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Threatening Me, 2006

Resar, fall, 2006

Tobi is 34; Cameron Smith is 29, Aaron and Simora are 7; Matt is 3, Craig Smith is 1 and Christopher is 2 simlonic months

It had almost been a year since Ping's death, but time hadn't healed all the wounds in the household. Simora and Aaron were slowly becoming a little less withdrawn thanks to their simweekly counseling sessions with Pastor Humphrey.

Simora was making friends at school,

and Aaron was interested in his homework again...

most times...

when he wasn't distracted by his brothers.

Both siblings had taken to wanting to see and talk to their mother constantly. Sometimes they would talk about Ping and Li would patiently explain that ghosts wouldn't do your homework for you.

Other times Li would stop by the townhouse when the children were especially craving her touch.

They would stay outside in the chilly weather, playing game after game of red hands

or tickling each other

and sharing jokes.

Now that Matt was older, he was allowed to come outside as well to join the fun,

leaving a screaming Craig and crying Christopher inside to be tended by either Tobi or Cameron.

Maybe it was seeing Li interact with the children again that made Tobi want to reconnect with her. It was innocent enough, he convinced himself that he only wanted to talk to her...about the children of course. Unfortunately, their conversations never stayed on the topic of children very long. Most days it went to the woohoo they shared or the fun dates they had.

If Tobi thought that his late night telephone conversations were easily overlooked, he was wrong. Cameron was making note of everything and time had made her wiser and less tolerant.

Time also had an effect on the pipes of the townhouse as the family woke up one morning to the kitchen completely flooded. Thankfully the insurance money was enough to completely remodel the downstairs. There was a space for the children to do their homework

while the adults could supervise and work on dinner at the same time.

Time also had an effect on Cameron's body as she listened to Tobi ramble on about how he wanted to visit his family in Bottom Beach.

"I think I might be pregnant," she blurted.

Tobi stopped mid sentence. "O-okay."

"I'm tired of playing around with you, Tobi." she rambled on, letting the words slide from her lips with ease. This wasn't how she had practiced making this speech, but then again, she didn't envision herself in this situation.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, either we're married by the end of the simyear, or I'm leaving. We've been together for two simyears, we have two sons together and we might be having a third child. I've come in and become a mother to your children, become a part of this family, but I don't want to play at being married. I want to be married."

Tobi couldn't say anything. It wasn't that he didn't want to marry Cameron, he didn't fear that at all, but then again, he didn't want to marry her either. Marriage hadn't crossed his mind in the last two simyears, except once, very briefly. He had wanted to remarry Li at one point, but never marriage with Cameron.

"Baby, why change all of this? We're great together, just like we are. We're a family, a true family and a piece of paper won't change that."

Cameron sighed. "No more excuses, Tobi. I want to be Mrs. Sweeny by the end of the simyear or you will find yourself without me. Maybe then you won't sneak to bed after those late night calls with Li." She spat out before leaving the table.

"Why are you threatening me!" Tobi yelled after her.

"I'm not threatening you," she remarked. "I know that I want marriage and either we get married, or I need to start looking for a sim who is willing to get married."
ROS: House flooded

Tobi has started rolling wants for Li again, this time they're platonic, while Cameron has rolled away the want to get married to Tobi, but rolled the generic "get married" want.


  1. Poor Cameron. She's always played second fiddle to Li in this relationship and I feel awful for her. Especially now that there's another baby on the way.

  2. Good for Cameron to stand up for herself. It really sounds like Tobi can't make up his mind about what he wants and she's getting fed up. I hope he either comes to his senses and starts really appreciating her or she moves on and finds someone who does. It was nice seeing Li spend some extra time with her kids.

  3. Finally! Cameron needed to give him that ultimatum 1 baby ago. She's too sweet to sit on the sidelines of the relationship anymore especially since he's getting caught up in Li again.

  4. Time to put up or shut up Tobi! I think Cameron has every right to be pissed, although I don't think its wise to force him into marriage. It won't work even if he does cave. But if he isn't in that place and she is, maybe its time for her to move on. Marriage won't make him stop having feelings for Li. They both have alot to think about.....

  5. -Carla, That's the strange thing about sims. I thought that things would be a lot different considering Tobi's family aspiration and the couple's chemistry, but leave it to them to muck things up.

    -Em, the children had constant wants for thier mother. They wanted to talk with her and then tell her jokes and so on, so I figure that she would be present a bit more during this time in thier lives.

    -Heredon Cove, Li and Tobi are strange creatures. They are both rolling multiple wants for each other, but only platonic wants, but still Tobi isn't rolling wants for Cameron.

    -Mizzgin03, you're right, they both have a lot to think about, especially since they have children together.

  6. Oh man, I'm glad that she's putting her foot down. Yikes if Tobi tries to go back to Li, let that boat sail! I wonder if he'll marry her, and that's interesting how her marriage want to him specifically rolled away. Losing hope I take it.

    Man, Tobi has too many kids with too many women. It's not fair for any of them, with him and Li separated, and if he breaks up with Cameron. Ah, it's just crummy all around for the youngsters.


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