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Protests, 2018

Patar, summer, 2018
Jesse is 52, Fiona is 49, Veronika is 20, Jessica and Jennifer are 15, Jeremy is 13

narrated by Jessica

Summer time usually means that we linger over breakfast before mom goes to work.

This summer is different. Even though she still dresses up, out of habit she says, mom no longer goes to work.

The economy has been going south and all the news channels talk about how many sims are losing their job. Mom ended up being one of those sims.

Her entire law firm folded and all the employees got thier last checks. Mom had finally made partner so it has been hard kn her.

She's been trying to use her contacts to get another job but no one is hiring and those that are hiring are not paying anywhere near the salary that she's used to making.

Dad of course is worried about how to support the family on a teacher's salary, especially since mom was the primary earner.

Mom said that we will be fine since we have plenty of savings built up, but that we will have to make smart choices until she can get another job. It calmed dad down a bit, but not much.

The biggest difference is that we won't be traveling to visit Veronika and we can't afford to fly her own either. Thankfully she has a full scholarship and can continue her university studies, but I was so excited to travel this summer and see the sites.

Jennifer has used the summer to push her issues on the citizens of Apple Valley. 

I tease her that she is just one protest away from being a hippie, but she's my sister and I support her. I don't attend her protests but I listen when she tells me what happened.

At one of her protests she was approached by a well dressed woman. 

Jennifer said that they talked for a bit about the state of the art community and how the economy has stifled creativity. 

Then the woman gave her a business card and told her to call and make an appointment so that they could talk in more detail.

Turns out the woman is an editor of a small magazine. Jennifer said that she felt so underdressed next to her, but I'm sure that she held her own. My sister is not one to be intimidated by any sim.

After talking for two hours, the woman offered Jennifer an internship with the magazine. It's unpaid, but she does get some cool perks, like free coffee and product samples. 

My sister isn't very interested in the product samples, something about misogynist corporations feeding on the insecurities of sims, so I've been able to expand my makeup collection without spending a dime. Which is a good thing since with mom losing her job, our allowances have stopped.

Jennifer isn't the only one who is busy this summer. I'm taking a culinary course at WilTech. The only reason is that mom and dad paid for it in full before mom lost her job and there are no refunds. MY first day I was late, which is the norm for me, but my instructor was livid.

He tore me a new one and then said that since I couldn't respect his time to go home. I paid for this class, how dare he send me home. Of course my parents were on his side and the next day I was early.

It's been a really good course, my instructor, Chef Frankson, is really talented, and easy on the eyes if I do say so. 

He's guided me in so many techniques including chocolate making, 

which is so tricky to get all the temperatures right. 

But when you get it right, the rewards are so sweet.

At the end of the course, the class participated in a food competition against our instructor. I knew that I wanted to try a crepe recipe that I dreamed of with a spicy drizzle.

Chef Frankson said that my dish was very innovative and I pushed the limits of my technique. I guess when your other competition makes hot dogs and grilled cheese (I'm ignoring the fact that the hot dogs were high quality llama meat with fresh baked cheese buns and the grilled cheese had three kinds of cheese and a cheesy bread) then you stand out.

***ROS: Hood-economy tanks, 3 sims lose jobs. Fiona is the first of the three sims to lose their job.

Fiona is a hoarder and Jesse is a worrier according to my money styles, so the Kent family has a bit of money saved up, but not so much that Fiona can afford to stop working. 


  1. LOL, hot dogs and grilled cheese are still hot dogs and grilled cheese, obviously, no matter how fancy you make them! ;) I'm glad Jessica did well in the competition. Jennifer was pretty lucky to get that internship too, even if she's not taking full advantage of the perks.

    Yeesh, that's an unlucky ROS for Fiona! The one positive I can see in it is that at least she's not an elder yet. Unless you want to cheat them back in, it really sucks when elder sims get fired from their adult jobs!

    1. Jennifer probably doesn't realize how lucky she is, especially since she's more into scifi and more advanced literary topics such as feminism, racism, paranormalism, etc as opposed to what lipstick is hot this season, lol, Thanks for reading and commenting

  2. Hot dogs and grilled cheese! Good food, but not really culinary masterpieces (though there are a surprising number of real life places that focus on those two foods exactly). Poor Fiona, losing her job. I'm glad they don't need to worry about scholarships, and the culinary classes could continue as well. I wonder what Fiona will do, is there any stipulation on when these laid off sims can get work again? I like those ROS btw! Very nice touch! Enjoyed all the protesting action and picket signs too.

    1. For this ROS, since it's a hood wide ROS, they can get another job but it has to be at a lower position and pay than their last job, they won't be eligible to return to their careers until the next round. Thanks for reading and commenting


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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