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Right in the World, 2008

Resar, fall, 2008
Anthony is 27, Susie is 22, and Robin is 1

Susie groaned as she abruptly lifted her head in panic. "I'm late!" she cried out before realizing that one can't be late for a non-existent job.

Her pregnancy with Robin had resulted in her losing the coveted music video contract and being out of the industry for a simyear did wonders on a career and not in a good way. It was the nature of the dance industry, if you step out of the limelight then you're forgotten fairly quickly. Thankfully she still had her part-time teaching position with Apple Valley Academy three simdays a week. On those days she woke up with Anthony and as he dressed for work,

she would get Robin up and fed

before feeding herself and

heading to the school for her classes while her foster parents watched Robin. She still didn't know what to call them after all these simyears. She wasn't comfortable calling them mom and dad since her mother was still around, though very much absent and unable to deal with anything, however Faith and Lyndon were very much her parents in every sense of the word.

Today wasn't a teaching day and Robin was still napping waiting for her daddy to return. Susie stretched and walked into the nearby kitchen glancing at the pier as she chopped vegetables for dinner. She wasn't much of a cook, but she could make a decent chili and the crisp cool fall air demanded a spicy soup.

She wondered how she would break the news as she absently stirred the pot. A casual comment, maybe...or a big fancy announcement.

"Hey, babe!" Anthony called as he entered the house. He swept her into his arms and kissed her.

"How was your day?"

"Nice, we're still studying that specimen I told you about. How was your day?"

"Quiet, we read a bit and I taught her a new song."

"That reminds me, have you met the neighbors?"

"The ones upstairs?"

"No, across the hall. Gavin and Cameron Smith, they're newlyweds."

"No, I hadn't."

"Gavin works with me, but I didn't know that they lived nearby until I told him that we had moved. Did you know that his wife is pregnant. Twins, can you believe that? They just got married."

"At least they got pregnant after getting married, we did things a bit backwards."

"I know, but Robin is precious. I wouldn't trade her for anything, especially since she's going to be an only child."

"Yes, that would have been nice." Susie agreed, she had wanted Robin to be an only child, spoiled and doted on by her parents.

"What do you mean...would have been...?" Anthony took a step away from his wife, "Are you..."

"I am,"

"Wow," Anthony said with a small grin.

Susie eyed him suspiciously. "You knew didn't you?"

Anthony shrugged.

"How do you do that?"

Her husband shrugged again and gave her a sexy grin. "You can do it too, but you keep fighting it. I don't know why you're so afraid of your powers."

"We're not having this conversation." Susie said, cutting him off. "Dinner is ready if you want to get Robin."

Anthony happily walked to the nursery and woke up his daughter.

"Dada?" She asked sleepily.

"Yes, dada is here. Guess what big girl, you're going to be a big sister."

"Do you know when you're due?"

"Not yet," Susie answered. "I haven't made the appointment yet, but I'm guessing maybe next summer?"

"Do you think it may be twins?" he asked thinking of their neighbors. "You know our upstairs neighbors, the Wilsonoffs, they have newborn twins. Maybe there's something in the water in this complex."

"O, I hope not. Do you think it's twins?"

Anthony shook his head, "I don't know. Either way, a healthy child is the goal, right, Robin?"

"Yay!!!!" she cried holding her sticky fingers up.

"Time for a story, Robin."

"Torey!!!" she giggled as her daddy picked her up. It was one of her favorite times of the day, storytime with either parent. When they read to her in their voices that sounded like music, everything was right in the world.
Baby Wren is due Patar 2009

The Wrens live in my Gavigan Gate apartments and I love how simple and playable their small space is. It will be a bit tight with two babies, but still roomy.

Also, I updated the links sidebar, I didn't realize how out of date it was and it was missing so many great blogs. I got most of them up there, but I'm sure I've forgotten some already.


  1. Robin's adorable! Suzie and Anthony seem like excellent parents.:)

    I can't believe Suzie's pregnant again! Can't wait to see another baby (or babies?) from them.
    Great update!:)

  2. Robin is obviously loved very dearly, Susie and Robin seem to be great parents!

    So now with her being pregnant again there's going to be another little one (or two) to dote on.

  3. Wow she is pregnant again, they will have house full of little people before they can even blink. It would be really tight in a flat I can imagine if it will end up being twins. Hope her pregnancy will go smoothly.

  4. -Coolkat2, this pregnancy, like Robin, is a BC failure...kind of. Susie isn't very neat, so she's not allowed BC, but Anthony has BC, but obviously he either has super sperm or is forgetful during passionate moments.

    -Driftwood Valley, Robin is a spoiled little one, mostly because the aim was for her to be the only child, but Anthony's super sperm messed up that plan.

    -Speechless, I don't know who was more shocked about this pregnancy, Susie or I :P. They live in the bottom apartment of Gavigan Gate, but I plan on moving them to the upper unit since the second bedroom is bigger there and it would fit two adults and two children nicely. I don't want to even think about twins, maybe the apartment complex is cursed :P Thanks for reading!

  5. I didn't think that Susie would get pregnant so quickly. I thought she would try to get back to working in dance again. I'm glad that she at least has her part-time job.

    Robin's pretty adorable. I can't wait to see the new baby.

  6. Another baby! Maybe it's good to get the kids out of the way quickly though. Susie's still so young and she might still have a chance of getting back into dancing, if that's what she wants.

    I feel like I must have missed something, because no one else commented on this but...powers? Intriguing.

  7. -Choco, I didn't either and I'm trying to be realistic with the dance career, so she's been demoted a couple of levels due to Robin's pregnancy and birth.

    -Carla, nope you didn't miss anything, I'm hoping to get more information about Susie and Anthony's powers. Susie is part blue alien and has some powers associated with that and Anthony...well, hopefully I can get that out soon...if they just stop getting pregnant long enough!

  8. Ah yes the blue alien heritage, so it comes with powers .... I can't wait to read more about it :)

    Even though they didn't plan to have any more children, I'm looking forward to anohter baby for these two, especially since Robin is already such a cutie!

  9. Ah, babies! :) I like that you keep it realistic with the career levels, it's how I imagine I'd go about it as well.

  10. -Tanja, I think Simmerville ( which is where Susie is from, may have some information about the blue alien species.

    -Simnovoris, at least with the dance career, especially since they're not working for a company but attending auditions and working on projects, I doubt that they'd get maternity leave until higher up in the career.

  11. I'm excited for them to have another, a second little girl would be super sweet for these two. I like their exchange, sly little Anthony! Robin is really adorable. Just because Gavin and Cameron are having twins though doesn't give them any higher odds of having twins though. And I'm hoping for them that it's not twins, two is a good number for them, still perfectly capable of spoiling them and doting on them.

  12. Great upload, it will be interesting to find out what these powers are.

    A question. How often do you play? do you post about every house you play in or do you play behind the scenes houses, and only post about the most important updates?

    Do you also play in rotation? if yes, then how long is one rotation for you?

  13. -Maisie, thanks for reading. Dome non-twin pixie dust is much appreciated :) I really wanted a family with an only child, but it looks like they defied my orders :P

    -Ani, hmm, I play about 2-3 times a week, when school isn't too busy. When on break, I try to play and take photos more often so I can have posts waiting during the busy times that I can't turn my game on at all. I often go in the game for quick builds or play sessions since my load time is about 11 minutes. I post every house I play, except for my non-playable playables. My rotations are changing, as described in this post (

    Hope that answers your question

  14. Anthony and Susie are great parents. I'm sure their new baby will be equally doted on.

  15. -Heredon Cove, the new baby will be spoiled, no doubt about that. Anthony adores Robin.


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