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Silly Crush, 2006

Givar, winter, 2006

Si'Enya was finally old enough for a job. It wasn't that she had to work, she was a trust fund baby as the kids at school would sneer. It wasn't her fault that her parents were wealthy, but it didn't matter what she said, the kids would still sneer.

Trevor said that they were jealous. She knew that he was right, it just didn't help that some of them could be so mean, she thought as she sat to her station. She didn't work long hours, but it was nice that Trevor would walk her to and from work to make sure she made it home safely.

She wasn't too sure what to make of the man. She knew that her classmates were in awe of the man, mostly for his celebrity status, but Si'Enya didn't care about his fame. She liked the fact that he talked bugs with her and got dirty with her in their search for the illusive spider. If she would admit it, she also like the bubbly feeling in her belly whenever he smiled at her. It was a silly crush, but didn't every teenaged girl need a silly crush?

Her tiny crush on Trevor kept her from crying her eyes out everytime she saw Erricson with Harriet. She didn't know what he saw in Harriet, she was mean to most of the kids in school and she was...strange.

Si'Enya couldn't say too much about Harriet considering that she was becoming fast friends with Harriet's little sister, Elphy and her classmate, Rosemarie. It was nice to make some friends her age. Since S'Ahmisa had started university and joined the county council, Si'Enya was seeing less and less of her best buddy.

Thankfully her new friends were introducing her to other guys besides Erricson who had a girlfriend and Trevor who was a pipe dream.


Meanwhile, Faith was realizing that her new apartment was a pipe dream. With the arrival of baby Olivia, Faith needed more reasonable hours. Thankfully she was able to get a job as a clerk at her favorite department store. However, the change in hours also meant a drop in pay.

Combined with Walt's crazy hours and low paycheck, the couple was searching for something a bit more affordable. Free rent would be the best, unfortunately there were very few options that were free. They couldn't move in with her parents due to the small size of their apartment.

Besides, her parents were always at the cramped apartment helping out with Olivia or dropping off a meal for the couple.

Faith was growing bigger each day and the baby was healthy. Walt had insisted on finding out the gender at the delivery, which was fine with Faith.

Either way, the new baby would be sharing a room with big sister Olivia.

Faith just hoped that they could find a nice, cheap two bedroom apartment soon. On the bright side, they didn't have to worry about being on the "bad side" of town. With all the revitalization, there wasn't a bad side of Apple Valley.

That also meant that there wasn't a cheap side of Apple Valley that a struggling stand-up comedian and cashier could afford to raise their tiny family. They already had taken out a loan for some basic nursery furniture and had even begun to skip the occasional meal, which wasn't the best idea considering Faith's condition.

Walt had pawned their TV as well to make the last rent payment. That meant that Faith would often walk into the bathroom to find Walt rehearsing his routine in the bathtub or singing some silly song about Pirate Bluebeard and the Llama Crew.

The first time she walked in on him playing in the tub, Faith had backed up very slowly...not sure if he was slowly loosing his mind. Now, she was used to it and calmly peed while he continued his song.


  1. Aw, poor Walt and Faith! Those two need a break and soon. It's not going to get any easier when this new baby comes along.

    I'm glad Si'Enya is getting out there and meeting new people, including some boys. Although, I'm holding out hope that she and Trevor can get a thing going once she's a little older! ;)

  2. Ah, teenage awkwardness. I don't miss it even though it feels like it never really went anywhere. At least for me anyway. I hope it gets easier for her.

    Do the sisters at least talk and/or text and/or e-mail? We all remember the pressures of university and I can't imagine adding city council responsibilities on top of that.

    It's always great when you can pee in front of someone and not flinch for a second.

  3. Carla, no, things won't get easier once the baby or babies come. I'm holding out hope as well for her and Trevor, but she is pretty keen on Ericcson.

    Town of Winfield, it doesn't ever really leave does it? S'Ahmisa and Si'Enya do chat, but they're getting older and busier and they do need some friends that are not related to them.

  4. Oh man, I'd be concerned too if my guy was in the bathtub doing that! A little loopy without cash flow? I hope that they are able to find an affordable place to live. Things are so rough for them, and their poor kids.

    I liked seeing a sneak peak at Si'Enya, poor girl with Harriet. I hope things get easier for her, and that maybe Trevor will like her in return. ;)

  5. Poor Faith and Walt. Rent can end up really expansive for a Sim, particularly those with low paying jobs. But that is the joy of the game, the imitation of real life. I hope they are able to find something cheaper soon or at least get better positions.

    While I do hold out hope for Si'Enya and Trevor becoming a couple. I like the fact that she is making friends her own age. It's great that for now Si'Enya and Trevor realize they can only be friends.

  6. -Maisie, Trevor does like Si'Enya but she doesn't know it since he's been hiding it. Which is wise considering he's around 25 and she's about 15.

    -Oasis Valley, I like the challenge of Faith and Walt. Walt's dream is being a stand up comedian-level 1 of the enterainment field and not well paying at all.


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