Thursday, June 30, 2011

Clifftop Apartments

I made a set of apartments for some elders-finally!

Clifftop Apartments used to be the old McMiller Mansion, but then old McMiller died and the children kept squabbling over who would get the property. After years of litigation, murder attempts and threats, the children finally agreed to sell the property and spilt the proceeds.

Thanks to their bitterness and greedy behavior, Clifftop Apartments is now available for sims to move in.

Apt #1: 2BD/1BTH, once I remove the rocks, they'll also have a clear view of the pier

Apt 2A: 1BD/1BTH with balcony

Apt 2B: tiny 1BD/1BTH

Apt 3: 1BD/1BTH with rooftop access

The apartments sit on a cliff in my hood and have a view of the pier (you can see the view from some of the rooms) and is on a 2x2 lot.

Download residential version, use clean installer
Download apartment version , use clean installer


  1. This is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for all the great downloads. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.


  3. Thanks Lowell for visiting. I hope you enjoy the downloads.


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