Monday, May 30, 2011

Cottage Village

Dre from Neighborhood 99 suggested I try my hand at rental homes again and since I have a new family that I would love to move into a small rental/starter home, then I built something quickly.

Shot from my building hood, my attempt at building two such lots with a fake street bewteen. The orange brick house has a basement, so from hood view it looks like this, but on the lot it looks fine...not sure of why.

Here is a street view of the three homes.

 3BD/2BTH basement home

2BD/2BTH home

2BD/1BTH home


Download residential version, use clean installer
Download apartment version, use clean installer


  1. These look fantastic! I think I might put them in my main hood somewhere. :) Thank you!

    BTW, I just placed down the Grayson Hill Brownstones the other day and I have two playable NPCs, plus Matilda and Miles living in the three one-bedrooms on the ground floor. I'm having lots of fun decorating them!

  2. -Carla, no worries. Oh, I just moved a very secret sim into one of the basement lots as well, I'm surprised that you put a couple in those apartments as your couples tend to have a lot more space in thier homes.


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