Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gallery Working, 2008

Givar, winter, 2008

Antonio is 57, Carmela is 48, Rojo is 16, Serendipity is 12

Thanks to Verde and Rojo's impending fatherhood, Serendipity had to stay underfoot. She hated it, just because both of her big brothers got girls pregnant then she was punished. She couldn't go out without a parent at all and she was a teen now!

Thankfully they allowed her to have a few friends over for pizza and dancing.

Nothing exciting least for Serendipity. Her cousin Abel did finally get Myra to agree to go steady with him,

but everyone knew that would happen. They had crushes on each other since they were ten.

Antonio had found a new artist to support, Alphonso Pentragnani.

The man specialized in dark, industrial artwork and already

they were making plans for a show

as Alphonso was spending a lot of time at the gallery working.

First, Antonio had Veronika's show to present. She had decided on a flower motif for most of her paintings and her paintings sold very quickly.

"I can't believe that you get to go overseas to paint."

"Not yet, I have to wait until I'm twelve."

"I am in awe of this, I still can't believe that our little girl painted this."

"I know, our daughter is smarter than us. You know that Ms.Peterson tested Veronika and that she scored a thirty on her core skill exam. That's the score you need to enter graduate school."

Later that simweek, Rojo became a father to a little boy.

The boy knew that he couldn't take care of a child and neither could Wendy.

They handed their son, Nicholas Keller, over to a foster family. Ms.Frankson worked at their school, so they would at least get updates about baby Nicholas even if they couldn't care for him.
The Frankson family is fostering Nicholas until he is adopted out. If you're interested in adopting Nicholas, send me an email starrsim at yahoo dot com

Veronika has more skill points than her parents and is still rolling wants to gain more. She's maxed out in creativity and on her way to being maxed out in mechanical and she's only ten!


  1. Veronika is quite the child prodigy isn't she? How exciting it must be to have a child so smart! Or intimidating, I guess it depends on the outlook :). Poor Serendipity, my brothers got to do WAY more stuff than I did so I feel her pain! They better watch out though, sometimes keeping a short lease on a teen leads to a VERY rebellious young adult!

  2. Go Veronika! I can't wait to see what she achieves as she gets older. She's already so accomplished.

    I hadn't put two and two together and realised that both of Antonio and Carmela's sons had got someone pregnant! That must have been a shock for them.

    Do you have a family in mind for Nicholas?

  3. -Mizzgin, so true. I hope Serendipty doesn't become too rebellious, but who knows.

    -Carla, thanks for reading. I don't have a family in mind for Nicholas, so he'll remain with his foster parents until he's adopted either by another simmer or by a family in the hood later on.

  4. Wow! Veronika is doing quite well, isn't she? I had a feeling that she will grow up to do great things, and become very successful.

    That's an interesting idea, having other hoods adopt Nicholas.

    Great update!:)

  5. Veronica is really one smart little girl isn't she, she will have a bright future ahead of us.
    Poor Serendipity getting all the downs from her brothers happenings. Life is just cruel at times.

  6. -Coolkat, I've done interhood adoption before, Breckin Grey was adopted from another hood and the process is pretty simple, you just send the file over and the simmer uploads them in CAS

    -Speechless, Veronika is crazy smart, she wants to learn so much but she's so fickle, I'm hoping she'll stay interested in art for a while.

  7. Poor Serendipity getting the fallout from her brothers' unplanned pregnancies. And poor Nicholas going into foster care . . . but I'm sure it's for the best. I wish I could adopt him, but I don't think I have any sims that are looking to adopt right now. :(

    Wow for Veronica being more skilled than her parents! What a prodigy! Is she planning to study overseas or have overseas shows? New Eden has an art gallery if she's looking for a place to show her work. :D

  8. -Em, Veronika would definately have to make a trip to New Eden again maybe with her uncle and aunt. That's a great idea!


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