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Tired Too, 2007

Resar, fall, 2007

Grex and Ginger are 35, Bryant and Annie are 12, Breckin is 5, Lara is 4, Indira is 2, and Richmond is 1

Every fall was busy around the Grey household, but Ginger was still frustrated. It had been weeks since she and Grex had been intimate and she was sick of it.

"You said that you would make more of an effort."

"I know, but I'm so tired."

"You were tired last week, and the week before. You're been tired since the spring. Hell, I'm tired too, but I still have desires."

"I'm sorry-"

"Forget, Grex." Ginger sighed and left the bedroom.

She turned on the shower and stepped under, allowing the water to flow over her body. It was something magical about a nice hot shower that would calm her down and ease her worries. Tonight's shower left her alone with her thoughts. She was well aware of the fact that she and Greg had different libidos and that it wasn't uncommon for men to have lower libidos than women, but it didn't make her feel any better. She couldn't help but wonder if the extra rolls that clung to her waist or the small rows of indentations on her thighs caused Grex to pull away from her.

She sighed as she slid her slippery fingers over her body and across her belly until her fingers intertwined with her coarse hair. She was tired of this shower routine as well. It never left her satisfied, it was similar to chewing gum when you were hungry, an unsatisfying tease. It was times like this that his face would enter her mind. She never noticed how similar he was to her husband, both had bright brown eyes and silky brown hair, both had even tanned skin and hands roughened due to their professions. But he was different, he never grew tired and in fact their libidos were matched in intensity.

She used to feel guilty for thinking about him, it had been three simyears since she last saw him for longer than a glance at a party or in passing on the street. She knew that he wasn't with the blond woman anymore, that they had broken up and that he was moving as well. Now whenever she thought of him, guilt wasn't there, instead it was replaced with a longing to see the man, to talk to him and hear his voice.

Grex was tired. He didn't know how else to put it. He loved his wife, but woohoo wasn't everything and it wasn't the only form of intimacy or the only way to show his love.

He made sure that the trash was taken out, he helped with the meal clean-ups and baby duties to give her a break, a chance to relax in the tub with bubbles and her music. He knew that she adored daisies, so as soon as they bloomed Grex made sure to have the vases brimming with the delicate white flowers. He would surprise her by asking the twins to watch the younger children and he would take her to the lake and they would have a midnight picnic overlooking the lighthouse and he would sip on wine and listen as she told him about the new roast llama recipe she wanted to try or how the pattern for a quilted teddy bear was giving her trouble. He did these things to make sure that she knew just how much he loved her and appreciated her and couldn't breathe without her.

Far as woohoo, they had tried just about everything, but nothing worked. They had seen the doctor who said that nothing was wrong, that sims have different libidos and that it just happened that he and his wife had libidos that were not perfectly synced. He wished that there was a physical problem or a mental problem, stress, low blood flow...anything to explain it. But Dr.Wilsonoff had merely said that they were healthy and that their libidos were not aligned and that it was normal. Grex just wished that normal wouldn't cause so much tension in their house, tight lips or disappointed eyes.

His mind was on other things, his work especially. The harvest wasn't doing as well and he spent most of his time tending to sickly plants. Some sort of pest or disease was threatening to overtake the profitable eggplants and strawberries. No amount of research and thumbing through well worn plant books was helping him, but he refused to let the plants wither before him. Instead he spent early morning hours, before the sun and his family was awake, kneeling in the mud, checking the leaves and removing pests.

Thankfully the twins helped out in the afternoons, after classes were finished.

Thier help was appreciated and needed so he could concentrate on the mysterious slime coating his crops.

Business was still at acceptable levels, enough to pay for the bills and maybe even do a bit of rearranging in the shop, make it cozier, Annie had suggested.

Annie had expressed interest in learning about the market, so Grex allowed her to chat with some customers and help out on the floor occasionally.

She was so excited about the task that she spent hours researching sales techniques on the Internet. Her first love was still airplanes and she wanted to fly them all over the world, but as plan b, managing the market wasn't that bad.

Ginger was busy and tired as well with three toddlers underfoot all day. She thought that maybe if she didn't focus on the amount of woohoo, or the lack of woohoo, that she and Grex shared then maybe she wouldn't be so resentful and bitter. It was so very hard when every piece of media and societal claim stated that she should be the one having the headaches and complaining of being tired all the time, not him. She sighed again as she passed out bowls of mashed eggplant to the waiting toddlers. Maybe she was making too much of a bit deal out of it...

The twins were branching out and

making more friends.

Perhaps a bit too fast.

"Eww, I am not going to kiss you. Shouldn't we talk a little bit more before kissing?"

Bryant really didn't understand girls, why waste time talking when you could kiss.


  1. Oh, that's tricky. :\ If there was a medical reason for Grex's lower libido, it would be a relief for both of them, especially if it could be treated.

    Doesn't look like Bryant has a problem with low libido though! That's teenage hormones for you, I guess. ;)

  2. -Carla, I think that's why they're so frustrated that "normal" isn't what they expected. LOL! That's Bryant's romance aspiration coming through loud and clear.

  3. It's too bad that they aren't synced with their desires, they have a lot on their plate and his mind seems distracted. Maybe a weekend with a spa would help get them back on track, or winning the lottery. ;) Sounds like they need to reconnect.

  4. -Maisie, I've tried it all with this couple and Grex really is trying, but Ginger always wants to be in bed, while Grex...Grex perfers a bit more time out of the bed talking and doing other things. Real life is that way as well, but often it's the other way around.


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