Monday, August 6, 2018

Hiatus, Sabbatical, Whatever you call it...

A few of you know already, but I felt the need to put a post up for the readers of my blog as well.

Real life has been hectic for quite sometime (dissertations, new babies, medical concerns, new jobs, new semesters and classes to prep for, long-distance caregiving, etc), but I've always managed to binge play, then binge write, then have posts queued up to last for months. TS2 was my therapy. Slowly but surely I've been playing less. I still love TS2 and I'm not moving to another game or away from the community, but real life has been luring me.

My babies are growing and are asking for more of my time to play-which is much more fun than changing diapers nonstop.  My free leisure time has been spent making messy art, bike rides, visiting dinosaur parks, playing dolls, making elaborate train track systems occupied by dinosaurs, hatchimals and the occasional curious cat who chooses to sit on the track. As such, my simmies have been doing less of these things as I bury myself in blueberry kisses, pretend make-up sessions and airplane races. Now instead of TS2 being my therapy, ending the night over a puzzle and cuddles is enough.

I am grateful for the opportunity to devour these years with my children and family and plan to squeeze every last minute out of them.

I've been blogging for over 14 years and I greatly value the simming community and all the friends I've made over the years. I will continue to read blogs and comment and explore tumblr, but my own blog...updates will be few and far between.

Basically, life is calling me and adventure awaits.


  1. enjoy the time with your life, children, home, outdoors, it goes so quick and the sims 2 will be there when you ready to play/post/blog anytime

  2. As someone once said to me, "huggles - take care of yourself". :)

    TS2 will always wait, but you do need to make the most of this time with your family... that doesn't have a pause button. Enjoy that time, the TS2 community will always welcome you back whenever you decide to return.

  3. Blogging, especially when you've been as regular and consistent as you have over the years, can be very time-consuming! Enjoy your hiatus/sabbatical/whatever. I look forward to seeing you around all the other places I see you! ;)

  4. Enjoy your time away and your family. As everyone always says, it goes very quickly.

  5. Enjoying time with family always comes first!


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