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Short and Sweet, 2006

Peacar, winter, 2006

Emma looked at Bill's suit in disgust. "We should have rented you a tuxedo." she remarked, picking the lint off the sleeve.

"What do you want me to do? Go to the formal shop and demand a tuxedo in the next ten minutes?"

"Could you do that? By the time you return, the sitter will be here for Jacob."

Bill sighed. "No I can't get a brand new tuxedo in ten minutes!"

"Ugh, but a black tuxedo would look better with my dress. Why didn't you det a tuxedo?"

"Because we wouldn't have been able to afford your original A.Pentragani dress that you insisted on."

"Hmmm, well I did need the dress. Don't I look amazing?"

Bill took a step back and looked his wife up and down. "Yes..." he said in awe. "You look absolutely an angel."

"O...uh...thanks." Emma said in shock blushing. It had been simlonic months since Bill had paid her an honest compliment and it was a bit unnerving.


"I wonder how much money Emma's father had to shell out to get this place." Bradford whispered to his wife as they waited for the nuptials to begin.

"Why does it matter?"

"We have four daughters, remember. I need to start saving for weddings."

"I think we still have a few simyears until that day arrives."

"Do you think they'll elope instead. Eloping is cheaper right?"

"We'll have to see when the day comes."

"You're right...." he said staring out the large windows. "Do you ever think about having another baby?"

"Hell no," Suzanna hissed a little too loud.

"Wonder what those two are whispering about?" Fiona whispered to her husband.

"Who knows."

"Do my boobs look bigger to you?" she asked.

Jesse stared at his wife's breasts, they did look larger, but he wasn't sure how to safely answer the question directed at him. He knew that Fiona had been working on her weight which had been yo-yo-ing up and down since Jeremy's birth.

"I love your breasts...and the body they're attached to...and the mind inside the body."

"How much longer?" Laci asked her cousin, Veronika.

"I'm not sure."

"Aren't you the flower girl?"

"Yea, but they said that they would call for me when-oh! It's time!" She jumped off the chair and rushed to the side door at the beckoning of the wedding planner.

The ceremony was short and sweet,

the couple exchanged the necessary words of love and endearment

then sealed everything with a kiss before bringing the families up for photographs.

"You look amazing," Bill whispered after the last family photograph was taken.

"You don't look so bad yourself."

"Even in this blue suit?"

Emma smirked. "A black tuxedo would have been better, but you do make that suit look good."

"I love you,"

"I love you, too."

"You know, we've been married for a few simlonic months and we haven't killed each other yet. Maybe this whole marriage thing isn't the worst thing in the world."

"So I was right?"

"Hell no, you shouldn't have tricked me-"

"I didn't trick you, you got me knocked-"

"Are you two coming upstairs? It's time for the toasting and I want cake!" Veronika screeched from the stairs interrupting the inevitable argurement.

After toasting to a happy marriage,

sharing their first dance

and cutting cake,

the couple slipped away during a particulary rousing selection of the smustle dance.

"Hey, maybe we could start working on a little sister for Jacob."

Emma laughed. "How much sparkling nectar did you have?"


  1. Lovely wedding, I loved Jesse's answer to his wife's question, very smooth sir lol. And I'm with Suzanna after 4 girls, the answer to more babies is definitely hell no lol.....

  2. "Hell no," Suzanna hissed a little too loud.

    LOL, I'm with Suzanna there! 4 is definitely enough! And that was a nice save by Jesse, to answer such a potentially tricky question!

    Gorgeous wedding though! I'm very keen to see this couple move ahead and see if they can make it. We've seen a few more glimpses of warmth and affection from them the last couple of times we've seen them, so they just might.

  3. -Mizzgin03, that's exactly what I said when I saw Bradford roll another baby want.

    -Carla, you're right, their relationship is changing from that hostile passion to something else...maybe it's because they're parents now.

  4. Very sweet wedding, I love all the grief over the suit! I agree with her, a black tux would have looked much more classy. And lol'd that she wanted him to go before the sitter arrived. I hope these two do well, I'm hoping for them!

  5. -Maisie, thanks for reading. I agree, but didn't notice the lack of black tuxedo until wedding day and I didn't feel like shopping and they didn't have money for the tuxedo either.


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