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Bringing Home Baby, 2017

Givar, winter, 2017

Lainey was used to the routine, but also not used to the routine.

She was used to the moments of silence on base and the moments of chaos.

Perhaps it was due to the moments of chaos and uncertainty that caused her to retract the divorce papers.

She hadn't heard from Verde and she didn't know anything about his status in the battlefield, but she did know that Esperanza was being well taken care of by Carmela.

Perhaps it was really the visit to the fortune teller. The woman beckoning her into the tent with the cliche, "I've been expecting you."

The woman had stared at Lainey before speaking, "You have an old wound," she said touching her scarred arms. Then the woman pinched her ear. Hard enough to cause Lainey to scream in pain.

"What?! Why did you do that?"

"You should ask yourself the same thing. Why are you causing new pain in order to heal the old pain?"

Ilila was dizzy again and she had to stop before she fainted again.

She was still getting used to the pregnancy and how rough it was.

The second trimester was much better, but she wished that Brandon was by her side for this.

Erricson was finally a father. He couldn't believe it, nor could his mother Jasmine Frankson believe that she was a grandmother at this age. His daughter, Quinn, was living with her mother, Tracy Royce and Erricson would have her alternative weekends and once a week each month. However since they lived in the same apartment complex, Erricson found himself over at Tracy's place more often to help with Quinn.

Rashid and S'Ahmisa were counting down the days. Sabazo knew that something would be happening soon.

They were enjoying the last few days before the twins arrived. Rashid had converted one of the bedrooms into a spare office in order to work at home during his paternity leave. S'Ahmisa would continue her work as a new campaign was starting soon.

They spent their days talking and making plans. Discussing which nanny to hire and when to send Sabazo to preschool.

There were a few false starts, one of them scared the butler even.

However, late one evening, one of the false alarms proved not to be false.

After a few days in the hospital, they brought their twin daughters home.

Terilyn and Elsa were sweet babies, though a bit colicky at night.

Even Sabazo was excited to have his baby sisters home.


  1. Let me be the first to offer my congratulations to S'Ahmisa and Rashid. Welcome Terilyn and Elsa! Sabazo looks unusually excited to have two little sisters. :) Quinn is adorable too - I wonder how her upbringing will go? Both parents in the same apartment unit, but not actually together - not quite a traditional family, but not quite like most split families.

    I really feel for Ilila right now. It must be so difficult to have to deal with, I can only imagine what's going through her head at the moment. And Lainey... I know she's always been a little confused about what she really wants, but it must be really hard for her having not heard anything from Verde either. My sympathy goes out to both women right now.

    1. Ilila has a lot going on, she's worried about her husband in the battlefield, but still providing support on the military base to the other spouses left behind. Plus raising three children and expecting a fourth is really stressful. Thanks for reading and commenting

  2. Aw, twin girls! That's going to be different, after Sabazo. :) Congratulations to them. So great to see Erricson being such an involved daddy as well. Quinn is a lucky little girl.

    1. Erricson was raised right by his parents Jasmine and Harris, I don't think he could be uninvolved it he tried. Thanks for reading and commenting

  3. Yay for twins! I am glad that Lainey is staying with Verde for now. War is no time to split up a family. Poor Ilia, I can't imagine how difficult that would be.

    1. War isn't the time to split up a family, but they might just be dealing the inevitable. Thanks for reading and commenting

  4. Twin daughters, how sweet for S'Ahmisa and Rashid. They look like they will have diverse genetics based on their eyes and coloring.

    Poor Ilila with the pregnancy, all alone. That would be super difficult. I'm curious how things will turn out for baby Quinn, convenient that they are all at the in the same apartment complex.

    1. Yes, thanks to VT who made correcting genetics simple for me. They get traits from their grandparents as well. Thanks for reading and commenting


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