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Gets Scandalous, Part 1, 2007

Resar, fall, 2007

Ming Wuu and Benjamin Endeavor are seniors, Lainey Lorde, S'Ahmisa Warwick and Verde Herendez are juniors.

Your pictures of Kimikura are great, it looks like you're really enjoying your time there. Remember not to study too hard.

And yes, I have taken to wearing clothes. You'd be happy to know that I walk around in my underwear mostly...instead of without my underwear. I had a scare one afternoon when I saw some pervert teenagers looking up into our apartment window with binoculars! Can you believe that?

Things at our place are going well. Krissy still one handedly funds the stock for The Drip, so your dad is probably thankful for her caffiene addiction.

She did meet a guy at The Drip, go figure. His name is Alphonso Pentragnani and he's really cute, ok, not cute, damn sexy! But Krissy says that they're just friends for now. Heck, I wouldn't mind being his friend...with benefits.

When she's not being Alphonso's friend (instead of jumping his bones like any other hot blooded woman would be doing), Krissy is working out. She's on some new fangled diet and all she seems to eat is salad and water. I eat more than that and I'm vegan! You should hear her, she wants to be chiseled and fit like the woman from Sim Fit Club. Doesn't she know that any sim can look like that if they're paid to look like that. Hello?!?! Trainers and nutritionists and plastic surgeons are valuable in that business.

Krissy says that she needs to be fit to keep up with her students.

She teaches science, not physical education. Why on earth would she need to be fit?

Oh, you missed Benjamin's big party.

He threw a toga party and wow, was it amazing.

Of course some of the freshmen decided it would be a good time to have a fight,

and Verde and Lainey were there

all wrapped up in each other.

Of course, Benjamin and I had our own little quiet moment. He's really growing on me. We're still not officially dating or steady or anything like that, but we enjoy each other.

O! I almost forgot,

 one of the freshmen got engaged.

Can you believe it? Engaged as a freshman?? You'd think it was her high school boyfriend or something, but here's where it gets scandalous.

She still had her high school boyfriend sitting at home, he's young too...maybe fifteen or sixteen. So now she's engaged to some other guy and the poor high school guy is gonna get his heart broken.

Alright, I gotta work on this term paper. I can't believe it's senior year and soon I'll be graduating!

Continue to have fun, take advantage of those cute kimikurian guys for me and bring me something back!


You might recognize Alphonso if you read Sullivan. He's a clone of Nick and he has a twin brother as well as a younger brother.


  1. I love Ming's voice. It was fun to read this from her perspective.

    Yay, Alphonso! I don't want to give any spoilers for anyone who hasn't read your posts about him at N99. So I'll just say I'm looking forward to reading more about him. :)

    Yeesh at Harriet and her engagement! Wow. What will Ericcson say?!?

  2. Untill you said it I didn't pay much attention to Alphonso, but I went back to look at him, and now I see :D

    It was a nice perspective to tell the story.

    Wow for the engagement! Poor guy back at home :(

  3. Get scandalous is right! Ericcson is going to be pissed! As well he should be! Ming's voice is hilarious and I agree with her on Alphonso. He's very rocker hot and I have a thing for guys in band :)

  4. I like these first-person stories, although I've never tried it... don't think I could contain my storyline ADD enough to focus on just one character for a whole update :)

    And, yeah, wow the engagement!! Sooo not good!

  5. -Carla, thanks. Ming is a lot of fun, she has a few traits similar to me that are quite fun writing about as a sim.

    -Tanja, yep, Alphonso and his brothers are not-Nicks :) very interesting since their history is very different from Nick's from Sullivan.

    -Mizzgin03, I think Ericcson will be beyond pissed, but I think he'll be sad as well, poor baby.

    -Blackcat, LOL! It's hard containing it to one POV, but occasionally it's fun to listen to a particular sim.


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