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Experience With Raising, 2008

Peacar, winter, 2008
Johan is 47, Jadhira is 46, Myra and Naraj are 13, Udar is 4 (Abel Wilsonoff is 13)

In a few simweeks, Jadhira would hand over her duties as Archives and Technology Director to Cameron Smith. She didn't know how the woman would handle everything considering that her twins were due around the same time.

Jadhira had experience with raising twins, but never giving birth and reporting to a civic duty at the same time. Thankfully the work could easily be done at home, which allowed Cameron to take care of her four young children. Working from home was something Jadhira would miss, but she enjoyed working in the lab at the medical centre. Her work allowed her to enjoy the days she had off to enjoy centering herself

as well as spending time with Udar.

She couldn't believe that next simyear he would be entering school. Time passed so fast and when she looked at the twins she felt the passage of time a bit faster.

Already their lives were becoming so busy and full of activities. The family still managed to eat dinner together,

but breakfast was a mix as Naraj was often found

dragging inside from his early morning star gazing

and the afternoons, Myra would spend time with her tutor

and Naraj was responsible for watching Udar until his parents came home.

Usually the time passed quickly as Udar was still napping and Naraj could eat an afternoon snack

or catch up on his homework. He was realizing that if he wanted to get into medical school he would have to focus more on his school work and not forget about his assignments.

Myra would spend the afternoons spending time with her father

or working on improving the shower's water pressure

before going to bed on time, only to wake up later to sneak out with Abel.

They were dating, not really dating since Myra couldn't have a boyfriend and Abel could have a girlfriend, but they would sneak out at night to sit at the pier and look at the stars.

They didn't do anything more than hold hands and sometimes kiss.

Myra wanted to wait until she was married until she had woohoo and

Abel understood and didn't push her and for that she was grateful.

"Do you wonder about the future sometimes?" she whispered.


"What do you think will happen?"

"What do you mean?"

"What do you want to do with your life?"

Abel sat quietly and watched the waves beat on the shore. "I would like to make enough money to provide for my family."

"Doing what?"

He shrugged. "I don't know...maybe working as a personal trainer or even a firefighter like my Aunt Lydia. What about you?"

"I want to repair stuff...or build robots...or restore cars...I guess not the cars since cars are not allowed."

"Well, you could repair stuff. Our toilet is acting funny, I think Ana Rayne flushed her blanket again."


"I guess..." Abel sighed, "We have to get home."

"I hate leaving."

"Me too...I'll see you tomorrow in school, ok?"



  1. I love the pictures of Myra and Abel on the beach! They are so sweet! And such an amazing view!!
    It's going to be different for Jadhira when she hands over her duties, but she might have more time to do other things :)

  2. Abel and Myra might be my favourite Apple Valley couple now, just based on that little beach scene! I know they're being a bit naughty, sneaking off like that but it's all very romantic as well. ;) As romantic as you can get at 13, anyway!

  3. -Tanja, thanks. I tried a new pose box for those photos and a few tricks as well. I think Jadhira is pretty anxious to hand over her duties, she never really seemed to like her position with the hood council-but I needed a sim and she "volunteered" :)

    -Carla, they're mine too at the moment. They won't be going to university because of their "doofus" trait, so I need to finish my technical school for them. I hope they stay together, but they have really high chemistry-higher than most of my highest couples at the moment.

  4. How sweet! Myra and Abel definitely stole the show in this post! They are just too cute! I would love it if they stayed together, although I guess 13 is a bit young to be plotting out someone's future :). Alot can change in the coming years for these two.....

  5. Mizzgin aren't they lucky that they have me in charge, the one who really wants them to stay together :) Besides, I plotted out futures for simmies younger than 13 before.

  6. Awh, aren't they sweet. The shots on the beach made this update for me. All of the children seem very responsible (apart from sneaking out!).

  7. Aw, teenage love is always sweet. :) I love the beach shot too, like everyone else.

  8. Driftwood Valley,thanks, I've been playing around with pose boxes and my photos lately, hoping to spice it up a bit.

    Simnovoris, Teen love is something else, I'm trying to focus a bit more on the younger generation. Thanks for reading.


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