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Election Speeches, 2008

Remar, summer, 2008

It was an overcast day in Apple Valley when Fiona entered the administration building. Today was the day of the election speeches and this simyear's election would be significant in that online voting was now allowed.

"Welcome to this simyear's election speeches. This simyear we will be doing things a bit differently. Voters are allowed to vote online starting at the end of this conference. The winners will be announced in the Apple Valley News at the end of the simyear. The new hood council will serve from the beginning of simyear 2009 to the end of simyear 2012."

"First we'll hear from the Educational Director candidates. The role of the Educational Director is to ensure a quality education system for residents. The director manages the primary and secondary school and curriculum as well as manages the university and curriculum. This simyear's candidates are Johan Shazad and Ilila Peterson. First we'll hear from Johan Shazad, our current Educational Director and principal of Apple Valley Academy."

Johan approached the podium and adjusted the microphone. "Good afternoon. I have served successfully for the past four simyears and have worked hard to ensure that our students have had a brand new school to study at. If elected I would focus on bringing more experiences to our students in the form of better technology. Our students would benefit from seeing more films about opportunities that we are not able to take them to. Also, I would improve the music department of our school, increasing the number of instruments to allow more cultural arts in the classroom."

"Next, we have Ilila Peterson who is currently a primary teacher at Apple Valley Academy."

"Thank you and good afternoon." Ilila started smiling to the audience. "I agree that our current Educational Director, Mr. Shazad, has done a wonderful job securing a great new facility for the children. If elected, I would improve on that facility by increasing the number of books in the library so students will have access to the best research and databases that they need for projects. In addition, our students need organized sports activities. I would add a basketball team for our children in addition to the youth soccer league that they have. Organized activities will help children focus more in the classroom and prepare them to be better leaders for tomorrow."

"Thank you. Next we'll hear from our Financial Director candidates. The Financial Director oversees hood finances, implement taxes and welfare support. The director also coordinates local trades and imports based on needs of the community, as well as oversees local businesses and associated laws, and collects taxes and fees from residents. Finally, the director manages the local real estates including construction of new homes, remodeling of homes and destruction of homes."

"First we'll hear from Bradford McMillian, an entertainment lawyer with Stern & Clerks."

"Thank you. If elected I would focus on our tax structure. Our current tax structure is bringing a lot of pain to families and I aim to bring relief in restructuring taxes to allow families to keep more of their hard earned dollars. I will also focus on updating our laws which have remained untouched for several simyears and are in need of revision. I would also focus on limiting our imports as we have been signing additional deals lately which is decreasing our need for extra imports."

"Next, we have Li Yoo, a City Planner with AV Architectural Services."

"Thank you. I would also focus on increasing our transportation options in the hood. We currently have a train in which residents can take to the nearest airport and cars are currently banned. If elected I would add an electric rail or shuttle system to the community for those residents who find walking difficult or for rainy days when walking is difficult and dangerous. I would also take a careful look at the residential housing options for our residents and ensure that there are plenty of options for families regardless of their financial status. Finally, I would lower taxes!"

"Thank you. At this time I would like to introduce, Dr. Suzanna McMillian, who is running unopposed for the Medical Director position. The Medical Director serves as the manager of the medical centre. The Director performs research about medical issues of sims, ensures the quality of living in the hood via environmental testing for viruses, educates residents on healthy habits and stays abreast of the latest medical advancements."

"Thank you. For my term I would like to focus on bringing our hospital and staff to a higher level of service and knowledge. I would like to see our medical center become a premier research facility and teaching hospital and be the preferred provider and educator of doctors to the rest of simnation. The medical center is in need of renovation and new equipment. We have recruited the talent and many hoods know of our medical prowess and skill in saving other hoods from disaster, but our talent needs better equipment and facility to teach the future medical doctors. "
"Thank you, Dr. McMillian. Our new Archives and Technology Director, Cameron Smith, was unable to be here as she is celebrating her new marriage and is on her honeymoon. We will hear about her goals, as well as the goals of our Security Director, Brandon Peterson, at the end of the simyear."

"I would like to move on to the candidates for the Community Director position. The Community Director secures family values, upholds rights for children, elders and animals, and ensures a family friendly and healthy community for current and future generations. The Director manages the architectural planning of the hood, including general beautifying and landscape and ensures adequate culture, local food produce, restaurants and bars, and social meeting places for our community. We'll hear from current Community Director, Carmela Herendez."

"Good afternoon. I have successfully served many terms and have overseen the increase of community events and family friendly activities. If elected, I would focus on increasing the profile of local artists by ensuring that local artwork is the preferred artwork for local buildings. Finally, I would focus on increasing the number of performance venues and bringing in more culture to our hood. Our community needs more celebrity bands, jazz musicians, dancers and theater groups visiting and performing for our residents."

"Next we will hear from Ginger Grey, a homemaker."

"Hello. If elected I would focus on beautifying our community. We need more trees, more sidewalks, more common areas and a beautiful landscape is like the perfect shade of lipstick. We do not need pollution causing factories, however we do need to allow clean industries into our hood to increase the number of jobs available for those sims who are unable to obtain higher education."

"Next is Jolie Dawson, Executive Chef at Bistro des Amis."

"Hi. If elected I would focus on increasing the number of family friendly venues. Our families need places to enjoy each other and our hood is lacking in that. I would add a public swimming pool and recreation center so our children are not locked indoors all day. Also, our community needs a public library for all residents."

"To close, please welcome S'Ahmisa Warwick, who is running unopposed for the Hood Council President position. As the current president, I am honored to hand the torch over to Ms. Warwick who has proven herself as our interim Financial Director. It has been my pleasure serving as your hood council president all these simyears and I am confident that Ms. Warwick will be able to exceed your expectations as hood council president."

"Thank you so much." S'Ahmisa said smiling. "I am excited and proud to be standing here as your new Hood Council President, but I must first take a few minutes to honor our past presidents, Ms. Fiona Kent and Ms. Ayanna Kent. With their example, I am confident that I will be able lead the community into a new era. I look forward to serving you. Thank you."

Voting ends June 16, please vote in the sidebar. The proposals of the winning candidate will be the focus for the next term.

Apparently, Ilila was a hit at the speeches.


  1. lol, well, Ilila did have a nice speech! :) All the speeches were great. It's a tough decision who to vote for!

  2. Yes, it was definitely hard to choose who to vote for! All the candidates have some good plans for the community - looking forward to seeing who is elected!

  3. They all have good plans for the community, which didn't make it any easier who to vote for! I'm looking forward to see the results!

  4. I agree with everyone else, there are some really tough choices. I'm not sure who to pick.

  5. As this is the first I read about Apple Valley, this was a flying start :) It sure was hard to choose.

  6. -Shana, I wanted to put that photo in the post, but didn't want to bias the votes either.

    -Carla, their plans was a direct intepetation of their speech bubbles while speaking. Some were hard, like Ginger's "lipstick" bubble translated into "beautiful landscape is like the perfect shade of lipstick."

    -Tanja, me too! I can't wait to see what the hood will focus on as a result.

    -Em, we'll see who wins in a few weeks. And of course, there might be some political scandal in the meantime since you know how politics can get.

    -Nonikk63, welcome and thanks for reading and commenting! It's a hard choice, that's why I'm having you guys vote :P

  7. This was pretty great, having the readers vote :D

    I think it's pretty nice how you handle all your politics, your hood really feels very integrated.

    After the votes come, in, are you going to distribute the votes among your Sims? for example saying that this guy voted for Johan Shazad, or how will you describe who wins through your sims point of view?

  8. Ani, thanks for reading. Usually there's an annoucement in the paper about the winners and we'll see their prespectives, but I usually don't go into which candidate each sim voted for, though that sounds interesting.

  9. Exciting! I love that everyone was quite excited about Ilia and what she had to say! Your terrain looks great. I'm voting for Jolie though, public swimming pools are a lot of fun to play, and your hood needs one! Plus other family friendly venues, can't go wrong with that!

  10. -Maisie, thanks for voting, I'm anxious to see who wins, so far the polls are really close.

  11. Very nice speeches! I will definately be voting!
    I can't believe S'Ahmisa is already hood president. I'm sure she'll do a great job, even if she's young.
    Great update!:)

  12. -Coolkat2, Fiona has been training S'Ahmisa for this day for simyears. I don't think anyone in the hood doubts her abilities, but she is very young.


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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