Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hood Council Meeting 2012

Hood Council Meeting 2012
Present: S'Ahmisa Warwick, Bradford McMillian, Ginger Grey, Ilila Peterson, Brandon Peterson, Cameron Smith, Suzanna McMillian

Absent: none

"Congratulations again for every one's successful re-election to the hood council. For the next four simyears we will work together again to ensure that Apple Valley is a thriving hood suitable for our residents."

"And congratulations to the Peterson's who are having another set of twins!"

"Really? Wow! Congrats!"


"Let's start this meeting with the results from the community development project we have been investigating." S'Ahmisa said from the screen as she video conferenced into the meeting. "I read the reports from every sim, but let's start from the beginning."

"The overall plan is to redevelop the community. There has been an increase in demand for single family housing and with the new technology, Lot Adjuster, we have been able to provide single family housing options that fit into our terrain. However, we can't work on everything, so based on the findings from each officer, we will vote on which area to start with. Bradford, let's start with your findings about the proposed Cottersmore Gardens."

"Cottersmore Gardens is a proposed district in south Apple Valley. Based on the location and property values, the population would consist of upper class society members. The red area represents where the residential area would be. I propose three luxury town homes with modest backyards, four bedrooms and a turn of a century style. The town homes would be flanked by two mixed used commercial areas based on designs from TS3 Sunset Valley. The developments would consist of hotel, upscale restaurants, boutiques and office space. There is interest from SiMusic to establish a recording studio and A.Pentregnani wants to set up another bridal boutique."

"Thank you Bradford. Ginger, you investigated the new warehouse district, correct?"

"Yes, I also investigated the status of Grayson Brownstones and Jessup Street Rowhomes as well. The current residences of both apartment complexes are in favor of separating their units into single family residences that would allow them to fully purchase and renovate the units. I propose that we go forward with the separation."

"I agree, any members disagree?" S'Ahmisa asked. "Ok, then the proposal for separation has been approved. Now, let's continue with the warehouse district proposal."

"The proposed warehouse district is still in its infancy stages. Only residential apartment complexes are proposed for the area. One would be a modern loft apartment complex suited for professionals, the other would be lower cost apartments with salvaged items suitable for sims desiring grungy environments and those who are in need of housing assistance. There has been some interest to ensure that all sims have access to housing regardless of their financial situation."

"Thank you, Ginger, for your report. Ilila, please explain your findings about the single family homes surrounding the school."

"The proposed district still doesn't have a name, but we have been calling it the academy district after the school. There has been an increased demand for single family housing and the area surrounding the school is perfectly suited for single family homes. The redeveloped park has brought a lot of attention to that area and it would be perfect for single family homes with modest backyards and three bedrooms. There are already a few homes located there that are in need of renovation and have a grant for buyers, however once those homes are sold, we can increase inventory. The area already has great amenities including the school, park and community fairgrounds. Once the Cottersmore Gardens plan is approved and finished, then residents would also have access to shopping and entertainment options within walking distance."

"Thank you all for your reports. We must vote on which project to pursue first."
Please vote in the sidebar for which project to start first.


  1. I loved seeing S'Ahmisa attend the meeting via video conferencing! Very clever.

    I would vote but I can't see a poll! Which is okay because that'll give me more time to think about it until you add it, lol.

    1. *head smack* I always am late adding the poll, it's up now. Thanks

  2. Wow, it's been a while, and I'm very sorry for that!

    I like the video conference-idea :)

    All the proposed project seem very interesting, and it would be nice the see them all, it's going to be a hard choice :)

    1. Don't worry, they'll all probably get added, but not all at once :)

  3. I like seeing S'Ahmisa by video conference, very clever. I wouldn't have thought of that and if I did I would have been to lazy to actually edit the pictures to make it happen.

    I also love that you let use see the plans for your hood and get a vote.

    1. I love hearing your opinions about what the hood should do. I want to do more polls because of that. Thanks for commenting and reading.


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