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Coloring Within the Lines, 2008

Havar, fall, 2008
Principal: Johan Shazad; Primary Teacher K-3: Jasmine Frankson; Primary Teacher 4-6: Ilila Peterson

Primary Students: Rex Mendenhall is in 6th grade; Veronika Kent and Laci McMillian are in 5th grade; Aaron Sweeny, and Simora Sweeny are in 4th grade; Breckin Grey and Esther Dawson are in 1st grade; Chase Dawson, Amyra Dawson, Jennifer Kent, Jessica Kent, Lara Grey and Matt Sweeny are in kindergarten.

The biggest change for the new school year was that Jasmine's class was bursting at the seams.

She needed to keep eight students occupied and learning for the entire day, every day of the simweek.

Not an easy task, but she managed to do it with fun and engaging activities

as well as plenty of changing activities. Her next task was telling the Kent twins apart.
Ilila still governed her classroom with an iron fist and she never had any troubles. No troubles was a good thing since her personal life seemed so out of sorts lately. They were going to attempt one more treatment and then if it didn't work, they had to be prepared to make some difficult decisions.
A few changes. First the title, "Coloring Within the Lines" will be the title for the primary school update. Second, the secondary school update will be in the spring and the primary in the fall.


  1. "Coloring Within the Lines" is a really cute title for the primary updates.

    Poor Jasmine - a big class, including identical twins. Who dress identically, to boot! Kids always wear uniforms here, so I have dealt with that many, many times!

  2. Lovely school. When you play the school lot, do you call in all the teachers, and all the students at one time? or do you call only the kindergarten, and next day elementary 5th grade and so on? So you only need to control one teacher and one class, or do you control all three adults and 13 students at the same time?

    And the teachers, are they all responsible for one class? or do they teach separate subjects, like one teacher for gym, and one for science.

  3. I like that title too! I always wanted to have an twin, but my mom said the world couldn't handle two of me lol. I'm sure Jasmine can handle all the students she has, its great that Apple Valley is growing so much!

  4. -Carla, I thought it would be fun to dress them the same since they both love the color yellow-it was as if they begged for it :P

    -Ani, thanks. I usually call in either all the primary or all the secondary students and teachers. I take control of all visitors and direct the students to study in their classes, then once they get a skill point I let them loose with freewill on. For primary, both teachers are seperated by grades and then there are part-time teachers (Benjamin Endeavour for gym, Susie MacAstral for dance, Nicole Humphrey for music and Antonio Herendez for art) HTH.

    -Mizzgin03, thanks for reading. LOL! My mom might have said the same thing about me...I might have to use your line in a future AV update :)

  5. Great name. I'm still trying to come up with a name for my school updates.
    I hope Illia's treatments are successful, because it's really starting to get sad.:(
    Great update!:)

  6. -Coolkat2, thanks for reading. Sometimes treatments don't exactly work :\

  7. Oh, I love seeing school updates (even if I'm too lazy to do these myself)! I really like your school.

  8. Simnovoris, thanks for reading and commenting. School updates are usually so hard, hence the reason why they're shorter.

  9. I love the title, very cute. I don't play inhood schools myself but having 8 small kids in a classroom seems like it would be diffcult to control. Hopefully, some students will be moving up a grade soon.

    I'm going to cross my fingers for Ilila.

  10. The kids are all so cute. I love your school.

  11. -Oasis Valley, some of the students will be moving up, but there are plenty to replace them. Before ACR, I limited families to two children, now ACR doesn't agree with me :P

    -Savannah Sims, thanks for reading. There are a lot of students in the school for now...I might have to hire another teacher soon.


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