Thursday, May 5, 2011

Simmish Life Insurance

This was inspired thanks to the unfairness of my ROS. It gave me three death ROS and this made me wonder about life insurance. Sims get life insurance payouts if they die from old age, but that's not how it is in real life. So since apparently the sim government gives elderly sims life insurance but not adult sims.

I used the current maxis method of life insurance payouts and modified it for adult sims. The maxis method depended on the elderly sim's aspiration level, since I just need a plain and simple life insurance policy, then I decided to use the middle level-gold.

Elder in Gold:
Spouse gets 10,000
Kids get 5,000
Grandchildren get 1,250
Friend w/Lifetime 75-100 get 500
Friend w/Lifetime 50-74 get 250

Since sims are paying for the life insurance via an increase in taxes, then I thought that the benefits wouldn't be as generous. Thus sims in my hood only get a modest life insurance package:

Spouse gets 10,000

Kids get 5,000

All sims that pay taxes, ie-all adults, have a modest life insurance policy until they reach their elder years and then the maxis life insurance kicks in.


  1. I had never even thought of this but now it makes sense. I think I'm going to "borrow" this idea.

  2. Yeah, me too! Thanks for the idea.

    It's a bit silly that life insurance only pays out for deaths from old age. I've always thought so, but never thought about taking care of it myself. :)

  3. I have health insurance but life, I never thought of that! Awesome idea, Starr!

  4. This is a great idea! It is silly that the life insurance only pays out for old age deaths.

  5. -Sari, thanks, borrow away :)

    -Carla, this ROS forced my hand since I didn't want to leave the poor families with nothing. I'm trying to figure out life insurance for the younger unmarried sims. Maybe just a payment to the next of kin.

    -Riverdale, thanks. I've only been using health insurance for a little while, not quite sure how I want to play with it.

    -Shana, I agree, I guess it's a perk of reaching elderhood. But I had life insurance right out of uni and lots of families purchase life insurance for younger members, including children.


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