Monday, June 13, 2011

Bringing Home Baby Peacer 2008

Peacer, winter, 2008

The Peterson family had plenty to be thankful for this Christmas season. Brandon had gotten a small bonus at work and Ilila was doing well in the polls. Only a few more simweeks until the results were final.

In a few short simlonic months their family would be finally expanding after years of trying to conceive. The ultrasounds and tests results have been perfect. They would be expecting twins this spring and they couldn't be happier. Especially since their friends had playfully teased them about having sextuplets.

They had narrowed down the baby names finally and the nursery was almost finished. The only thing they needed were the babies.

Susie and Anthony Wren were also excited about becoming parents again...well, Anthony more than Susie. She was still having a hard time of giving up her dream of having an only child to spoil. They still had a few more simlonic months until the new baby arrives, but Anthony is already researching names to continue with their bird theme.

Alphonso and Krissy finally found a small cheap apartment that they could afford on the salaries of a teacher and an artist. His brothers had tried to insist on giving them money for something a little bigger and better, but Krissy refused. She still didn't have proof of illegal activities, but she wanted as little to do with it as possible.

The bills were still manageable at this time, especially since Alphonso's brothers didn't know how to take no for an answer and to be honest, his entire family wasn't used to being least without repercussions. Instead their family name and influence was discreetly tossed around and all of a sudden sims became very generous with discounted utility rates, free months of rent, and even random bags of groceries showing up on the steps.

But Krissy couldn't help but wonder what would happen once their baby arrived. Alphonso assured her that money would be the least of their worries and he was right. She didn't know how he did it, but he always managed to have plenty of money whenever they needed it. Perhaps she should be a bit more relaxed about his family helping them out and simply not ask questions about how funds appeared. The less she knew, the better.

Lainey was also growing bigger but she couldn't help but be worried. Not about the baby, the baby was doing fine according to Dr.McMillian, but she was worried about Verde. While he had stepped up when it came to becoming a father, she couldn't help but wonder why if he loved her so much and wanted to get married one day, then why hadn't a ring materialized yet. Especially since she was carrying their child.


  1. Sextuplets? Do you have a hack in your game that allows that? Because I would quit without saving lol. Waaay too many babies and toddlers :). Lainey needs to talk to Verde about her feelings on getting married. The longer she stays silent, the more she'll build up anxiety and anger and it will out come out in one terrible blast.

  2. You and I are both in the midst of a baby boom, it seems! I'm not worried about the first three couples but I'm really curious about what Lainey and Verde will do. They definitely need to have a talk but I wonder if it would go Lainey's way, if they did finally sit down. :\

    I had sextuplets in game once. It was due to a glitch - I had a Sim in the household die at the exact same time another Sim went into labour, and she got stuck in a giving birth loop and finally ended on six babies! So cruel of Brandon and Ilila's friends to tease them about sextuplets, lol! That family was the most insane family I ever played! You can see my posts about it if you click the "sextuplets" tag at N99 (in the main forum and the pics forum).

  3. -Mizzgin, no hack, but since you guys were teasing about quads or more for the Peterson's I had to write that in. Lainey has voiced her feelings in the past, but I think she's kind of given up on Verde. If they were not pregnant I highly doubt that Lainey would still be around.

    -Carla, the last time Lainey and Verde discussed the whole wedding thing, it didn't go so well:

    I saw your pics, goodness I don't know how you did it, whatever happened to them?

  4. Looks like Apple Valley will be welcoming quite a few new little ones! Sextuplets, woah, that would be hard work, I think twins are enough.

  5. Aw, so many cute pictures of the expecting couples! I have to say Lainey does not look happy though. I'm sad to hear that she's to the point that she would have dumped him if she wasn't pregnant. :/ I hope they resolve things one way or another. Like Cameron, she deserves to know where she stands and get a definite answer and not have to settle.

    I'm glad too that there's only two babies for Brandon and Ilila, but sextuplets would have been fun (for us, maybe not for you or them). ;)

  6. -Driftwood, yep another little baby boom for the hood. I already feel the pain for the school teachers.

    -Em, I didn't make the connection bewteen Cameron and Lainey, but you're right, they're very similar in their situations. Maybe next time there'll be another couple with sextuplets via a ROS :p


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