Monday, November 22, 2010

Snuggle Sea Bear, 2006

Givar, winter, 2006

My Wiggly Woobey Cutie,

I received your photos, I can't believe that you had to dance that close to the volcano. I bet it was amazing to finally see the famous Red Orifice up close and personal. I put the lava rock on the shelf in the apartment. Sometimes when I look at it, I can swear that it glows.

I couldn't sleep the other night so I went out for coffee at Bistro des Amis. It was strange being out so late alone. You would have enjoyed sim watching and making up funny stories about the sims surrounding us. There was a pair of young women sitting near me and I could imagine that they were a part of the secret spy ring for the controller, making sure that we sims behave and have no valid wants of our own.

I got a bit distracted by one couple. They were very much in love and I couldn't help but miss you even more as I looked at them. I felt a bit like a creep looking at them entangled in an embrace, but I still had plenty of coffee to finish and they were in public...maybe they like to do those things in public, much like you've been after me to woohoo in the photo booth.

I did find the perfect photo booth for us to try when you return home. I went to Queenpin Bowling for a cheap hot dog and saw a lone photo booth in the corner. It was fairly secluded, so I think that if we try it there then we won't get caught.

I think that it was teen night at Queenpin Bowling since there were a ton of teens hogging the jukebox. I left fairly quickly after then, dancing alone isn't a good look for any sim.

Work is going really well. I'm trying to identify a few strange specimens that the dive masters have brought up.

It's truly a strange specimen, in fact I was able to find another sample of the specimen during a dive of my own.

When I'm not researching the identity of the new specimen

I am tending to my current crop of specimens

and checking on the progress of my other experiments, such as creating an elixir to cure sims of plantophic.

I took your advice and after several phone calls from Faith urging me to go out, I know you told her to do this, I finally went out for a "night on the town" as you two call it.

I stopped by the pub and with school back in session it was full of university students.

It was annoying. Their childish flirting was pathetic at best

and hilarious as worst.

Finally an adult stopped into the bar and we chatted about our jobs, but he came to the bar to "get some young booty" as he called it. I left soon afterwards and headed home.

Our home seems so empty without you. I think the worst part of my day is climbing into our empty bed and you're not there.

I try to sleep, but find myself reaching out for you in the middle of the night.

I can't wait for you to come home soon.

Forever your Snuggle Sea Bear,


  1. awww so sad. He looks very down too. I feel bad for him. He might want to try sleeping on the sofa, haha, that's what I've done in the past. ;)

    I really liked the pictures of his research, very cool! The exterior of the bistro is amazing too!

    I'm looking forward to them reuniting, it's sad having him left behind here

  2. That was super cute. You could just feel Anthony's longing. It sucks crawling into bed by yourself.

  3. Aw, poor Anthony! He's so lonely right now - how long until Susie comes back home?

    I loved the bar scenes. I can imagine Anthony would be quite popular with the women of Apple Valley!

  4. -Maisie, thanks. I have been trying to show a bit more of thier jobs and places around the hood.

    -Heredon Cove, he's a bit down on himself right now. Who wouldn't be.

    -Carla, Susie signed up for a year long tour, so this spring she should be home. You're right, Anthony is popular, but not as popular as Susie is with the ladies. Those same students have swooned over Susie before in the past, in fact Susie and Bill get the most swoons in the hood.

  5. Poor Anthony. But Susie will be home soon and he will be happy again. He does look down and out though.

  6. I agree - sleeping in a bed by oneself is so hard when you're used to holding someone (or being held). I hope Susie comes home soon and things are the way they were. Perhaps they will be?

  7. -Riverdale, Susie will be home soon and they still have a wedding to plan,

    -Town of Windfield, I hope so too. Susie still isn't sure about this settling down business, but she is hopeful.


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