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Small News, 2008

Resar, fall, 2008

Lainey Lorde, S'Ahmisa Warwick and Verde Herendez are seniors. Benjamin Endeavor is 22, Ming Wuu is 22 and Rashid Cunningham is 22, Krissy Thorn is 24, Alphonso Pentragnani is 26

S'Ahmisa was beyond excited. It was fall break and it was her senior year. She would be the official hood council president in a few short simlonic months and she had received her acceptance into the graduate program. Things only got better when the hood council convened to discuss the renovation of a local park. The park was in what the hood council president liked to call an "under financed" part of the hood, and though the park has some historical significance, the surrounding housing and public works were as equally in need of renovation. The pros and cons were complex, but when it came time to vote, she only had two options. S'Ahmisa voted yes of course, she couldn't let the historical park go to waste.

The park renovation measure passes, and work begins immediately on restoring the old garden. Public support in the council swells in response to the decision and renews civic interest in the areas surrounding the park. The council members all received a bonus and S'Ahmisa decided to splurge and take her friends on a trip to Barco Bay for a couple's trip. Three days of fun and sun and pure bliss.

Rashid of course agreed to come and took a few days off from work. S'Ahmisa was glad to spend a few days with him without discussing school or work or their future.

He was still working as a server and was applying for graduate school much to his parents' delight. He was still working on his application and looking for a job within the gaming industry to have more flexible hours once classes started.

Benjamin accompanied Ming, but the more time they spent there, the more he wondered if Ming really wanted to be there with him

as she spent most of her time digging in the sand looking for shells instead of with him.

She wasn't ignoring Ben, but she did need a distraction that even he couldn't provide. At work, she had decided to buy a new toy for Rebecca's little girl, some SimAnts toy that was extremely popular at the moment. Unfortunately, little Ana Rayne decided to try and eat the toy and the family made a late night trip to the emergency room. To say that the gift didn't go over well was an understatement.

"Stupid damn ANTS!!!" she had screamed entering the apartment after hearing the news at work.

"Umm, we shouldn't have ants. The landlord does pest control once a month..."S'Ahmisa had replied from her spot on the sofa.

"I don't mind real ants, it's those fake, plastic fake ants!" She retorted tossing her purse in the corner and leaving a trail of discarded clothing in the foyer until she grabbed her blue bathrobe and sat on the couch fuming.

S'Ahmisa started to ask Ming to pick up her clothes, but noticed that she was wearing a bathrobe, it was thrown open and Ming was exposed, but at least she wasn't sitting on the furniture naked anymore. "Yea, fake ants are horrible..." she agreed, trying not to laugh.

The couple that lit up during the trip was Krissy and Alphonso.

No longer just friends the duo spent every waking moment with each other

exploring the abandoned ship and

whispering sweet nothings in each others ears.

Krissy really liked Alphonso and he said that he liked her as well. Actually he was the first to say the love word and like a true italiano, he was a romantic at heart. She would often return to the apartment to find a bouquet of pale yellow roses and green orchids, her favorite, waiting for her along with a copy of the newest SimCity Crossword Puzzles book. He knew what she liked and amazed her often with little trinkets. Sometimes it was the simple gifts, like the gift card to The Drip, or showing up to the school with lunch, that made her heart swoon the most.

Sometimes she wondered if she would get burned again like Bill had done to her. She had thought that he was romantic too. She knew that he was unfaithful and she had attributed it to him being young and wanting to sow his wild oats. She had held out, thinking that she was his favorite girl, the one that he would return to every night and would eventually realize that she was all he needed. It took her far too long, in her opinion, to realize that he would never change.

Thankfully, Krissy wasn't the type to grow bitter and resentful, nor was she the type to keep old hangups and allow them to destroy her present happiness. Alphonso wasn't Bill, nor was he perfect. He was an artist, specializing in dark abstract paintings. She knew that his brothers made sure that he had plenty of money to continue his art, but she wasn't quite sure where the money came from. She had made the mistake of searching for his name on the Internet and what she found was a bunch of rumors about mafia families and illegal activities, but nothing concrete. It had scared her, but she reasoned that rumors were rumors and for now, she just let herself enjoy the handsome man and his numerous flirts.

Besides, she was still young and had the entire world before her. It wasn't as if they were going to get married and have a bunch of kids. Eventually she wouldn't mind having those things, but right now, her teenagers at school were all the children she could ever want.


Lainey emptied her breakfast again, for the fourth time in two simdays. She couldn't deny it any longer and she knew that she had to tell Verde.


"Yes," she whispered, daring not to look at him as he held her.

"Ok, then."

"Ok what?"

"We're going to be parents, that's what." He said smiling. "I mean, if that's what..."

"Yes, Verde, I want this baby."


"Sorry, love. Important roomie meeting," S'Ahmisa said pushing a pouting Rashid towards the door as Krissy entered the apartment.

That morning, Krissy had left a note on the fridge:

We need to talk today. 4:30. Very important roommate meeting.

"Ming, scoot over." Krissy commanded as Ming lounged on the long sofa. She was surprised to see her roommate with jeans and a shirt on instead of her usual open bathrobe, but noted that Rashid was leaving and perhaps Ming was forced to halt her usual strip show at the foyer due to his presence.

"I'm comfortable," she whined scooting over to allow S'Ahmisa room to sit. "What's so important anyway?"

Krissy took a deep breath, much like she had did earlier that week when speaking with Alphonso.

"Really?" he whispered, his eyes growing wide.

She nodded silently, trying not to cry.


"Yes, seriously, Alphonso. I wouldn't joke about such things."

"Good," he said smiling. "That's wonderful. I'm so excited, are you excited? This is great."

She didn't think it was great at the time, she thought it was horrible and unfair and just plain wrong for her. But as the simdays passed she did grow a bit more excited. The more the couple talked and planned and discussed the future, the more excited and confident she became.

"Two things," she said turning to her roommates. "Big news or small news first?"

"Small news," Ming said.

"I'm moving out. This is my last month, but I can pay rent for next month until you guys find a replacement for my room."

"What? That's the small news! What the-!?!?!?" Ming gasped.

"Krissy, you can't move out." S'Ahmisa added. "This apartment was made for the three of us, why leave? We just started making plans to redo the interior and paint the walls and get that great bright green rug that you like. Why leave? Was it something we did?"

"No, it wasn't something you guys did. In fact, it has to do with the big news I have."

"What's the big news? Are you engaged? I don't see a ring." Ming said grabbing her hands. "He better have gotten you a ring and not a cheap one either."

"Well, I'm not engaged..." Krissy started. "but..."

"But what?"

"I'm pregnant."

The room was silent as the two women took in the news. Pregnant.

"Well, I guess you two had lots of fun during the couple's retreat." Ming teased to the laughter of her roommates.

Baby Thorn/Pentragnani is due Patar 2009. Krissy and Alphonso will be moving to my Prospect Reduex apartments. Krissy and Alphonso conceived during the couple's retreat.

Baby Herendez is due Patar 2009.

Randomness from my sims. I don't know why this occurred or why S'Ahmisa and Ming are so nonchalant about it. Looking through their memories it seems that apparently Krissy and Verde have done a lot more than just kiss. I don't know when or how or where, perhaps when I was sleeping and the game was turned off. Who knows, my sims have a life of their own.


  1. Wow they had alot of fun on the trip huh? lol, I can't believe no one got slapped after the Krissy/Verde kiss! Sims can be so weird sometimes. I can't wait to see both babies :)

  2. Some Sims don't care about cheating unless they're actually married to the other Sim. Romance and Pleasure Sims, for sure but it could be other aspirations too.

    But anyway, wow! Two surprise babies conceived on the one trip - crazy!

    I really hope Verde is as okay with this as he seems to be. If he doesn't want to be with Lainey, the baby will make a break-up that much more complicated.

  3. Haha I love Ming. She's the kind of girl that just does whatever she wants, not caring what anyone thinks.:)

    Alphonso is such an amazing name, lol. He seems really sweet and romantic, like most italiens are. I'm glad Krissy has finally found someone special and gotten over Ben.

    Can't wait to see the babies! Congrats to the couples!:)

  4. -Mizzgin, that kiss shocked me so. I was in the process of exiting the lot and directed Krissy to send everyone home, yep...she sent Verde off with a bang. His memories indicate that he's been fairly active besides the two women I know about (Lainey and S'Ahmisa), I have no clue how that happened.

    -Carla, yep, two pregnancies in one play session. Verde and Lainey rolled a very unlucky woohoo ROS (I try to roll it with my YA couples since I don't have teen risky woohoo/inteen, only ACR) while at home, while Alphonse and Krissy just had a lot of fun on the trip :) We'll have to see what the future holds for Lainey and Verde. Thanks for reading.

    -Coolkat, I like Ming as well, she's so spunky. I was watching TV recently and found her RL voice on a cooking show called %itching Kitchen, perfect! I hope Krissy is over Bill, I haven't had them interact since last time they did she slapped him...repeatedly.

  5. I knew as soon as Krissy commented on being young and having fun that she would wind up pregnant. Those are always famous last words. LOL. I wonder what that will mean about his possible mob ties.

    Congrats to Verde and Lainey.

  6. -Heredon Cove, famous last words :) how true, babies usually don't change mob ties so I doubt this one would change anything.


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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