Monday, August 11, 2014

Sweet Couple, 2017

Givar, winter, 2017
Grex and Ginger are 45, Breckin is 15, Lara is 14, Indira is 12, and Richmond is 11

It was winter time, Christmas time to be exact, and the Grey farm was covered in snow and decorated for the holiday.

Breckin and Grex were prepping the soil for the spring planting.

Ginger was busy sewing teddy bears and Christmas presents to make extra money.

She was still upset with Grex for taking on additional loans without consulting her. Things had gotten so bad that Grex spent most of the fall sleeping in the barn as Ginger stormed around the house and looked at her options for divorce.

Grex tried to explain that the additional loans was for the benefit of the family. He had purchased several properties including a pond fully stocked with fish, a Christmas tree farm and an orchard.

They were slowly making some of the money back. The pond was slowly filling with customers that paid a small fee for each fish they caught afterwards.

The orchard was getting business as well with customers also paying per bushel of fruit and for fees to host events and ceremonies on site.

The farmer's market was also doing well.

Now that it was winter time and the holidays were fast approaching and the Christmas tree farm was doing brisk business as families looked for trees and holiday decor.

Christmas cards were coming and they were thankful for thier family and children.

Breckin was officially dating Esther Dawson. Grex was very familiar with the girl's father and told Breckin to keep his nose clean. He was surprised that Jorge allowed his daughter to date a Grey, especially considering that Grex and Jolie had a one night affair and Bryant was caught sleeping with Ashlee.

They were a sweet couple and usually invited Indira and Richmond along with them on their outings.

She even comes over for dinner most of times and helps clean up. Grex and Ginger thought Esther was really good for Breckin. They hoped that she would be around for a while.


  1. This is fun, Christmas in August 
    Wow, it is pretty surprising Grex bought three properties on loans without even consulting with his wife, no wonder she’s not happy! Those businesses seem like fairly good profit-margin businesses, though, since they don’t require as many employees and it is a great idea to rent out the orchard for occasions. If you put a ticket machine on an orchard lot do other sims pay to come pick fruit?
    It is also surprising about Jorge letting Esther date Breckin, as you pointed out, with all that past drama!

    1. They don't pick fruit on the lot, so that's all behind the scenes, but they do fish at the pond if Grex asks them to join. I'm surprised at Jorge as well, but Esther has a good head on her shoulders. Thanks for reading and commenting

  2. Heh, the update I have going up later this week is also a Christmas one. Funny to have two so close together, considering it's not quite that time of year yet!

    I absolutely cannot blame Ginger for being annoyed (to say the least) about Grex taking out loans without consulting her. Those are some pretty huge decisions, especially seeing they're a couple who have had issues in their relationship in the past. I guess the fact that Grex's loans have actually put them in a better financial position might soften the blow for Ginger? Maybe, lol.

    1. Grex doesn't always think things through but he has the best intentions for his family. I must say, Ginger was beyond pissed and I wondered if she would call it quits because of it. The loans were two fold, I wanted them to have more debt and I wanted them to own those properties. They qualified for the loans, so it worked out. Thanks for reading and commenting

  3. I can see why Ginger would be upset, I'm glad the businesses are doing well, great idea for renting out the orchard for special occasions. Breckin and Esther are really cute together, young love is sweet. Selling the holiday items is a great idea to keep business going year round too.

    1. I like the orchard as a possible setting for a wedding, so we will see how the future business profits are. Thanks for reading and commenting

  4. A little late for Christmas in July, but yay snow and sparkly lights! Love the decorations on the lot in the first picture.

    Grex taking out the loans to purchase those lots surprised me. Crazy Sim, no wonder he was sleeping in the barn for a couple of months. :) Reminds me of a recent incident in Kulo Seeri... not that I'll say who it involved yet. I think the businesses are a good idea though, and I'm glad things are going well for them.

    Breckin and Esther were another surprise. I have to admit I'm running through the opening lines of Romeo and Juliet in my head right now. :P They're a really sweet couple, despite all the past family drama. Maybe it's easier for their parents to deal with since they usually have group outings with Indira and Richmond, rather than dates with just the two of them?

    1. Yea, Romeo and Juliet, I guess they have that sort of young forbidden love. Thanks for reading and commenting


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