Thursday, May 19, 2011

Carefully Measuring, 2008

Remar, summer, 2008

Ray and Lydia Wilsonoff are 39, Alia Shae is 4, Ari and Ava are 3 simlonic months.

The arrival of the twins made things a bit hectic in the Wilsonoff apartment. Thankfully Ray was trying to create a routine and have organized schedules so that the household wouldn't be disrupted as much.

He managed to feed the small family, still mostly grilled cheese sandwiches as they were saving to move into a house. Lydia insisted on saving every simolean they could as she desperately wanted to be in a new house by next simyear. Ray followed her orders when it came to finances as his track record with money wasn't the greatest. He tended to bury his head and ignore the bills and collection warnings, while Lydia tackled such issues head on.

Usually while he fed one twin,

Lydia would bathe Alia Shae and then they would switch

and Lydia would feed the other twin while Ray spent a few minutes with Alia Shae before bedtime.

The family decided that Lydia would return to work and Ray would take off to spend time with the twins. It was important for Lydia to start work as she was already behind in her training.

She had a big test coming up and she needed to study, but Ray also wanted to celebrate her birthday.

His parents came over to help with baby duty while he spent time in the kitchen carefully measuring and pouring and mixing.

Finally he succeeded and tossed a lit match to the creation.

Lydia would love her surprise, he was sure of it.

He wasn't counting on Lydia bringing a friend home from work. Apparently Tobi worked with the police department and he was helping with some aspects of training the firefighters.

Ray didn't like feeling as if he were the third wheel at his wife's special birthday dinner, but that was exactly what was happening. Lydia and Tobi dominated the conversation with topics about security and proper stances to avoid injury.

After dinner, Lydia turned to Tobi. "Thanks for coming, it was nice chatting with you."
"Thanks for inviting me. Good luck as you study for your exam."

Ray narrowed his eyes as he tried to pretend not to watch the other man embrace his wife. He made eye contact and hoped that his glare sent a clear message. He couldn't ponder on it too much since Ari started squirming and whining for his evening bottle. As Lydia moved to the other bedroom to grab Ava, Ray couldn't help but wonder when she started being so open and free with her hugs.


For those who do not follow the BTS blog, I started a Follower's Series that profiles a different follower or commenter of Apple Valley each month. The first profile starts May 20th.


  1. That's a cool idea, the followers series! I can't wait to see that. Oh Ray, I think its cute that he's jealous of Lydia giving away hugs :). Although I think Tobi already has a bit too much on his plate as it is!

  2. The Followers' Series sounds like a fun idea!

    Oh, so Ray doesn't like it so much when other men are paying attention to his wife? Yeah, you'll excuse me if I can't feel too much sympathy for him, lol, given what he got himself into in Simmington Hills!

  3. -Mizzgin03, Tobi coming home with Lydia and the hug were all gameplay. I know that Ray is still a bit insecure about his relationships with Lydia.

    -Carla, LOL! It's for that reason that he feels awful since he is aware of the fact that he cheated and got her in a big mess back in Simmington Hills. I think he's hoping that she doesn't think to do the same.

  4. Well I hope that Tobi is behaving himself!! How sweet is Ray to throw this dinner for her, very thoughtful. They have such a lot going on with little ones, feedings, and nappy changes, they seem to have a good rhythm to it. I'm glad that Lydia makes sure everything is paid though and does all those responsible financial things, it'd be bad if they lost their place due to late payments.

  5. The follower series sounds like a great idea! Can't wait to hear more about it!
    Tobi better not ruin this marriage too. They are so cute!
    I restarted another sims 2 blog, after my computer ate the other one up. Please come and check it out!:)
    Great update!

  6. -Maisie, thanks for reading. Lydia's money management style says that she deals with things head on-while Ray hides from them, hence the differences in styles with money...and even life. I hope Tobi behaves as well, and Lydia too!

    -Coolkat2, Tobi doesn't have the best track record for marriages. I hate that you lost St. Jane, but I'm looking forward to your new hood.


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