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Complicated Meals, 2021

Lovar, spring, 2021
Brandon is 43, Ilila is 42, Jude and Brooklyn are 12; Audrey is 9, Victor is 3

narrated by Jude

We only have a few more simweeks until school is out for the summer, so things have been more relaxed at home.

Dad has been selected to train with a special group of soldiers that will be making a trip to the Intergalactic Space Station for a peace keeping meeting. 

I joked with him and told him not to come back pregnant. 

I think I want to join the military myself after graduation.

Dad loves the idea, but mom would rather I chose something less dangerous. She did say that it is in my DNA since her dad was in the military as well.

I've been working on my fitness skills, trying to increase my strength. 

I don't know yet if I want to join the military right after graduation, or use the ROTC and join after graduating college.

Mom and dad said that I have plenty of time to make up my mind. 

It doesn't seem like it, especially since Brooklyn knows exactly what she will do. She's going to be a dancer. Already dance companies have their eyes on her, but our parents said that she must graduation secondary school first before starting professional dance.

She would have no problem getting accepted into a company and I'm sure that she'll be the life of the party. She's always surrounded by a group of sims at school. Brooklyn has never met a stranger.

The only thing is that she is unaware that a lot of the guys have crushes on her, including my good friend Nicholas.

Nicholas isn't my best friend, but we hang out a lot. He wants to start his own business and be like the Warwick family. Even though he's not my best friend, he's still cool. Isabella is my best friend. She's the only one I can freely share my thoughts with and not feel stupid. Like the fact that one of my biggest dreams is to have a family and be happy. I would never dare say anything like that to Nicholas or the other guys at school. They would just laugh. But Isabella doesn't laugh, instead she says it's a worthy goal.

I already help out a lot at home. I watch my baby sister, Audrey afterschool. 

Sometimes I walk her to her softball practices.

She's really good friends with one of her teammates, Esperanza, and they often hang out in the living room giggling about something or the other. 

I also try and cook a few meals. Brooklyn is better than me, but then again, she only makes mac & cheese.

At least I attempt more complicated meals like fried chicken. 

But one little measly fire

and a visit from the fire department and know everyone thinks I can't cook.

At least we got pizza out of the ordeal. 


  1. I love the pics of Audrey and Esperanza giggling and whispering. Typical girls. :-)

    Jude, keep practicing your cooking and you'll show them naysayers.

    Aw, Jude is a very sweet boy. And Brooklyn is going to be the belle of the ball someday soon.

    1. Brooklyn has so many friends and a lot of them have crushes on her. She's pretty oblivious right now, or at least she pretends to be. Thanks for reading and commenting

  2. Jude is so sweet! I agree with Dawn, soon everyone will be bragging on his cooking and wafting the aromas with happy looks on their faces, like sims do. That's great that Brooklyn's doing so well with her dancing. What would be involved for Jude if he signs up for the military? Would he go to college?

    1. If Jude signs up for the military, he would join right after graduation. If he joins the ROTC, then his tuition would be paid for him to attend university and then he would have to commit for four years after graduation. Verde and Lainey both used the ROTC option for their education and Lainey hasn't left the military. Thanks for reading and commenting

  3. Agreed that Jude will be a much better cook with time and effort. Fire, schmire... everyone's got to start somewhere!

    It's also really lovely that he has a friend who understands his dreams of starting a family. Is there anything beyond friendship there for Jude and Isabella at all?

    Brandon's space mission sounds interesting, hopefully it won't be as difficult for his family as when he went off to war.

    1. I'd love to see something between Jude and Isabella, but right now they are platonic friends. Maybe later they'll start to notice each other as more than just a friend. Thanks for reading and commenting

  4. Audrey and Esperanza are adorable! And what a sweet brother Jude is! Walking her to practice, helping prepare dinner, and caring what his parents think about his future as well. I'm curious if he will join immediately or go for the ROTC.

    1. I love Audrey and Esperanza. They get along so well especially considering that Esperanza is an only child while Audrey is surrounded by siblings. Thanks for reading and commenting

  5. I can't believe Jude and Brooklyn are teens now! That's crazy. It's great that they already have some career ideas in mind at such young ages and are working hard at honing their skills.

    Hope Brandon's trip goes well and doesn't keep him away from the family for too long!

    1. His trip will mostly happen off camera. He was promoted to astronaut and I always thought that was a weird promotion, so I'm going to let him stay there for a while as he trains for his mission and then attends the mission, then probably demote him. Thanks for reading and commenting


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