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A Different Story, 2008

Lovar, spring, 2008

Ming Wuu and Benjamin Endeavor are seniors, Lainey Lorde, S'Ahmisa Warwick and Verde Herendez are juniors.

Benjamin figured that his senior year was meant to be a pretty important one. He made sure that he didn't keep his nose stuck in the books and instead enjoyed his young life, the last hurrah before the real world rudely slapped him in the face and kicked him in the balls.

He found plenty of distractions in the name of friends,


and beautiful new women

who loved watching him play on the court

and were willing to listen to him for hours

as he went one about his stellar career.

He still turned to Ming,

she was his constant.

He was her constant as well, though she did make time to entertain other guys. She wasn't about to deceive herself into thinking that Benjamin could be faithful to one woman or that she could be faithful to one man.

She was an attractive woman, both men and women stopped and stared as she walked by, whipping their necks to see another glance of her beauty and charisma.

S'Ahmisa was still doing well, she had joined a sorority-it looks good for my political career-she reasoned. She was still getting over her heartbreak in Kimikura, but her roommates did their best to cheer her up.

"Won't you Wrighttttt the wayyyyy!" they sang out in their underwear. It was the weekend and to celebrate they had popped popcorn, made pitchers of strong llamaberry marguritas and turned the music up for a pajama party.

As the music blasted from the stereo, Krissy giggled from the kitchen as she watched Ming and S'Ahmisa jumping from couch to couch,

wiggling their butts and

doing their best rock star poses.

They were making so much noise that Krissy barely heard the soft knock at the door.

"I'm sorry, were we too loud?" Krissy said looking over the yummy neighbor.


"Rashid?!?!?" S'Ahmisa squealed.

"This is Rashid?!?!" Krissy asked. "Why the hell won't you commit to this yummy man. Dang."

"Wow," Ming said arching her neck to get a better view. "He is a cutie...oh! Look at that booty!...I likey what I see...good thing you're my best friend, otherwise I'd have to-"

"Rashid, these are my roommates, Ming and Krissy." S'Ahmisa said introducing the two women. "Now why don't you two go put some clothes on?"

"I'm comfortable, this is a lot more than I usually wear." Ming protested.


"Fine, fine."

"You," S'Ahmisa said pointing to Rashid, "follow me."

The young man happily followed behind her where she properly welcomed him to Apple Valley.

"What are you doing here?" she asked after they were done reacquainting.

"I'm moving here."

"What? Really? Why?"

"Yea, boo. I figure, I have a degree, I got a couple of simoleans and my boo is here in Apple Valley, so why not."

"What did Mama C have to say about that?"

"Oh, you know, mama. We'll always be her babies. She's cool with it. She likes you, you're the daughter she never had and for some reason they think that you're a good influence on me."

"You're silly, Rashid." S'Ahmisa said grinning. She couldn't help it. She was happy that he was moving to Apple Valley. They still hadn't given their relationship a definition or a name, but she had to admit that she was tired of hiding how it felt when he was around her and fighting her feelings for him. He made her feel good on the inside, the butterflies in her stomach wouldn't stop when he was around.

She had been thinking long and hard about everything. She really loved her single life as it suited her personality and her career ambitions. The single life allowed her the freedom to pursue her goals without guilt. However lately, she had been second guessing things since her feelings for Rashid were so strong.

"I was wondering when you two would come downstairs," Ming teased as the couple entered the living area.

"Where are your clothes?"

"I have clothes on!" Ming protested. "You know I hate wearing this much fabric, it itches and I can't be free with so many clothes on."

S'Amisha rolled her eyes and went to start dinner. She had to be thankful that Ming agreed to put something on since usually Ming walked about with a pair of socks on due to her cold feet and nothing else.

"So, how long are you staying in Apple Valley?" Krissy asked.

"I plan on moving here."

"Really, that's great. Do you know where you're staying yet? Not here I hope, it's a large apartment, but still too small for everyone to move in their lovers."


"I'm being honest!"

"Nah," Rashid said laughing. "I'm gonna find an apartment or something like that. Hopefully I can find something and be moved in within the week."

"Oh, well, my...uh..."

"Boyfriend?" Krissy supplied.

"He's not my boyfriend-" Ming protested. "Besides, what do you call Alphonso? Your special friend?"

"Shut up, Ming."

"Wait a minute," Rashid interrupted. "Both of you are seeing guys and they're not your boyfriends?"


"No wonder S'Ahmisa doesn't want us to be a couple."

"I can hear you!" S'Ahmisa called from the kitchen.

"It's true. Why are you women so scared of having a boyfriend."

"We're not scared," Krissy replied.

"Yea, we're busy and relationships are excess baggage and responsibility. Besides, back to my point, my friend is graduating in a few weeks and he's looking for an apartment. I bet that he could use a roommate as well and then you two could save some money on bills. Do you want his number?"

That's how Benjamin and Rashid found themselves moving into a small apartment with thrift store furniture shortly after graduation.

It was enough space for the two of them and they could entertain their lady friends in peace, as Benjamin liked to call it.

Rashid wasn't too sure he agreed with that. He cared for his lady friend, but it seemed like she was hot and cold sometimes. He had hoped that moving to Apple Valley would show her that he was serious about their relationship and willing to put in the effort to be with her.

Overall, the two boys got along rather well seeing that both enjoyed video games, Rashid more than Benjamin, and jogging, Benjamin more than Rashid.

Of course, new places required parties so the boys decided to throw a small gathering with their lady friends and Benjamin invited Verde and Lainey as well.

Rashid thought that it would be awkward having Verde and S'Ahmisa in the same room,

but it wasn't.

S'Ahmisa didn't hide her feelings for Rashid and Verde...

well, it seemed like Verde had a lot on his mind.

To be honest, he did. He was concerned about his little brother's impending fatherhood. How could he be so careless.

Lainey also had a lot on her mind.

She had worked her butt off this semester to pass her classes and sometimes she wondered what would life hold for her after graduation.

She wanted to be with Verde and get married and have a few children, but it seemed like Verde had different plans.

He was fine with woohooing her and having her around, but always stopped short of making a significant commitment.

Over one too many dinners alone, Lainey finally gave up her dream of marrying Verde. She wasn't sure what the next step should be, but she had decided that she would wait until graduation. If she didn't have an engagement ring by then, well...perhaps it was her clue to end things with Verde.

"Now that you're here, what do you plan on doing?" S'Ahmisa asked over pasta in the local pizzeria.

"I suppose I need to find work. I think the record store is hiring a clerk...or I could join Benjamin at his job. They're always looking for new hires."

S'Ahmisa wrinkled her nose. Benjamin was a brick layer, which was decent work, but she knew that he was doing that while teaching physical education part-time at the school and waiting for his opportunity to turn pro.

"That's fine for a temporary job, but have you thought about your career? What do you want to do?"

Rashid silently chewed his food. His parents, especially his mother, want him to be a doctor and go to medical school. That was another reason why they were comfortable with him moving to Apple Valley, considering that the medical school was staffed some some highly respected doctors. He wasn't a fan of blood and gore in real life, but in his games, that was a different story. He loved his video games and enjoyed playing them non-stop, but one couldn't find work for that.

"Rashid, did you hear me?"

"I heard you, boo."

"What about going back to school for your masters? You always enjoyed talking about the stars and planets and intelligent life out there. You could study astronomy. You could even study business and open that video game store you talked about. Too bad there's a ban on cars here, otherwise I'd suggest that you work on cars like you used to."

"A masters? Me?"

"Yea, you. Why not? You're one of the smartest sims I know, Rashid."

"Whatever, boo. Your cousin Ray is in FENSA and my darling younger brother opted for an early graduation from high school. Then look at you, you got so many scholarships, working with the hood council and applying for your masters. Nah, I'm not the smartest sim you know."

"Rashid," S'Ahmisa whispered, grabbing his hand. "You are the smartest sim I know. Ray is simply booksmart, we both know that he's lacking more that a bit of common sense." She said laughing. "I've been groomed for the hood council since I was a teen, but ace your tests without barely going to class. You got accepted into three different top notch medical schools and turned them all down. You could have graduated with honors if you wanted to. But let's be honest, you're lazy-"


"It's true. You're lazy and you're scared. You're scared that your best won't be good enough for those around you, so you don't even try."

"What are you, a counselor now?"

"No..." S'Ahmisa answered quietly. "Just a woman in love with a man who doesn't see how great he truly is."

Rashid's heart stopped. He didn't know what to say and wondered if he imagined the words that left her lips.


She nodded. "I love you, Rashid." She whispered, afraid that the words would break her into pieces.

He took her hand, "I love you too, S'Ahmisa."
Ming graduated with a 3.5 in Mathematics. She is currently working with Stern & Clerks in their new accounting department and already has several clients.

Benjamin graduated with a 2.8 in Philosophy. He is currently working as a brick layer and part-time physical education teacher at Apple Valley Academy until he is able to go pro.


  1. Aww S'Ahmisa and Rashid at the end, too sweet! LOVE, LOVE the photos of the girls dancing and bouncing around in their undies! Too fun! Love that these are such a strong group of girls, and enjoying their time with their friends before moving in with boys.

    Hope the boys enjoy some boy time in their place too!

  2. I'm so glad S'Ahmisa told Rashid her feelinngs. They are a great couple and so cute together! Ah the turmoil of those uni years :). I'll miss Ming in these updates though. I love to hate her lol. I also loved the slumber party like pics! They looked like so much fun :). And Lainey doesn't need to wait around on Verde. If he likes it he should put a ring on it lol

  3. What a great update. So many couples and "couples" with lots of decisions to make.

    I'm glad that all of S'Ahmisa's success hasn't scared him away while he decides what to do. I hope that her encouragement is going to help him move along.

  4. Aw, it's about time you admitted that, S'Ahmisa! I think she and Rashid are so good for each other. I hope he considers what she said about his future plans.

    These girls are such fun to read about and I bet they're fun to play as well.

    "If he likes it he should put a ring on it lol"

    LOL, for real! Get with the program, Verde!

  5. -Maisie, thanks. I was playing around with a new hack item and saw that interaction and knew that a slumber party was expected :P I hope to keep this group of women together as long as possible...but you know how sims are, they defy your plans sometimes.

    -Mizzgin03, don't worry, Ming isn't going anywhere anytime soon, they'll be lots more of Ming and her snarky comments. LOL! We'll see if Verde puts a ring on it or not :)

    -Choco, thanks for reading and commenting. Rashid is an interesting character, he doesn't have any career aspirations for anything and he's super smart. I wish he would "speak up" and tell me what he truly wants in life...besides to beat his high score.

    -Carla, I was surprised that S'Ahmisa finally admitted it as well, I think her experience in Kimikura made her reevaluate some things in her life. I don't know what Verde's issue is, he's family secondary so he should be chomping at the bit to get married...but no go. His wants are not the purest at the moment as S'Ahmisa has sneaked back into there and that only spells trouble.

  6. Aw, I'm glad S'Ahmisa finally admitted her feelings to both Rashid and herself. I love the slumber party pictures! It looks like they were having a great time just enjoying hanging out together and being silly. :)

    Verde needs to figure out if he really wants Lainey soon before he loses her!

  7. It's about time S' Amhisa and Rashid get together. They were soooooo cute throughout the whole update, especially at the end.:)
    Poor Lainey.:( Verde better step up his game, or he's gonna loose his woman. Are you preventing him from proposing because he hasn't rolled the want yet?
    Great update!:)

  8. Btw.. I forgot to ask. I just updated my blog and for some reason, I've noticed that on other blogs' blog lists, it shows I haven't updated in a week. Do you know any way that I can fix it? Thank you so much!:)

  9. -Shana, thanks for reading. That's my fear is that Verde will miss out on an awesome woman, but that happens sometimes :\

    -Coolkat2, He hasn't rolled the want to get married or proposed, though she has the want and his father has a want as well. I have no clue how to fix your issues. I guess check the date stamps to make sure they're recent, otherwise let blogger know.

  10. Ouch! Graduated with a 2.8? He must have had a good time in school!

    P.S. About damn time, S'Ahmissa. Dang. She reminds me too much of Eve Dallas, in the In Death series by JD Robb (Nora Roberts)

  11. -Laurel Crossing, I'll have to look up that series and yes, he had quite a good time :)

  12. *cries* Aww, my sweet Rashid!!! He's growing up! *cries and smiles* AV, you have captured everything...even down to the lyrics of the song. Don't think one detail slipped by me, it didn't! Brilliant writing! I'm so happy that S'Ahmisa told Rashid how she felt. AND FIRST!! omgg, I know she couldn't help herself as the words stumbled out of her heart was bursting too. How sweet this is!

  13. SH, so glad you liked it, I don't think S'Ahmisa realized it when those words left her lips, definately not in the plan, but it was the truth.


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