Thursday, March 10, 2011

Favorite Apple Valley Sims

Over at N99, the focus for the month of March is on favorite sims. I've been sharing some of my personal favorites from Apple Valley, but then wondered, which sims/families are your favorite from Apple Valley and why?

So post a comment here telling why they are your favorite. Feel free to post as often as you like!

Also, if other bloggers do the same, feel free to put your link in your comment as well so others can go and check our your blog. I can't wait since I have my own personal favorites from some of my favorite blogs.


  1. I think I would have to go with S'Ahmisa. I probably read about Sims before her but she was the first one of yours who I remember getting quite attached to.

    So I guess she's a nostalgic favourite for me but I've also loved following all of her romantic triumphs and woes, as well as watching her become such an ambitious and successful young woman.

  2. I realize I'm biased since Jesse, Suzanna, and Bill originated in my game, but I'm partial to the McMillian family. Bradford is such a sweetheart and a stand up guy and Laci is just adorable and hilarious. Plus all the little girls - I can't wait to see what their personalities turn out like.

    I'm also liking Suzie and Anthony a lot. They had such an interesting start, with Suzie not being sure if she wanted to settle down and Anthony being so patient and understanding. It will be neat to see what the future holds for them.

    I probably won't start a post like this, since I don't have many followers and I feel like most of my sims are getting established. I might for Arrendale Heights at some point though, to help me decide how to focus. If you have any favorites of mine, let me know. Just comment on any postyou want.


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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