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Bringing Home Baby, Givar, 2020

Givar, winter, 2020

James (McMillian) and Claire Foster are ready to meet their first child. This baby comes after years of desire for both James and Claire.

They proudly take home their daughter, Harper, and instantly are smitten.

Naraj and Veena Shazad are growing bigger and becoming a bit impatient to meet their twins. They are only in their third trimester so not much longer for the newlyweds.

Veena is especially anxious to fulfill the terms of her grandfather's will.

S'Ahmisa and Rashid Cunningham-Warwick are ready to welcome another set of twins to their family. The twins were like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow for Rashid who always wanted another child, but didn't necessarily care for the fact that he was close to death before their conception.

The family expands by two feet as they bring home their sons,


and Tody, named after their grandmothers Sandy and Tomika using ancient simlish naming conventions.

Elphy and Andrew Davis arrived to the hospital in order to be induced. They received a big shock at thier last appointment when they were checking on their little one. They remembered the room going quiet and the technician saying that a doctor was needed. Elphy's heart dropped, she knew that often meant bad news.

When the doctor arrived and checked the scans, she grinned.

"Apparently, you guys are having an extra special delivery. Twins!"

By the time the couple brought twin boys,


and Mason, home, Elphy's brother had already arranged an additional crib.

Abel and Myra Wilsonoff-Shazad were finally in the second trimester. Myra hoped her energy would return, but she knew that with three toddlers running underfoot, energy may have left her for good.

Tracy wasn't surprised, but Rex knew that trying to surprise a psychic was pointless. Nevertheless, he tried to surprise her with a proposal.

The wedding is planned for Summer 2021, right after Tracy's ex-boyfriend's spring time wedding. The couple will be moving into Rex's newly purchased home, which is right next door to his cousin, Annie, and Tracy's ex. This would make co-parenting a lot easier.


  1. Wow! A baby girl and two sets of boy twins born this chapter, and another set of twins soon to arrive. For Myra's sake, I hope she has only one baby and not twins.

    Tracy and Rex didn't waste any time getting their relationship rolling. They just met very recently, didn't they?

    1. Tracy and Rex just met at Annie and Erricson's (the father of Tracy's daughter, Quinn) engagement party. Tracy saw Rex's future during that party when she was reading palms. They're three bolts, so it's hard stopping them. Thanks for reading and commenting

  2. There must be something in the Apple Valley water - so many babies, and more sets of twins than my mi-Avira clan! Although if Myra does have twins at least it won't be me that jinxed it this time. :)

    Interesting that you said Naraj and Veena are *both* growing bigger. Is Naraj joining Veena in eating for three? :P

    1. So many of the twins were unannounced until birth. I had to go back and change some things because the odds are not that high that the doctors would miss so many twin pregnancies. Thanks for reading and commenting

  3. I agree, fertility is rampant in Apple Valley. Congrats and best wishes to all the new and growing families.

    1. I've actually paused many pregnancies in order to help space them out. It is getting a bit overboard. Thanks for reading and commenting

  4. I guess Tracy can foresee the relationship going well, so getting married quite soon is NBD? LOL.

    So many babies! Your sims are definitely giving mine a run for their money at the moment. And man, surprise twins?!? I think I vaguely remember you mentioning that happening to one of your couples at N99. Crazy!

    1. Believe it or not, this isn't the couple with the surprise twins. It keeps happening. i think I'm going to do more exiting without saving. Thanks for reading and commenting

  5. Oh wow, so many babies! Exciting to follow them all.

    1. I don't know how it got to be so many kiddos. They need to learn to space these babies out! Thanks for reading and commenting


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