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Pure Joy, 2015

Hapar, spring, 2015
Bill is 31, Emma is 30, Jacob is 9 and Abigal is 8.

Bill was eager to meet with Professor Shazad at the university. He even made an attempt to wear a really nice suit.

He hoped that since they were wearing the same suit that Professor Shazad would see that Bill would be an asset for the university.

Unfortunately, even though Bill was a very "strong candidate with all the skills they were looking for" the university chose another candidate.

"Apply again once you have your advanced degree. 

It's very rare for the university to hire faculty without an advanced degree."

Bill thought about applying for the program, but it would be very expensive and a long process as well. He just couldn't see spending anymore years with his nose buried in a book.

So even though the position of a scholar at the university was tempting with it's better hours that would allow him to be home before bedtime, allow them to fire the nanny that spent more time with their children than they did, 

and be able to spend time with the children as soon as they got home from school, instead of just tucking them in at night.

He knew that he would enjoy his position as inventor with the science lab even more. Yes the hours were crazy, but he had a great lab assistant

and he was on the verge of a major breakthrough in terms of building an unbreakable tub, which he couldn't wait to install in his home.

The kids didn't seem to have many problems as they entered into tweenhood. They still enjoyed playing on the roof of the house with their water sprayer.

Yes, Emma had finally convinced Bill to move to the metro. Actually, it was the strange occurrence of a man passing by the house and asking if it was for sale that prompted their move. They made a nice little profit on the sale of the house that enabled them to sign the children up for extracurricular activities. 

Emma was taking them to their various activities on her days off. Abigal was taking ballet.

According to her teacher, she had natural talent and should continue in the art. To Emma it seemed as if the teacher may be a bit blind, 

or using flattery to keep her students. However, she would take her word for it. 

The only thing about ballet class was that Emma didn't fit in much with the other ballet moms. It was mostly mothers that brought their daughters to class. 

The first few weeks, Emma attempted small talk with them, but it quickly became obvious that she was not "one of them". Instead she now politely said hello and goodbye and silently nodded through the conversation, especially since Abigal's principal was one of the ballet moms.

Emma didn't feel much more at home at Jacob's scouts meetings. 

She was surprised that he took to the scouts so easily considering that he would spend most of his time doing homework or his head in a book.

She did enjoy watching her son attempt all things nature as he sought his fishing badge

and ended up on his butt more often than not.

However, the look of pure joy on his face when he finally caught a fish was priceless.


  1. It good that they found sold their old place and able to do something good with the money. Hopefully, Emma will be able to find some "mommy friends" that she can relate to.

    1. I hope so too, she can be a bit abrasive but she means well.,,most of the time :) thanks for reading and commenting

  2. Aw, how cute is the scout troop! The ballet class is adorable too. I think Susie is just being an encouraging teacher - who knows what kind of talent Abigal might develop if it's nurtured? She has to start somewhere!

    I can imagine Emma not fitting in too well with the other mothers. That's got to be kind of isolating for her. I'm glad to see things are going relatively well for her and Bill besides that though.

    1. From what we see things a going well for them, I honestly think they're keeping secrets, they're much too passionate and confrontational for things to be quiet for so long :) Emma is used to not fitting in with other women, it's like high school all over again for her. She doesn't like it though, but she does have a few friends, including Ming. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Hmm, that convenient house sale does seem a little odd, but it's good that they managed to move and have some extra cash... lol at Bill and Johan's matching suits. Is Si'Enya Bill's lab assistant now?

    I like what you've done with the extracurricular activities, even if it's not going so well socially for Emma - at least the kids look like they're enjoying themselves. Jacob looks very excited about his fish in the last picture. Are those scout shirts your own recolours? They're so cute, with all the little badges... :)

    1. VT, it was mentioned in the last Wren update

      Yes, Si'enya is working as a lab assistant while she earns her advanced degree. She won't be working at the lab for too much longer. The scout shirts are my own recolor, I'm not happy with them, but they serve their purpose until someone converts the TS3 generations scout outfit. Thanks for reading and commenting

  4. I hope that Emma will find a Mom to bond with at these events, it will make going to them more enjoyable for her as well. I really adored the little ballet girls, and the troop photos too. It's great that they were able to move, and have some extra money. Can't believe how big the kids are!

    1. I can't believe it either, Bill and Emma have been married for almost 10 simyears now. I think the ballet class is my favorite :) thanks for reading and commenting

  5. Oh, I really love the shots of the kids' activities and I do hope Emma can find someone to bond with or at least a strategy for not letting it get to her that she feels like an outsider.

    1. Hmmm, I never thought about that, Emma might go the strategy route. Thanks for reading and commenting

  6. I was wondering if that whole house thing had something to do with Anthony's as-of-yet not fully explained powers: knowing a sim's desires and grabbing the opportunity to better both families. Emma is obviously not a typical mom; if she was, I don't think Bill would have been able to stand her.
    And in response to the other comment, I did look at the Welcome Center, but not knowing any of the families, wanting to avoid spoilers, and just being that kind of person, I just took it from the beginning. It's ok; I'm almost caught up.

    1. You're right, Anthony's powers do come into play with the house sale. Emma and Bill have a love/hate relationship with each other, their passion is so intense that it burns them sometimes. I understand about reading from the beginning, I commend you considering all the posts you had to go through and in addition some of the bad writing, lol. Thanks for reading and commenting.


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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