Monday, May 9, 2011

Daydreaming When, 2008

Lovar, spring, 2008

Jesse is 42, Fiona is 39, Veronika is 10, Jessica and Jennifer are 5, Jeremy is 3

Fiona slowly made the bed. Today was her rare day off and she had planned on sleeping in, but the chatter of the twins wouldn't allow her.

She imagined what they were whispering about

and what caused them to giggle in high pitched voices.

She wondered what it was like to have a sister,

her cousin Rebecca was the closest sim she had to a sister.

"Stop jumping on the bed! Breakfast is ready!" Jesse called to the girls.

"Do you have to yell?"

"I don't have to yell, but otherwise they won't be down for breakfast and then they'll be late for school and then they could spend your day off with you."

"Perhaps yelling is ok," Fiona reasoned.

Breakfast went by quickly, thankfully and Fiona was left with the entire day and house to herself, except for little Jeremy, but he was quickly bundled and shuttled over to his grandmother's apartment.

Fiona opened the paper and was relieved to see that the election nominees were posted.

Hood Council President Nominee
S'Ahmisa Warwick

Community Director Nominees
Jolie Dawson
Ginger Grey
Carmela Herendez

Financial Director Nominees
Bradford McMillian
Li Yoo

Medical Director Nominee
Suzanna McMillian

Education Director Nominees
Johan Shazad
Ilila Peterson

Archives & Technology Director Nominee
Cameron Smith

Security Director Nominee
Brandon Peterson

After reading the list of nominees, Fiona enjoyed a dip in the pool and spent time daydreaming when all her days off would be spent like this, without worrying about the hood council.


  1. Lucky for her girls got ready for school on time! :)
    Btw, great blog - I'm following now. Follow back? :)

  2. So, Fionna is done being bead over the hood? So she's focusing on work only now nad family? That's a big change from all those years running and working with the hood. It's going to be a big change for her. And can I just say, I love her with curves. She should keep them. ;)

  3. It will be change for Fiona, not being in the hood council, but with a young family it might be a welcome change. And maybe she could enjoy more of those days off :)

  4. Jessica and Jennifer look quite a bit alike! A rarity in the sims! Plus, I love Jennifer's name (it's my name too :) ) I'm sure Fiona will enjoy getting her life back! She already has alot on her plate with the kids, it will be nice to have the other aspect of her life slow down a bit.

  5. Jessica and Jennifer really do look alike! Are they identical? It looks like maybe their eyebrows are different but it could just be their facial expressions.

    It's nice for Fiona to have some down time, now that she doesn't have to worry about the hood council any more. Interesting that S'Ahmisa is running unopposed. That surprises me, for some reason!

  6. -Diana P, thanks for reading and commenting. I don't think Fiona would have enjoyed her day off as much if the girls didn't go to school.

    -Riverdale, yep. She's done grooming S'Ahmisa and she's ready to focus on her law career. She's been waiting for this day for a few simyears now.

    -Tanja, she's still going to be busy with her law work, I don't think Fiona could truly "relax"

    -Mizzgin03, they look pretty much identical. I've had a few sibling clones, but never any that were twins as well, so in my head they're identical.

    -Carla, yep-identical. S'Ahmisa running unopposed isn't a mistake, Fiona has been grooming her for this position for simyears and there isn't a sim in the hood willing to run against S'Ahmisa and the mighty Fiona :p (besides, there aren't many sims willing to take on that load).

  7. So Fiona won't be in the hood council!? I suppose that is good though, with all the stress she's been going through lately. S'Amhisa is an excellent alternate.
    The twins are adorable! I love identical siblings.. They are Soo cute!:)
    Great update!:)

  8. I love that the twins are identical! My twins always look so different, I've never had any that were that close in features.

    I'm glad Fiona enjoyed her day off. It's good that she'll get a chance to relax a bit more and enjoy her family without worrying about all the hood council duties.

  9. Seems like this is all happening at the perfect time, she seems a little worn out. One less responsibility, especially as big as Hood Council will be a nice reprieve for her. I hope the change goes smoothly for all of them, and that Fiona will enjoy her new free time.

  10. -Coolkat2, thanks. Fiona is officially done with the hood council, she's ready to take over the world of law and make some changes there.

    -Shana, thanks for reading. I rarely get identical twins and when I do it's because all the siblings look alike (like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen-not identical twins, but look at thier family-everyone looks alike).

    -Maisie, I hope Fiona does take some time off as well, but she seems like the type to find something to do.

  11. It must seem like a new world to Fiona to not have to worry about hood council anymore. I can't wait to see what she'll work on next.

  12. -Heredon Cove, I think she does feel a little bit like the twilight zone, but she still has to finish this term out before she is truly worry free.

  13. The twins are so cute together. I think they take after Jesse.

  14. -Em, thanks for reading. You're right. Jesse and Suzanna's children resemble them very much.


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