Monday, March 7, 2011

Don't Need You To Tell Me I'm Pretty, 2007

Remar, summer, 2007
Soundtrack "Don't Need You To Tell Me I'm Pretty" Samantha Mumba

Baby Boom Birthday
Jadhira Shazad

Recently residents helped celebrated the teen birthday of the hood's baby boom of 1995. The teens were treated to a photo shoot with Antonio Herendez, and were given one free print from the photo shoot and a free cell phone from the hood council.

After the photo shoot, the teens put on a vocal performance at the school followed by a light reception.

Happy Birthday to the teens in Apple Valley's baby boom. Here's a photo of the teens as infants.

Cassandra holding granddaughter, Annie; Ginger holding son, Bryant; Jolie holding daughter, Grace Elise; Johan holding son, Naraj; Jadhira holding daughter, Myra.


  1. Do you have custom LTWs or do you decide goals for some of your Sims yourself?

    I loved the video. Happy birthday, baby boomers!

  2. Carla, I have the expanded LTW hack and I sometimes add descriptives to those LTWs. Bryant's was actually something like "Have 10 lovers", which a freshly minted teen wouldn't say :p

  3. LOL Bryant's goal cracked me up! Where is your expanded LTW hack from?

  4. The video is fun! LOL on "irresistible to hot chicks" cause un-hot ones wouldn't be nearly as cool.

  5. -Em, the Expanded and reduced LTWs is from MTS

    -Maisie, LOL! You're right, it wouldn't be as cool then :P


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