying to think of sims that were almost living on the streets.

    -Ani, thanks for reading and commenting. I've just started reading your blog and am not caught up yet, you make me want to convert to TS3 with your wonderful houses and funny stories.


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