Monday, October 24, 2016

Political Spin, 2020

Patar, fall, 2020
Jorge and Jolie are 53, Ashlee is 22, Esther is 18, Chase and Amyra are 17

narrated by Amyra

I've been trying to learn how to cook a few meals. Mom has insisted that her children enter the world with some basic cooking skills, which means she's cooking less of her delicious meals and making us in charge of more meals.

I don't think it's welcomed by anyone. I mean, I burn most of my food and Chase...well he thinks that ramen is a balanced meal.

Thankfully papi arranged to have an island installed in the kitchen and mom has been inspired and cooking meals again. 

Thank goodness, I don't think I could stomach another burnt omelette. 

Papi also surprised mom with some landscaping in the backyard. He said that since Chase and I would be in university soon, that they would be empty nesters.

They really are, and it's weird to think about it. Mom and papi are 53 simyears old! Lee has moved out as well, she and her boyfriend, Patrick found a cheap apartment. 

According to Esther, it's so old and dusty.

Esther went to visit Lee. Apparently Lee invited her to dinner in an attempt to reconcile. 

I guess it went pretty well. Esther seemed happy about it and even Lee seemed different after the dinner.

Now she is working to get her GED so that if she wanted to, she could get a degree. 

Lee is working as a phone counseling assistant at a crisis center and 

apparently Esther convinced her that she should look into doing counseling as a career. 

I got a once in a life-time opportunity at the radio station I work at. I was selected to interview vice-presidential candidate, S'Ahmisa Warwick! The radio station even gave me $100 to spend to look the part. 

I got a new hairdo and clothes. I felt so professional. 

During the interview I tried to stay present and in the moment. I asked tough questions and fielded calls from our audience as well. I think I did ok, but thank goodness for my deodorant! 

Afterwards, I was able to take Mrs. Warwick to coffee. She said that I did a great job interviewing and that I should continue in journalism. 

I'm so happy! I want to host a political spin tv show when I'm older, but I know I have a lot of work ahead of me.

ROS: Amyra-makeover shopping spree, wins $100 promotion to spend on hair/makeup/clothing/accessories


  1. Glad to see Esther and Lee getting along. That would be great if Lee would go back to school and get her degree.

    I love the new pergola(?) in the back yard. It's so pretty and inviting.

    Amyra looks very sophisticated with her new 'do and clothes. That was a nice ROS.

    1. Lee might have to get her degree since I need a counselor, or a social worker badly. Thanks for reading and commenting

  2. Nice way to tie that makeover into the story! Amyra looks wonderful and what a relief that her interview with S'Ahmisa went so well.

    Good to see Lee striking out on her own! If she does end up getting that degree, she could end up being incredibly successful.

    1. Amyra is going places, she held her won with S'Ahmisa. Thanks for reading and commenting


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