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Gets Scandalous, Part 2, 2007

Resar, fall, 2007
Ming Wuu and Benjamin Endeavor are seniors, Lainey Lorde, S'Ahmisa Warwick and Verde Herendez are juniors.

S'Ahmisa stared at the computer screen, Ming's email on one side and her unfinished term paper on the other side. She was distracted and couldn't focus. She shut down the computer and wandered outside to the rock garden.

She picked up the heavy rake and started to move the tiny rocks into swirling patterns. The sound of the waves swirled around her and soon her body mechanically went through the motions as her mind drifted back to that night, the same night that haunted her waking hours and kept her from sleeping.

It was raining that night, the steady beat of soft raindrops on the roof mingled with the soft moans that escaped her lips,

the silk on the bed was almost as soft as their skin as they tentatively touched and caressed

and the sweet kisses that melted like Jalebi on her tongue.

It had been days since that night...then the days turned to weeks...

"Look at my sweet blossom."

S'Ahmisa smiled as Hiromi walked towards her. She tried to fight the feeling of deja vu everytime he called her that.

"Hi, how are you?"

"A lot better than you're doing. I think you've been raking for over an hour."

She checked her watch and he was right.

"Come on, I got a football, that should ease your mind."

S'Ahmisa smiled as she followed him to a small patch of grass and started tossing the ball back and forth.

"The sort-of boyfriend giving you trouble?"

She laughed recalling the first time they met.
"Who is that in the photo?"

"Um...he''s complicated."

How else could she explain it. There wasn't a name for their type of relationship. What did you call the man that you chatted online every night with, but who wasn't your boyfriend. The guy whom you would meet every few simweeks for mutual soul baring woohoo, but wasn't your lover. The man whom she loved deeply, but wasn't free to pursue her love of him.

She wasn't keen on starting a long distance relationship, especially one that in her opinion was doomed. She would never leave Apple Valley. Her destiny was here, while he would never leave Simmington Hills, he was the doted son of influential sims. So they agreed, they were not in a relationship. They were friends...very good friends that loved each other. In spite of this, he owned her heart and tamed her body.

They were trying to distance themselves from each other...he was trying to date other women and she was focusing more on her studies. They were giving it their best effort, but still found themselves whispering to each other late into the night after roommates were sleeping. They still found themselves giving in and taking a last minute flight to meet each other, to soak in each other's presence or waste away hours in bed. Their relationship was far from simple.

"Ah, a sort-of boyfriend. I understand, those are always the complicated ones." Hiromi replied.

"No, he's not giving me any trouble." S'Ahmisa answered,  bringing her mind to the present.

"Other issues on your mind?"

"Yea...other things...listen, I'm going to go inside. I have to finish this paper before exams."

Of course she didn't work on the paper, she poured herself a glass of sake and settled into the large sofa and let her mind drift to her adventures during the semester in Kimikura. Krissy was right, things hadn't changed much and she was glad that many of her favorite places were still around. She had enjoyed meeting new sims and eating authentic kimikurian food again.

She allowed her mind to wander through the recesses of her memories, inhaling the smell of the smooth sake and recalling the feel of the sand in her toes during a trip to the shore, the slippery touch of the fish pulled freshly from the sea and how it wiggled widely in her hand threatening to topple her and the boat over and the sound of the local dragon parade during the annual festival of lights.

Anything to keep her thoughts from that night and the tears that silently fell as she was unsuccessful.



"You have to experience it, at least once."

"I'll make sure to put it on my list," she said laughing.

"Have you thought about it?"

S'Ahmisa silently wondered if she should share the truth. It wasn't something she talked about and had only begun to recently attempt to unravel herself. It wasn't something that she allowed herself to think about often, sometimes the thought would cause her skin to burn in shame and then guilt as she thought about a certain brown eyed man with thick lips framing bright even teeth. She shouldn't think about such things...she couldn't think about such things. She didn't want to think about the scandal it would cause and how her dreams political domination would come to a sudden, crashing halt.

"Yes...a lot actually," she whispered, embarrassed to reveal that side of her.

"But you've never done anything about it?"

"No, I's complicated. According to those around me, I'm supposed to be looking for the perfect trophy husband to compliment my career, not...not..."

"A woman?"


"It's ok to wonder...I did at first."

"Then what?"

"Then I had a good friend who offered to show me the ropes."

"And then what happened?"

"I finally realized that I loved both teams."

S'Ahmisa laughed, "I guess that's one way to put it."

"Are you curious?"

"Yea..." she stammered as the woman straddled her.

"Do you want me to show you the ropes?"

"I...I don't know..."

"Don't worry, I'll take control and you can just...experience."

She did experience that night and perhaps that was the problem.

Maybe she wasn't supposed to let her heart experience things as well.

Now it had been simweeks since that night and not a word.

They went from daily conversations to nothing at all. S'Ahmisa didn't like the taste of the feeling in her mouth...she felt...used.


"My sweet blossom, you look radiant!" Hiromi exclaimed tossing his arms around her.

It was the Blossom Festival in Kimikura and all the citizens celebrated with formal parties and plenty of spicy moon cakes and sweet cherry drinks. Kimikura University had planned a small party for the students as well and there were going to be fireworks in addition to the lavish displays of food and drink.

"Thank you,"

"Seriously, you look great." He whispered. "That sort-of boyfriend needs to claim you soon otherwise guys like me will start to toss our chips into the game."

S'Ahmisa giggled and then choked on the bell-like sound when she glanced over Hiromi's shoulder.

"Hey, I'll be back," she said.

"Ooo, look at you, so pretty!"

If she wasn't so pissed she would laugh at the woman's exaggerated expression. It reminded her of those pixelated characters in the computer game that her mom played for hours on end.

"Why haven't I heard from you?" S'Ahmisa asked getting straight to the point.

"Whoa, what are you, my girlfriend?"

"I thought...I thought I was at least your friend," she answered sullenly.

"Listen, I hope you didn't get any feelings from our...experience. I was merely trying to open your eyes to other things in life."

"But I don't just toss my body out there for any sim," S'Ahmisa hissed. "I can't do that. It was more than an...experience as you put it. I felt...I felt something special..."

"Listen, sorry if you took it as more than what it was, but it was nothing. So leave it. O, there's Elia, Elia!"

S'Ahmisa watched as she walked away and blinked to keep the hot tears from spilling over. Her heart felt like it was cracking into a thousand pieces and stabbing her on the inside.

Perhaps this is what heartache feels like. She wondered. Perhaps I deserved it, perhaps...

"My sweet blossom," Hiromi said wrapping his arms around. "Don't tell me that she sunk her hooks into you."

S'Ahmisa didn't answer, she just buried her head into his shoulders.

"I'm so embarrassed...I...I was such a fool to-"

"Shhh, she does that every simyear to some innocent student. Come on, let's take a walk so you can have a good cry and a healthy sip of some strong sake."

S'Ahmisa silently allowed herself to be led out of the university grounds and down the winding path. She truly hoped the sake was really strong.


  1. What a bitch! Poor S'Ahmisa! That was a hard lesson to learn :/. I giggled at this:
    "It reminded her of those pixelated characters in the computer game that her mom played for hours on end."
    But S'Ahmisa will be ok, she's stronger than she thinks.
    Question: How does bring Aerial Bionic to my hood work? For instance, how do we balance out the difference in time between our hoods? I don't want to give out spoilers but I have some stuff planned for Mellow Metal this round and Aerial Bionic coming would fit right in with my plans.

  2. Poor S'Ahmisa. I'm glad she has Hiromi. He seems like a really good friend, unlike that horrible woman! How manipulative she is, to let S'Ahmisa build up that trust and then use her.

    But I agree with Mizzgin - S'Ahmisa can get past this. And if she wants to have another experience with a woman, hopefully the next one will be more genuine.

  3. -Mizzgin03, I couldn't help putting that tidbit in. Sandy (S'Ahmisa's mom) is a hardcore gamer and her favorite game is the sims, so I kind of see her as a simmer in our community-which S'Ahmisa doesn't understand :)

    -Carla, I hope S'Ahmisa is able to get over this, but you know how she tends to over analyze everything. She was trying to make up a million reasons why this happened to her.

  4. Woah, S'Ahmisa! I feel bad for her getting used like that. For as accompished and intelligent as she is, there's something about S'Ahmisa that's a little naive. Maybe it's her youth. I wonder what this experience will mean for her future. I agree, I hope her next "romantic" experience whether its with a man or a woman turns out better for her.

  5. -Em, I never thought of it that way, but you're right. S'Ahmisa is a bit naive inspite of her world travels and exposure. I think she only sees the good in people and fails to consider that some people are just plain mean. Far as her future, I'm not sure. She's bisexual and has been curious for a while, but hadn't acted on it.

  6. Wow, I didn't expect that happening to poor S'Ahmisa. :( Poor girl, I hope she can heal and get past this. Lesson learned, I suppose.

    LOL on the pixelated characters, I don't know what in the world she could be thinking of. ;)

  7. -Maisie, thanks for reading. I was trying to decide how to introduce S'Ahmisa's trait of bisexual and since she heart farted over Cara in Kimikuria, I allowed it to naturally occur, but of course, Cara wasn't too interested in the things that S'Ahmisa loves so thier conversations were horrible.


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