Monday, December 15, 2014

Not quite a blessing, 2018

Hapar, spring, 2018

They couldn't believe that it had been 25 simyears. They had been through more than a few rough spots in their marriage, two affairs (one which may have resulted in the birth of a child), the death of a child, miscarriages, and numerous financial difficulties.

Their children had planned a small party for them.

A special homemade pasta and cake.

Nothing fancy, but still special.

The entire family even dressed up for the occasion.

But that didn't stop the toilet from overflowing.

Breckin was nervous when the man arrived.

He had been working day and night and was finally ready to show him.

He took him to the converted barn and showed him what his blood, sweat and tears had created. It wasn't much, but it was a home.

A home for his family. There was a crib and a bed, a working toilet and small kitchenette.

He promised that it would get better, that he was trying. He had three jobs already.

Waking up early to mix cement at construction sites before school, then working as a clerk after school and finally working weekends as a security guard.

Jorge could appreciate the young man trying to be a man and support his family. He knew that Breckin was a good kid and loved his daughter and obviously was trying hard to support her and her dreams.

It was enough for the couple. Not quite a blessing, but not hostility either.

Breckin couldn't afford the fanciest ring, but promised that in due time he would upgrade the ring.

Esther denied him and said that it was perfect, just the way it was.


  1. I have to hand it to Breckin - it seems like he's really trying to do things the right way here. He's standing by Esther, he's working his butt off to support his family - more than a lot of teenagers would or could do!

    1. I always saw Breckin and Esther being together, just not this quickly or this young. I think that he's trying to prove himself to Jorge who isn't the biggest fan of the Grey family due to Jolie and Grex's affair and Bryant's dalliance with Ashlee. Thanks for reading and commenting

  2. I'm really surprised how hard Breckin is working, the house is quite cozy for them, and I'm glad that they are happy together. It's nice to see young love work out despite complications. May they have a nice marriage and family together, it worked out fine for my Nicole and Finn. :) For Jorge while it's not ideal, it's definitely not the worst thing that has happened in his life, poor family.

    1. Breckin isn't a stranger to hard work considering that he works on the farm and is deemed to be the one to possibly take over the farm. Considering the fact that both he and Esther were adopted, I can see him as making an especially hard effort to take care of his family. Thanks for reading and commenting


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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