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A Heartbeat, 2009

Lovar, spring, 2009
Lainey Lorde, S'Ahmisa Warwick and Verde Herendez are seniors. Benjamin Endeavor is 22, Ming Wuu is 22 and Rashid Cunningham is 22, Krissy Thorn is 24, Alphonso Pentragnani is 26

Optional Soundtrack "I Wish I Wasn't" Heather Headley

S'Ahmisa wordlessly helped Lainey bring the last of her things into the apartment. She didn't question when she got the tearful call from her begging to move in. She didn't question the fact that it was two simweeks before graduation and all the seniors were finishing up their final exams, or the fact that Lainey and Verde were living together up until then.

Even Ming knew that the situation was serious and didn't say anything callous, after all, loosing a child wasn't a joking matter.

Lainey was grateful that she had friends that would allow her to move in with them on such short notice. She tried not to think about that fateful day not too long ago.

I can't find a heartbeat.

The simple sound of a beating heart, the feeling of a baby moving around inside of you. That day, everything changed. Instead she was forced to enter the hospital, her room had a rainbow on the door to let the staff know that the family inside was going through a rough time.

A rough time. How could you call it a rough time. Struggling in a class was a rough time or even an argument with your lover was a rough time...but death? A rough time doesn't begin to describe it.

She had to endure the hours of labor, the intense pain of contractions as her body twisted and turned to help the child exit her womb. After the searing pain of the "ring of fire" and the tearing that was so bad that she had to get stitches to hold her body together, she was rewarded with a limp blue lifeless child. There wasn't the cry of a baby taking their first breath, or the doctor saying congratulations. The room was quiet...deathly quiet.

Afterwards she could barely look at Verde. Instead she spent days hugging the tiny pink rabbit that was to be their daughter's first toy.

"I can't do this anymore," she whispered.


"I've waited long enough and endured enough. I've accepted that you are not going to marry me, if you wanted to, you would have proposed by now. We've been through so much and I'm tired, Verde. I don't want to wait for you anymore."

"I do want to-"

"Liar!" she hissed. "If you did, you would have accepted the money from your parents to buy a ring, you would have returned the ring you brought for...for her and got me another would have proposed by now."
"Lainey, it's...I..."

"I don't care," she hissed. "I honestly do not care anymore." She tossed each word at him like a dagger. She wasn't intending to cause him pain, but the pain and suffering she endured for the last simweek was enough to open her eyes and make her realize that life wasn't a fairy tale and sometimes your prince charming wasn't so charming or willing to make you his princess. "I've had enough...I can't take anything else."

She called S'Ahmisa that day looking for a place to stay and made arrangements then. Verde called Benjamin and also made plans to leave the apartment and the lease was an easy thing to break, perhaps the easiest thing to break. She didn't have much to pack up and it only took one trip with Ming and S'Ahmisa each carrying a box for her to successfully become the third roommate.

Before they knew it, graduation day had arrived and all the seniors were nervous and excited about their future.

Friends and family members had flown in for the event, anxious to be a part of such a special day.

Antonio and Carmela sat awkwardly and silent, they knew about the loss of their grandchild and the breakup, but under strict orders from his wife and threats of bodily harm, Antonio wasn't allowed to say anything.

"It's their life and their mistakes and decisions. We have to allow him that."

"I don't understand why she wants to return to school so soon. How is she going to handle it all, being the hood council president, graduate school and now the appointment as assemplywoman?"

"We both now S'Ahmisa refuses to do something half-way."

"I know, but what about Rashid?"

"He's a good kid,"

"I know, I just hope S'Ahmisa realizes that as well and doesn't get too busy for him."

"Do you see them yet?" Rashid asked craning his neck to catch a glimpse of the graduates.

Ming absentmindly scratched her leg. "No, but I hope this hurries up so I can get out of this dress."

"What is it with you and clothes anyway?"

Ming cocked her head and eyed him suspiciously. "I'm allergic to clothing," she said with a smile.


"It gives me hives."

"Are you being serious?"

"I feel so old! I remember when she came to the mansion simyears ago and now she's graduating."

"Well, baby, you don't look a day over twenty."

"Oh, stop it, Sabien!" Tomika said giggling.

Rojo snuck another look at Si'Enya's dress, or lack of a dress, before licking his lips.

"You know...afterwards we could-"

"Eww, Rojo, give it up. It's not going to happen."
S'Ahmisa gave Lainey a hug when she saw her scan the crowd for her family. They were unable to make the trip out to see her graduate, but the girls would be flying in later that summer to visit them.

Finally they were quiet as they waited for their names to be called. The tension backstage was awkward until they heard Johan's voice.

"Ms. Lainey Lorde, graduating Cum Laude with a degree in simmish history and Al Simhara studies. Ms. Lorde will be joining the armed forces as a junior officer."

"Mr. Verde Herendez, graduating with a degree in simmish history. Mr.Herendez will be joining the armed forces as a junior officer."

"Ms. S'Ahmisa Warwick, graduating Magna cum Laude with a degree in economics, political science and international studies. Ms.Warwick will continue her post as hood council president, as well as representing Apple Valley as a Assemblysim and starting her master's program this fall."

"Congratulations, S'Ahmisa."

"Thanks, Mama C. I'm glad you guys could come out."

"Of course we were going to see you graduate, you're practically family."

"Congratulations Ms. Magna cum Laude," Rashid teased.

"Thanks, I'm starving, are you ready for lunch?"


"I'm so proud of you, S'Ahmisa." Tomika couldn't help but gush. "You have such a steady strong head on your shoulders and so much ambition. I hope some of it will rub off on Rashid."

"Now, Tomika, Rashid is doing well for himself." Sabien offered, then silenced himself after Tomika shot him a seething glance.

"Rashid, I heard that your interviews went well. Did you accept their offer?" Sandy offered.

"What interviews?" Tomika asked.

Rashid blushed, he was hoping to keep it a secret for a while longer, but now he was forced to reveal his information.

"Rashid had an interview with the lead designer at AV Games where I work. I recommended him for a job."

"What job, Rashid?"

"It's nothing really, I accepted a position as a game tester."

"That's great, son."

"A game tester? What kind of job is that?"

"How are you going to work fulltime and go to school, Rashid?" S'Ahmisa asked. "Mama, you did tell them that Rashid is going to school, right?"

"School, what school?" Tomika asked putting her glass down.

Rashid smiled. "I got accepted into the masters program for business."

"That's really great news, son. What are your plans for that degree?"

"Well..."Rashid said shyly, "After talking with Mr.Lee at AV Games, I wouldn't mind becoming a game producer one day, but I need to get a masters and get more experience."

"A video game producer," Tomika asked, raising her brow. "Well, it's not a doctor, but then again, you are not suited for being a doctor. I'm still surprised that you even took the time to apply for medical school, but I am glad that you didn't waste our simoleans by going. However, producing video games, I couldn't think of another sim more perfect for that position.You'll be the best video game producer simnation has ever seen."

"Thanks, mom."

"A toast," Sazo offered. "To Rashid and S'Ahmisa and where ever their futures lead them. Congratulations."

Lainey Lorde graduated Cum Laude (3.7) with a degree in simmish history and Al Simhara studies. She will be joining the armed forces as a junior officer.

Verde Herendez, graduated (2.7) with a degree in simmish history. Mr.Herendez will be joining the armed forces as a junior officer.

S'Ahmisa Warwick, graduated Magna cum Laude (3.9) with a degree in economics, political science and international studies. Ms.Warwick will continue her post as hood council, as well as representing Apple Valley as a Assemblysim and starting a master's program in political science and international studies this fall.

Rashid Cunningham will be starting a master's program in entertainment business this fall. His mother and father couldn't be happier.


  1. Wow, I can't believe Laney lost the baby. But to be truthful, I'm glad it hppened. She needed to drp Verd. He wasn't what she was looking for. But then again....

    S'Amisha has a full plate. I really hope she'll be able to juggle all of this and still have time for Rashid. I guess time will only tell.

  2. I'm so torn between sadness and happiness right now! Poor Lainey, such a tragedy! The graduation was really lovely and I wish all the new grads the best. S'Ahmisha is going to be busy as heck with her new schedule. I hope she and Rashid are able to find a balance where they can make time for one another.

  3. Oh, how sad for Lainey, losing the baby. I kind of think its for the best, so they can move on and not feel like they're stuck with each other because of the baby and it will probably be easier to move forward with her career goals without a baby to worry about. It's still really sad though. :(

    I like the graduation scenes. It sounds like the graduates have lots of exciting plans for the future.

    I love the posing you've done for the shots in the episode. Great job!

  4. Riverdale ,Lainey really likes Verde, I think that she was just tired of being strung along with flimsy excuses.

    Mizzgin, I have no clue how she will handle it all-thank goodness for max motives :P Thankfully the hood council doesn't meet that often and the council members can do a lot of work at homee, far as her masters program, she's doing that part-time, but should still finish pretty quickly since she already has a lot of the required skills from her time in university.

    Em, I think you're right. If Verde had proposed while Lainey was pregnant, I think she would always wonder if he did so out of "duty". Things should be pretty awkward around the base with Lainey and Verde working.

  5. Oh God, poor's no wonder Verde and Lainey's relationship didn't survive this. Child loss has broken up much stronger couples and Verde and Lainey's relationship was shaky to begin with. :\

    And Rojo - possibly he hasn't learnt any lesson at all from his experience with Wendy? ;)

    Congratulations to all the graduates - sounds like they all have good things ahead of them!

  6. Carla Rojo acts like a romance sim most of the time-even though he's not. Pretty annoying as well. I'm a bit sad about their breakup, but you're right, the loss of a child can break stronger couples and Verde and Lainey were not very strong.

  7. Awww...I'm sorry for Lainey and Verde's breakup, but it was bound to happen. I hope that Lainey will find someone soon, who can actually fully commit to her. And the baby...Lainey is going through a very rough time.

    Congrats to all te graduates! I can't believe how accomplished S'Ahmisa is already, at such a young age! But she's definately got a lot on her plate, I wish her (and you) luck on balancing it

    Great update!;)

  8. Coolkat, you're right, they are both going through a tough time right now with the baby and breakup. Hopefully they will find what they're lookcing for. S'Ahmisa has already found a way to balance everything...but I'm not a fan of it.

  9. Awwww, that was so sad, losing the baby. The breakup, too, although I think that was for the best, in the long term.

    Congratulations to the graduates! The pictures are great.

  10. Blackcat thanks for reading. The breakup was definately best for them right now, but they're still heartbroken over it.

  11. How sad. What a way to start the chapter. & talk about the nail on the coffin for their relationship. It was meant to happen in some fashion I suppose but I wouldn't have thought that it would have been this way. Maybe it's for the best and she can find someone who's crazy to spend their life with her.

    Wow, can't believe everyone's graduating. Congrats to them. Also, am I paranoid in feeling as though Rashid's mother was giving him a backhanded compliment? I've had quite a few thrown at me during my time. :)

  12. LOL Choco, you're probably right. Tomika is trying, she is proud of her son and his choice, but she would perfer a doctor or even a mayor.

  13. Tomika has very high hopes for her firstborn son. It's hard for her to let her expectations go, especially in light of S'Ahmisa's brilliance and ambition. Deep down, she doesn't want Rashid to be 'overshadowed'. He's a Cunningham, afterall. *smiles* I enjoyed this tremendously, AV. I'm taking my time. I miss them so much, but you are so spot on about their personalities, down to Rashid's favorite color green in his tux. lol!

  14. SH, take your time, the posts are here waiting for you. I'm glad you shared some of Tomika's thoughts about Rashid and her expectations for him, now I can rewrite a few more scenes, thanks for reading.


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