Saturday, June 25, 2011

President Note: County Council Plans 2009-2012

S'Ahmisa Warwick

For my 2009-2012 term as Hood Council President, I propose the follow:

  • Coordinate the County Council's work
    Start a local stock exchange. We have many local businesses and we could start a local stock exchange to help the local businesses gain more resources and provide incentives to shareholders.
    -Continue the renovation of Pierce University. Plans have been approved for the new campus and construction is almost complete on the academic buildings. The residential halls will follow afterwards.
    -Continue the beautification of the hood. The next step is building up the shore facing Lady Starr and creating a large amount of green spaces and lawns.
  • Coordinate county council meetings
    County council meetings are held multiple times each simyear and are public once a simyear. An agenda will be published before the meeting for residents to make admendments to.
  • Official spokesim for the hood
    -Would still like to look into having an official flag for the hood.Our hood has been around for a long time and I think that it is long overdue time for us to have a flag.
  • Manage foreign alliances-Continue SUN Exchanges via interhood internships, exchanges and study abroad programs.
  • Enforce laws and immigration/emigration
    -Do a complete overhaul of the laws
    -Update fines and fees to reflect current inflation changes.
  • Oversee administrative business lots
    -The Starr Grey Administration Centre is managed by me while the Memorial Church is managed by Pastor Lyndon Humphrey and The Veronika Kent Medical Centre is managed by Dr. Suzanna McMillian. Pastor Humphrey updates us of progress via reports and occasional visits during county council meetings.
    -The Starr Grey Administration Centre is overdue for a renovation, this may be a good opportunity to occupy a smaller landspace. I propose a complete rehaul of the property but tearing down the old building, reusing materials when possible and building a new smaller more efficent administration center.


  1. Good to see S'Ahmisa is already taking charge! I've been wanting a flag for Sullivan for a good while now - just too lazy! I hope S'Ahmisa succeeds where I've failed. ;)

  2. Carla, thanks for reading. A flag is hard work, trying to make it simmish, yet distinct, hopefully there will be one soon.

  3. You're so organised! I'm going to have to study you :P


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