Friday, November 12, 2010

Very Good, 2006

Resar, fall, 2006

Fiona glanced around the room and called the meeting to order. "Let's open with the financial issue affecting our affiliate, Simmington Hills."

"They are one of our closest affiliates," Brandon started. "We have numerous personal and political ties with them, I think that we should help them somehow."

"Not a charity gift though, maybe we could do something that's more long-term. Maybe purchase some of their bonds and invest in their hood."

"Perhaps we could send S'Ahmisa there to have some conversations with their hood council about possible avenues to offer our help. We don't want to offend and we also have a limited budget available for helping other hoods."

"Are you sure we'll be able to do this? This financial issue is different from their hurricane. That was a natural disaster, this time they're having financial issues due to their own choices. Do we really citizens to think that we're bailing them out?"

"Hmmm, maybe you're right. Perhaps we should table this issue for a while to see what plans Simmington Hills already has."

"Excellent idea. Let's move on. Brandon, you have some concerns regarding the military base?"

"Yes, there have been a few issues with the base. I think the structure isn't the strongest, thus we've been encountering architectural issues mostly in the singles barracks. We might have to look at rebuilding the base or else separating the military housing from the actual base. Either way we would have to use some of our funding for the project."

"Alright, continue your research and let the council know when you have reached a final proposal. I suggest you ask neighboring hoods how they manage their military operations as well. Julio, any updates on the medical centre?"

"Things are going very well. The renovations have allowed us to serve the community more effectively. We are looking at opening a maternity ward to allow for more births at the medical centre as opposed to home deliveries. A number of residents have been requesting this option for simyears now."

"Very good. Jadhira, an update on archives and technology please."

"The import cull has started and residents have noted a remarkable difference in traffic. Currently traffic is at nine minutes. We know from research that the best time we could hope for from traffic is five minutes. So the fact that we're very close to this ideal time and we're not even done with culling imports is amazing."

"When do you expect the first round of culling to be completed?"

"By the end of this simyear. We're also on target with our backups and family tree updates."

Great news. Johan, please give us an update on the school."

"Everything is going well, the new school has plenty of room for future growth and students are benefiting from the extra space."

"Great work everyone, any other announcements? In that case, this meeting is dismissed."


  1. I'm very interested to see what the people of AV can do for Simmington Hills.

    But I'm also excited to see that you're planning on hospital births now! Can't wait to see how you handle them, as well as your new maternity ward!

  2. Ah, I can't wait to see your maternity ward!! Glad the school is working well, you are just knocking down these big tasks!

    Is SH going to start updating again? I miss that blog. :(

  3. -Carla, thanks. I'll be taking notes from other simmers like you of course for my hospital births and maternity ward.

    -Maisie, thanks. SH's harddrive crashed and everything was lost :( I don't know if she will recreate the hood or what, I miss SH as well.

  4. Yay for hospital births. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  5. Oh, that's so sad about Simmington Hills. I just starting reading her blog too. It's terrible to lose everything. :(

  6. Heredon Cove, thanks-hopefully it'll look as good as the other simmers.

    Em, It is sad to lose it. I still reread the blog.


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