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Peace Wasn't, 2006

Resar, fall, 2006

The medical centre was always busy during the fall. The waiting room today was full before noon with patients for Dr. McMillian.

To describe the scene as awkward would be an understatement as Faith stared at Bill and his obviously pregnant friend.



"How have you been?"

"Uh...good...what about you?"


"Bill, who's that?" Emma asked making sure to give the blond an evil eye. She didn't like how Bill had neglected to introduce her.

"Oh, yes. Faith, this is Emma. Emma, this is Faith."

"Hello," Emma said smiling. "Are you a friend of Bill? If so, I'll need your address for our wedding invitation."

"Oh, you're engaged." Faith said finally noting the rings on their hands."

"Yes, we're having a civil ceremony next week, then a bigger wedding this winter. You and your...uh..."

"Oh," Faith said blushing. "This is Walt, Olivia's father."

"You have a kid?" Bill asked.

"Yes," Walt said answering. "we're actually having another one."


"Emma, Dr.McMillian will see you now."

Suzanna performed the routine exam fairly quickly. The young woman was already dilated and well on her way to active labor.

"I would say that by this time next week you'll be parents."

"Next week?" gulped Bill.

"Yes, any last minute questions?"

"So, as soon as the contractions start, I come to the clinic?"

"No, you'll want to wait a while until they get stronger and closer together in frequency. When you call me, I'll let you know when to make your way to the clinic."

After seeing that couple out, Suzanna welcomed the next couple in. This should have been Faith's post-birth check-up, instead Suzanna had to deliver the news that they were expecting again.

She worried about the young couple, she knew that they were barely living paycheck to paycheck with their current child and to have another one on the way.

"Have you...considered your options?" she asked delicately.

Faith nodded, "We're keeping the baby of course."

"And Olivia, how is she doing? Have you taken her to Dr. O'Dale for her check-up yet?"

"Yea, she eats, sleeps and poops like a normal newborn." Walt said, "Apparently right on track."

Suzanna was glad to see her last patients to the door before settling into her office. She needed to do some updates to the medical histories and make some notes.

Of course, peace wasn't long-standing. Dr. Wilsonoff knocked on her door and looked at her expectantly.

"Have you thought about it?"

Suzanna stretched her limbs before standing. "I'm still thinking about it, you only asked my yestersimday."

"I know," he said laughing. "I am anxious for an answer."

"Give me a simweek and I'll let you know." she promised before returning to her desk.

In a way she did want to position of Medical Director and to be Chief of Staff of the medical centre, but with four young children at home, she knew it would be tough. However, she wanted the position so bad that she could taste it. But did that mean that right now was the right time to accept it? Maybe she should wait until the elections in a few simyears.

Upstairs, Jorge and Grace Elise were sitting patiently waiting for Dr. O'Dale to return with the test results.

"Do you think it's bad?" Grace Elisa whispered.

Jorge looked at his little girl. She wasn't that little anymore, she would be a teenager next simyear and soon he would be trading tea parties for knuckled headed little boys sniffing behind his baby girl. "I doubt it, mi hijita."

Dr. O'Dale entered the room and sat down in front of the duo. "The results are back," she said shifting through the stack of papers.

"Everything looks normal except for the Niossimda counts. They're a bit low,-"

"What does that mean?" Grace Elise asked.

Donna stood next to the girl, "Basically it means that you need to eat more vegetables and perhaps a vitamin once a day as well."

"We'll give you a shot today," she continued, "to get the count a bit higher.

Afterwards, just eat all your moon sprouts."


  1. Was Grace Elise one of the Sims who was in hospital with the plumbbob virus? Is that what they're testing her for?

    And wow, Bill/Emma and Walt/Faith must have been one of the most awkward meetings in the history of Apple Valley!

  2. -Carla, Grace Elise was in the hospital, but this was a different check-up and an excuse for me to introduce Dr. O'Dale :) I had forgotten about Bill and Faith's history and thier own miscarriage until I had them all in the waiting room, very awkward indeed.

  3. I forgot about their miscarriage as well until you said something. Bill seems surprised that Faith is starting a family with someone, or, someone other than him.

    I'm glad nothing seriously is wrong with Grace Elise. And wow, where has the time gone? She'll be a teen soon! Wow!

  4. Glad Grace Elise is ok, and that everything is going well for all the pregnant sims. I can't believe how close Bill is to having this baby, and the civil ceremony. Oy, how things have changed!

  5. -Riverdale, I know! I remember when she was still an only child.

    -Maisie, yes, things are changing fast for Bill, I don't think he likes being out of control.

  6. Always fun meeting the ex at the clinic of all places. Also, is it me or does Emma come off a bit insecure?

  7. -Choco, thanks for commenting! Emma is a bit insecure and rightly so. When she met Bill he was dating several women and had no plans of settling down but she wanted marriage and this pregnancy (he still doesn't know if it was an intentional oppsie to trap him or not) made marrying Bill possible. She knows he doesn't want this marriage or baby and it's forced upon him, so she's on edge.

  8. Poor, silly Emma. Doesn't she know that's the worse way to get a man to commit to you? I hope it doesn't bit her in the butt but it probably will.

    That has to be the most awkward meeting ever.

  9. -Heredon Cove, you're right, but what Emma wants Emma gets and her father and brothers have spoiled her as such.


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