Monday, December 6, 2010

Standing Behind, 2006

Givar, winter, 2006
Susie is 20; Anthony Wren is 25

Snuggle Sea Bear,

We made it to our final tour stop. It's so cold here at Mount Azul.

The team has been staying in these cheap cabins at the base of the mountain in bewteen our shows.

Finally the other dancers on the team are listening to some of my ideas, I guess they had to put me through the whole newbie iniation thing first.

Thankfully now I'm no longer the newest dancer on the team.

At our last stop, one of the dancers suffered an injury, so we had to find a replacement fast.

She's a decent dancer, break dancing isn't her strong point, she's a ballerina by training.

When I asked her why she got into break dancing, she said that it was a dare from a former lover. The dancing bit paid off while the lover didn't.

At times she can be a bit talkative, especially when I'm trying to soak my sore muscles after a rough performance. Have you ever experience sitting in a hot spring while snow is piled up around you? It's an interesting experience. Gets your blood flowing.

It's my turn to cook for the team this simweek. Since there's only a grill at our base location, I've been making hot dogs and hamburgers. Good cheap food, served piping hot and fast. I haven't burnt that many hot dogs, you'd be proud of me.

It was over llama burgers that Mister Infinity told me about a spot in the Aerial Bionic music video for their newest single. He said that he would recommend me for the spot. I still have to audition when I return, but his recommendation is highly regarded.

Who knows, maybe you'll see me dancing on the small screen soon. Remember when I was the dancer standing with 8 other dancers, behind that one dancer, who was standing behind all the famous people? Well, those days are long gone.

Soon I'll be the dancer standing in front of the other 8 dancers, behind the famous people. Anthony, you better call your mom, cause I've made it to the middle!

I have taken some time out to explore the surrounding area. Mostly doing the tourist thing, buying souveniors

tasting the local broiled catfish

and conversing with the locals.

I also learned a new dance, I'll have to show you when I return,

and of course I've been performing.

I'll see you soon,



  1. The picture of Susie "conversing with the locals" is a classic! I like how you're writing Susie being "away" with the letters back and forth as well. It works really nicely.

  2. I don't know if it's the environment or just doing what she loves but Susie looks absolutely stunning in this post. I also love her sense of humor. "Soon I'll be the dancer standing in front of the other 8 dancers, behind the famous people. Anthony, you better call your mom, cause I've made it to the middle!" Oh Susie! =P

  3. Carla, thanks, It's something a bit different and a lot easier to write.

    Choco, you can thank maxis for that humor. That's the text from a dance career. She is looking better these days, maybe it's the pictura quality hopefully improving :)


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