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Tiny Place, 2007

Havar, fall, 2007
Bill Carr is 23, Emma Carr is 22, Jacob Carr is 1.

"Who's Paw Paw's little man? You are," Jesse chooed to his grandson.

"Whew, but it smells like you left a little gift for your daddy."

"You stink, little man." Bill said scooping up his son in his arms.

From the nursery, he could hear his stepmother pepper Emma with questions.

"So when's the big move?"

"If the paperwork goes through, then in less than two simweeks."

Fiona was asking about the couple's decision to purchase a home.

The couple was out browsing local homes and stumbled upon an open house.

It was a small house, three tiny bedrooms and a view of the school and farmlands.

"Bill, you have to see the view. This could be Jacob's room."

The house was so far out that it was almost considered part of Apple Plains, but still close enough to Apple Valley proper.

Best of all and to thier surprise, the asking price was within their budget. They would still need a loan, but the loan would be affordable.

"We could eventually fence in the backyard," Bill offered.

"Then we could get a dog for Jacob and he could walk to school as well."

"We can afford the payments since it's such a tiny place, but I think it will fit our family." Bill said over dinner that evening after seeing the house.

"What about the down payment?"

"They have a special offer going on right now, however things will be a bit tight for our budget once we move in and we might have to sell some items to raise additional cash flow."

"I love it, I just want to get out of our place so Jacob can run around without me worrying about him going down the street."

"Well, keep us posted. Jesse and I will help with the moving, and by help I mean pay for movers to box everything and set it up again."

Emma laughed along with her mother-in-law. She couldn't see the woman lifting a heavy box up and down a flight of stairs.

"Besides, you need to get as much rest as possible before the little one arrives. How is she?"

"She's doing well, two more simlonic months. I can't believe it, I'm almost there and I am as big as a house."


The Carr family will be moving to LaPlace Street Homes, a rental home community

In particular, the light brown brick house.


  1. I'm glad they were able to find a house they liked, its very quaint. Can't wait to see their new baby :)

  2. Very cute house. I hope they can manage.

    I must say, I'm very happy that they weren't fighting in this post.

  3. Aw, that house is adorable! It was nice to see Bill and Emma both so excited about the house and their future.

  4. -Mizzgin03, I'm excited as well. I would like them to stop at two children, but their ideal family size is 3, but perhaps that will change.

    -Choco, LOL! Yes, they did manage to stop fighting, I think they're translating their intense passion into other things at the moment, but they still love a good fight just to have a good make-up afterwards.

    -Carla, thanks. The house is tiny, the entire lot is 2x3, so each house is ~6x10. However, it is suprisingly playable, no hangups or bumping about, but then again, it's only four sims and they don't have parties at their place due to the size.

  5. Ooh I like their new home, and the view is very nice, and has a great community feel to it. Living near the school will be nice for Jacob when he gets older to just hop on down the road.

    LOL on the little gift for his Daddy, in this house, those are always my gift. ;) I'm really enjoying Bill in these updates. Before he drove a little crazy with his attitude.

  6. -Maisie, thanks. Bill is changing and maturing a bit, but believe me, he's still the same Bill but currently his knowledge side is winning out at the moment. They're still very young and I think they're still in the honeymoon phase of things.


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