Monday, May 20, 2013

Leisurely Chat, 2015

Patar, summer, 2015
Brandon is 37, Ilila is 36, Jude and Brooklyn are 6; Audrey is 2

Summer time meant that kids were out of school and Ilila was at home due to her summer vacation as well. Except it really wasn't much of a vacation since most of the planning for the school year took place during the summer. Sometimes she squeezed in planning and family time by inviting teachers to the community pool where they could discuss business as their children swam.

Jude and Brooklyn were coming out of their shells more. Brooklyn was trying new things,

like the massive water slide.

Even if she did inch her way down the slide and cause all the children waiting in line to yell at her to hurry up.

Even Jude was overcoming his fear of the diving board, 

one tiny step at a time.

The twins enjoyed the pool and having their friends there even more.

Other days, they invited their friends to the house

which meant that Ilila had to step over many little ones.

Occasionally, she would send them to the local family friendly facility for day camp, which meant she was free to enjoy her newly renovated patio

and have a friend over to enjoy it with her.

"I wish I could say it gets better with time," Ginger said, thinking of her own son, Gregory, who died as an infant years ago. "I think you just get numb."

Ilila nodded, she knew what numbness felt like.

Brandon also took advantage of the peace and quiet those days and would spend his time looking for exotic birds.

This year, the family attended the Annual Apple Festival, which was crowded

as usual with plenty of sims.

Ilila participated in the baking contest and was intimidated by her competition.

It wasn't fair, a renowned baker and an all star culinary student! 

Even the young teen from out of town had a better dessert than Ilila. 

Needless to say, she lost. So she comforted herself with a iced mocha

and enjoyed a leisurely chat with her husband,

while the twins talked about the fantasy vacation they were asking thier parents for,

and harvested fresh produce. It was a good summer indeed.


  1. Looks like the kids are having an awesome summer! Even Ilila's isn't shaping up too badly, if we ignore the fact she has to do planning!

    I always love seeing all the events you hold in Apple Valley. So much fun to see all the sims in one place!

    1. Yea, one of the myths of working in education is the amount of vacation time. Working during "vacations" :) I'm having fun with the festivals and events, I have to remember to do them, a lot of rotations I forget, lol. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. I really like that rocky fountain in the pool! What a great idea! The summer looks to be a good one, the pool shots were great. Iced Mocha sounds good! Bummer on her losing, maybe if she practices more she can get the win next time. Love your Apple Festival! I want to have a fun event like that, you've inspired me to try and think of something. Your photos always turn out so fun!

    1. Thanks, for some reason I thought there were some sidewalk sprinklers, but I think I'm thinking of either TS1 or TS3. If she ever finds more time to practice, I bet she would win too, she's not a bad cook, just not one of the best in Apple Valley. Thanks for reading and commenting,


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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