Monday, September 25, 2017

A Deal, 2021

Patar, summer, 2021
Benjamin Endeavor is 35, Ming Wu is 35; Xiang Hua Wu is 5, Joachim is 2

Ming was tired. Whenever one kid whined, the other wasn't very far behind. Xiang Hua just wanted attention all day long. 

So did Joachim. Ming needed her own space, somewhere to escape from the whining that wasn't the bathroom. 

Benjamin knew she was tired, it wasn't the first time she brought up the topic of a new house. Thankfully with their combined incomes, it didn't take much to negotiate and purchase a new home. 

There was much more space for them and their children, also a pool to keep in shape.

Benjamin had ended the season on a high note. He earned another championship ring for his team and was named MVP. It was a great way to retire. At least retire from playing the game. Benjamin quickly found a job as an assistant coach that would allow him to still be involved in the industry he loved.

To celebrate, the couple decided to spend a few days at their vacation home. 

Plenty of sun and swimming and 

lots of romance. 

Benjamin was surprised when Ming dragged him to the backyard one afternoon. He was even more surprised when she pulled out a couples ring. 

"A deal is a deal," she said as she laughed at his shocked face.


"Yes, really."

"I can't believe this,"

"Is that a yes or a no?"

"Of course it's a yes!"

The wedding is planned for Fall 2022 


  1. I remember that post well, the one where Ming said she'd marry Benjamin when he retired from playing... it did catch me off guard in this post though! I'm not quite sure what to wish or expect for these two, but I'm happy for them regardless. :)

    1. Yes, so now they're both getting what they wanted. She wanted him retired and he wanted marriage. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Now that was a big surprise! With this episode opening with Ming being tired from the demands of the kids, I thought it would end with her getting pregnant on her vacation away from them. And that it was a darn good thing they already bought a bigger house.

    Congratulations, Ming and Benjamin! I can't wait for the wedding. Xiang Hua would be a lovely flower girl. Joachim will be a child by the wedding, right? He'd be a perfect ring bearer.

    1. Whew-I'm glad she's not pregnant. She got pregnant with Xiang Hua during a rather eventual vacation. He'll probably still be a toddler, I don't age up until they turn 5. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. I hadn't remembered Benjamin and Ming's deal, so I'm glad I read VT's comment! That's awesome though - a new house to settle into and then a wedding to plan. :D

    1. Their wedding seems so difficult to plan. On one hand I can see them having a large wedding due to their income and his celebrity status, on the other hand I could see them throwing a party after a visit to the courthouse. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. Congrats to Ming and Benjamin! I'm glad they got a nice vacation and some time for romance!

    1. They always have time for romance. They even have a photo booth in their home just for romance, lol! Thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. Too funny that they have a photobooth in their house for romance! I had forgotten their agreement too, but VT refreshed my memory. It's nice that he was happy to move along and end the career on a high note. Their vacation home looks lovely, soon their won't be a toddler on her heels all day, and she can hopefully find some peace outside of the bathroom.


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