Monday, April 10, 2017

Question is Easy, 2020

Resar, fall, 2020
Erricson Frankson is 29; Annie Grey is 25

The engagement party was a large affair. 

The engagement party was a large affair. Everyone was invited.

Erricson's ex, Tracy even agreed to give free palm readings.

"Your question is easy," she said releasing Indira's hand. "Your mother is not near...she is very far. our father is much closer than you think. You will have a tough decision to make when you apply to university, as you will be accepted by many."

Indira smiled.

Tracy took the hand of her companion and studied it for a while before dropping it.

"You will be famous, but not recognized. You will marry...but only after you have been betrayed and a family secret revealed."

Lara didn't seem to happy with that news.

When Tracy saw him, she knew. She was introduced to him earlier, a cousin, Rex Mendenhall. She knew that she would see him later in her line, asking questions as she read his palm.

She didn't have to touch his palm, in fact she didn't want to touch him. But she found out long ago not to bother interfering with the fates.

His smile made her a bit weak as he offered his hand and asked his questions.

"Your career will be will have a promotion will fact you will marry rather quickly."

"Have I met the woman I will marry?"


He stood up and grabbed her hand.

"Then will you go to dinner with me?"

Tracy met his eyes and saw her destiny, "yes."
Frankson-Grey wedding is planned for Spring 2021


  1. Yay! A wedding on the horizon. And maybe another one taking seed at the I Do BBQ!

  2. Congrats to Erricson and Annie! And Tracy and Rex have a really fun "meet-cute", if their flirtation develops into anything further. ;)


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