Monday, January 19, 2015

Hallowed Halls, Spring 2018

Pierce University
Veronika Kent and Laci McMillian are sophomores. (Juliet Benson and Zhou Mi are sophomores, Patrick Benson is a junior)

Gerald Frankson, first year Associate of Public Service student

narrated by Veronika

It's official, this is my last semester at Pierce University and in Apple Valley. Next fall I will be studying at Le Fromage School of Arts.

Apparently I've been so excited that I've been sharing the news with everyone who will listen.

Laci says that she will miss me, but I think Zhou will keep her company.

They're always together whenever I see them

and I'm sure they're together when I don't see them.

She did say that her ex-boyfriend, Patrick, approached her one afternoon in the dorm.

She was wary, but she said that all he did was apologize for being a jerk to her after graduation.

Laci said that it's all in the past and it doesn't matter now anyway.

I think she and Zhou are getting more serious. 

She's happier which seems to be the norm for those in relationships

and she says that they're in love.

They must be since Laci told me that she had her very first woohoo with Zhou. 

She's always talked about waiting for someone special and I guess Zhou is it.

This concerned me, so I cornered Zhou and asked what his intentions were of my cousin.

I didn't want to see her get hurt and I didn't mind causing hurt if she were to get hurt.

He assured me that he had the best intentions.

In fact, they even discussed marriage. 

I guess that they're engaged to be engaged or something.

Whoa, that was so fast that it made my head hurt. I guess it might be normal to be together for a simyear and know that you are destined to be together, but wow.

My brain must have gotten stupid then because I congratulated him on being Laci's first woohoo which even I know was a bone headed move.

I tried to distract him by playing a video game, but I'm sure Laci will hear about it later.

Before I would leave for Le Frommage, I needed to finish my studies here.

My siblings came to visit the campus, 

so I showed them around a bit. 

Including the lab where Laci does some of her work.

My last night in the studio was bittersweet, but I couldn't wait to go to Le Frommage

and eat some much better food. 


ROS: Study Aboard-Veronika


  1. Veronika congratulated Zhou on being Laci's first woohoo, awkward!! I wonder if he does have good intentions. Do you think you will show any of her study abroad? That's a cool ROS.

    1. All of Zhou's wants are related to Laci, including wanting to propose. I will show a bit of Veronika's study aboard just like I did with S'Ahmisa's study aboard. Thanks fir reading and commenting

  2. Wow, study abroad! That's pretty exciting and definitely the opportunity of a lifetime for Veronika. Can't wait to hear about how she goes over there.

    Laughing at the awkwardness of Veronika's congratulating Zhou on his first woohoo. I'm sure Laci will have a good laugh when she finds out. ;)

    1. Veronika is pretty awkward with most sims except her cousin, Laci. I don't think she realizes just how much sometimes. Thanks for reading and commenting

  3. Impressive for Zhou to be discussing marriage, seems like he does have good intentions, and I like that she confronted him over it. Also glad that Laci is doing well, and is happily moving forward. Nice of Patrick to apologize too, closure is always good. Very excited for Veronika to study abroad, I hope you do an update or two while she is away, the name is very cute! I don't remember all my french from high school, but I remember le frommage.

    1. Patrick is overall a good kid, except for his earlier behavior, so it made sense for him to apologize. Besides his mom would be mortified if she knew what her baby boy was up to and how he treated such a sweet girl. I can't take credit for the name, I got it from ts3. Thanks for reading and commenting


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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