Monday, November 27, 2017

Plenty of Use, 2021

Resar, fall, 2021
Bradford is 57, Suzanna is 56, Laci is 23, Lilly is 17, Lora is 16 and Lesia is 15

Lesia has a boyfriend. He father isn't happy about it, so he sends her mother to talk with her.

Suzanna lets Lesia know that they trust her and about her available options, but honestly she and Bradford had been having this conversation with the girls for years. 

Lesia just happens to be the first to have a boyfriend while still in high school.

They tell her to invite the young man over to the house and after a mild interrogation, Issac Schel, passes the test. 

He's the son of two college professors and is a freshman in university.

The house seems empty now that Lilly Ana is in university. 

Lora and Lesia are happy about having their own rooms now and the freedom that comes along with it. 

They also have been spending more time talking with each other. Mostly about school and their future.

They recently took career assessments at school and Lora's results were urging her to enter into the cosmetology field. This was something Lora wanted to do anyway, so she is looking forward to entering Wiltech and eventually becoming a Gold Level Stylist. Until then she practices on her mom's hair. 

Lesia's results suggest culinary, which is helpful. 

However, she isn't sure if she will go to university for her degree or enter the field after graduation. 

She's already entered a few cooking competitions and even won one grand prize. 

It's a good thing since her mom still burns meals. 

Bradford and Suzanna agree that a new pool would be an asset to the family, so they have one installed. It gets plenty of use.

Just like the grand piano. 

Overall, the family is perfectly content with their lives at the moment.


  1. Nice McMillan update. They are a great family.

    I lol'd at the boyfriend's heart undies. Did he wear them especially for the occasion of hanky panky on the sofa?

  2. Hopefully Lesia is being careful! She seems like she's pretty sensible. Do you think Lora will open her own salon one day? I don't think I've seen one in Apple Valley.

  3. I worried about Lesia too, I'm hoping she's also being careful, baby boom is the name of your game at the moment! And was totally surprised when she brought home a college freshman, he looks so much older than her right now.


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