Monday, May 14, 2012

Trying Tonight, 2012

Givar, winter, 2012
Alphonso is 30, Krissy (Thorn) is 28, Claudio is 3, Isabella is 2 

Alphonso wished there was something he could do about the stray animals in the metro. Bewteen cleaning up the trash cans they knocked down to avoiding their fights and poop, he was tired of it.

He was now the manager at the art gallery, but it didn't pay much. Thankfully he could still sell his paintings

as well as do some extra work for his brothers. If you asked him, he knew nothing about how "Large Clam on the Surface of Mars," a master oil painting, which was normally displayed in the University's art wing, managed to become missing or stolen.  If you asked him, he couldn't say that he knew a lot about the black market and how an art collector managed to find an exact replica of the painting.  If you asked him, he also could not remember how §10,000 managed to find its way into their bank account, but it was a welcomed bonus.

Bills were adding up, they were able to buy their townhouse, but it came with a mortgage payment and then there were the name change fees so that they were officially known as the Pentragnani family, a name that had more power and recognition.

Even though expenses were greater, Alphonso wouldn't trade his family for anything in the world. He loved his son and daughter and wouldn't mind having another one.

Sure they were children and did all the things that children do such as color on the wall, but Alphonso and Krissy took it all in stride. Perhaps they had future artists on their hands.

Most days they were well behaved. Ming insisted that they were not real toddlers. She had agreed to watch them for the evening so that Krissy and Alphonso could enjoy thier anniversary quietly at home.

"Your kids are so easy, all I have to do is feed them some mac and cheese and then they sleep through the night. It's easier than pet sitting!"

Alphonso had to hide his smirk, Ming was quite a character and he was glad Krissy had a friend like her, but sometimes the woman said some pretty wild things.

"Something smells good," Krissy said entering the kitchen.

Alphonso was mute as he watched his beautiful wife enter the room.

Sometimes she reminded him of his ancestor, Alisa Crawston, and her bright smile.

"Happy Anniversary!"

"I can't believe it's been three simyears."

"And two beautiful babies!"

"They are great, I wouldn't mind us having another one."

"I was hoping you'd say that."

"We could always start trying tonight."

"Tonight sounds wonderful."


Krissy and Alphonso are pregnant with #3

Spam anniversary photos cause they're so cute!


  1. #3! How exciting! He/she will naturally be adorable!

    I can't remember but does Krissy know the real deal about Alphonso's line of work? I wonder how the kids growing up will affect that. Children can be so observant, especially when you don't want them to be!

    1. Krissy knows enough from other sources to not ask many questions. The Pentragnani's dealings in the underworld and mafia are quite known especially from my early days of blogging and FSBS websites. Alphonso isn't as heavy into the family business as his brothers but he will lend a hand when necessary. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Funny you mentioned his what, great, great, great grandmother? Because every time I read their updates I think about her. Your Greymount is what started me on my hood blogging way back in S1 days. I even e-mailed you asking you certain questions, I think I was an AOL addy back then. But I'm sure you can't remember back that far! Ha!

    1. You would be surprised. It was such a delight and awe when others emailed me asking questions that I often shared my joy with my hubby, who of course nodded and smiled like a good hubby does :P I still keep a lot of old emails from Greymount as well, I kind of miss those days and things like tours between hoods and simlish tv series like Suburb Sim and such.I hope I answered your questions coherently back then :) sometimes I wish to bring back Alisa Crawston, boy would she have a mouthful to say to these young ones, lol! Thanks for reading and commenting and taking me back down memory lane.

    2. I LOVED Suburb Sim. That what made me start my web site and share my sim stories. LOL It's funny, I was talking to Green, and I told her the name of my old site. She told me that she used to read my stories, had no idea I was the same person, and was sad when I stopped updating. It's amazing just how small are simming world truly is. And I agree, I do miss those days as well, but I will have to taking aging sims over forever children any day. LOL I wish you could bring back Alisa. I really liked her! I remember her world tour, and her wedding, and moving into that huge house. Man, memories!

    3. Now I'm curious about the name of your old site now. I was thinking about her wedding as well since I think I might have to throw another huge wedding like that soon :)

    4. Lord! It was To Tell a Tale Sim Stories. I need to google it see if it's still up on Free Webs.

    5. It's still up, I remember you and that site. I have a nice cup of tea and am about to re-read some stories :)

    6. Oh, no. Don't be too harsh. I wonder what e-mail account I had with that site? I think it was an AOL one. It's been years!

  3. You're making me wish I'd been FSBS since the TS1 days now. My TS1 days were full of silly families created by a much younger, goofier and sometimes more evil me and my sister. I look back on it and think "AARGH!" :)

    Congratulations on #3 for Krissy and Alphonso, by the way. Here's to more bundles of adorable!

    1. I am sure that you had a great time regardless, my early TS2 playing time wasn't that great in terms of storytelling, but I enjoyed learning about the game more and finding my grove in TS2. Don't jinx them, I don't think they will have many more, if any. That's for commenting and reading,

  4. I'm always happy when new babies are announced, and this time is no exeption :) I'm glad they are having a 3rd kid!
    I'm so behind on the backstories of your simmies! I knew the Pentragnani's from TS1, but I somehow missed that they were the 'leaders' of the underworld :) It's interesting though :)

    1. Lol, I'm surprised that you knew them from TS1 days. Im excited about another little one as well, thanks for reading and commenting.


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