Monday, June 20, 2011

Dream Big, 2009

Hapar, spring, 2009
Bradford is 45, Suzanna is 44, Laci is 10, Lilly is 5, Lora is 4 and Lesia is 3

Bradford and Suzanna were barely able to move into their new brownstone before they moved on to other projects.

Life didn't stop just because the bedroom was filled with packing boxes, the list of patients didn't stay static and clients didn't understand that you were "settling in".

Once again they hired Erika Moore to take over the design for their open living room, dining room and kitchen.

Once again they were highly pleased with the results.

The also celebrated Lilly Ana's birthday. She was turning five and would soon start kindergarten.

"Two more toddlers," Bradford whispered after they blew out the candles.

"I know, I can't wait until they are all in school."

The couple also decided to take a quick vacation to Thaindia.

They had been saving for the trip for a while and finally had the time to go.

Once there, they barely left the resort. There wasn't much to do outside of the resort since the island was still in the process of recovering from a tropical storm and increasing it's effort to attract tourists.

They did enjoy looking at the exotic birds and spending plenty of time in their room,

eating and trying new recipes, and


and resting.

"I wish we could have a vacation every simyear."

"You dream big, my love."

"It's the only way to dream."


The McMillians live in my Grayson Hill Townhomes and I'm just glad that they didn't come back from this vacation pregnant :)


  1. They look like they had a nice vacation :)

    A question about the interior decoration. How exactly do you play it out that another Sim decorates the house?

  2. I love all the family pics in the living room! And I'm with Bradford, nothing wrong with dreaming big!

  3. It seems like they enjoyed a break. I love the design of the living room!

  4. Ani, when another sim decorates the house, my playable family pays a fee, usually 10% of the renovation to that sim. Thanks for reading!

    Mizzgin , thank you. I recolored the BV poster with their photos, it's the best :)

    Driftwood Valley , thanks. this family is a mix of modern and traditional design styles.

  5. Love their new place! The family pics in the living room look great too.

    I'm glad Bradford and Suzanna got to take some time out, among all the craziness they have going on.

  6. Carla, They moved into my Grayson Hill Townhomes, so there's plenty of space. Thankfully they didn't come back from their trip pregnant like they did last time :) Thanks for reading!

  7. Nice vacation! I'm glad that they are settling into their new home well. It's beautifully decorated.

    Thank goodness they didn't come home pregnant! I dont't think they could handle another toddler. At least, I don't think you could handle another toddler. Lol.

    Sorry I haven't been commenting or reading your blog posts. I've been really busy. But I'm using my off day today to catch up again.

    Great update!:)

  8. Coolkat, I don't know if they could handle another toddler, but thankfully the girls are all close in age, so each simyear there will be some birthdays and easier days ahead. No worries, enjoy your day off!

  9. I really thought they were going to come back pregnant too. I'm glad they didn't either. I'm sure they could handle it but it doesn't hurt to break from baby-making.

  10. Choco do not jinx my simmies! LOL! They definately need a break.


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